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Summary: Twenty-sixth in my Alphabet Holiday series. Daniel and Jack prepare for Christmas eve with the team,with a little re-written poetry thrown in for fun. Hey,Jack started it!
Rated: All Ages Word count: 910
Categories: General Warnings: None
Genres: Holiday Series: None
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill Completed: Yes
Chapters: 1 Hits: 1591
Published: 21 Dec 2009 Updated: 21 Dec 2009
Summary: An AU 7th season ending for "Heroes."
Rated: Pre-Teen Word count: 6
Categories: General Warnings: Character Death
Genres: Angst, Drama, Friendship Series: None
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Janet Fraiser Completed: Yes
Chapters: 1 Hits: 1803
Published: 31 Mar 2006 Updated: 31 Mar 2006