Reviews For Guess Who's Running the Con - FoY #12
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Reviewer: alibi Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Feb 2012 01:53 pm Title: Guess Who's Running the Con - FoY #12

Just re-read all the FOY stories and enjoyed them as much as the first (and second and third time around. So sorry you seem to have discontinued the series - or are there more stories in the pipeline or elsewhere on the 'net? Thanks for the pleasure your stories give me and many other readers!

Author's Response: What a surprise to come back from running errands and find this in my inbox. Thank you so much alibi, this note really made my day. No, I haven't completely abandoned this series, though the Stargate muse went on walkabout for a couple of years and didn't bother to report in, even from time to time. I figured, eventually, I would have to force something to happen in this universe, just to close it, but over the summer, a couple more stories were born in response to LD List challenges. They are like the numbered 1/2 and 3/4's stories in that they do nothing to move the plot along, they're just stories in this 'verse. And then the December challenges actually caught the attention of the muse enough to make her wander by and at least give me an opening for the beginning of the end. My profuse and sincere apologies for the long delay. It always made me crazy when someone abandonded a story line I loved without closing it and I swore to never, ever, ever do that. Then found, to my horror, it's not so easy to follow through even on a self-promise like that, when the muse disappears. I have much more empathy for those authors now. Thanks for the prod. I've been meaning to get those stories posted over here, but time is also a commodity in short supply these days as RL rears its ugly head. With this wonderful gift of an out-of-the-blue review, I'll try harder to make time. Again, thanks so very much!

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