Flights of Fantasy by Ankhmutes
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Summary: Sam considers her teammates while she is on watch. These are only fantasies. Still, they are nice fantasies.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
The action all takes place inside Sam's head.
Flights of Fantasy
By Ankhmutes

Major Samantha Carter walked the perimeter quietly, making a complete circle around the small camp. It didn’t take long. There were four small tents in the clearing, shelter halves that were six feet long and made triangles three feet high at the peaks. They weren’t extremely comfortable but had the advantage of being light and portable. She was happy they hadn’t had to lug a full sized tent along.

The night was quiet and fairly bright. The planet had two moons, one of which was full and the other nearly so. She found a large rock to one side of the clearing and sat overlooking the camp. A light in the second tent, Daniel’s, went out. He liked to read before sleeping. Teal’c had already finished his meditation and was in his tent. He’d be relieving her in another hour. Jack had crawled into his tent immediately after supper and began snoring soon after.

Sam shifted uncomfortably on the rock. There was no fire tonight. They were on a warm world and a fire would ruin night vision; they never had one going after dark unless it was necessary. So here she sat, watching the night, weapon across her lap, and needing… something.

Oh, she knew what she needed. She just wasn’t likely to get it here. Sam sighed and blew her hair out of her eyes as she shifted on the rock again.

There it was again, that tight feeling, a twisting that came up from between her legs and warmed her middle. The ache moved upward, causing her nipples to tighten and making it pretty much impossible to sit still. She twitched her foot back and forth, jiggling her leg.

Damn, she needed to get laid!

She sighed again, in frustration. Aw, hell. Even if she were home it wasn’t likely to solve anything. Who had time for a life? You could only cancel a date so many times before a guy thought you were making excuses. What could she say? “Sorry, I can’t make my date tonight, my CO has been captured by aliens and I have to go rescue him.” “Can we do this another night? I have to go to save another planet from evil snakes. Can I call you when I get back?” Right.

She shifted on the rock again, and then decided to walk around. She felt too jittery to stay in one place. She made a complete circuit of the tents before settling back onto the rock, tapping her foot against the ground. She gazed over the four tents pegged to the ground. Full of tension and extremely horny, she pondered each of the guys inside.

Daniel’s tent was in the middle. She considered what would happen if she crawled into it, what he'd be like as a lover. He’d be very gentle, if she could convince him. Her imagination took off.

She lifted the flap to the tent, crawled in on her hands and knees, head brushing the top of the tent. She could feel his heat radiating through the thin blanket, as she reached his head, pillowed on his clothing. Her knee bumped his leg as she maneuvered herself so that she straddled him. He woke up, murmuring, “Sam? Wha…” She cut him off by placing her lips over his.

Daniel froze for a moment, then returned the kiss, tentatively. He raised a hand and caressed her cheek. His eyebrows went up and his gaze questioned her. She answered by kissing him again, slipping her tongue inside to tease his. Their teeth clicked together as his tongue darted in between. His hands slipped into her hair, guiding her head into the perfect position for him explore her mouth.

She lowered herself, her breasts brushing against his chest, and slid down his body so that she was sitting atop his thighs. A few gentle grinding motions and she could feel him getting hard against her. Daniel dropped his hands, skimming them lightly along her back, past her hips.

Under the blanket, he was wearing only his boxers. She sat up, as much as she could, and lightly ran her fingers over his chest. His breath hissed between his teeth, as she traced over the nipple and along the planes of his muscles. His hands came up along the backs of her legs, stroking up to her ass. She rocked against his erection to show her appreciation and he raised his hips to thrust along with her.

The pants she was wearing were in the way, there was too much fabric there and she moaned in frustration. She tried to unbutton the uniform pants but it was too awkward; she couldn’t sit up straight enough. Daniel’s quick fingers moved along her waistband, dipping inside and flicking the buttons open smoothly. She balanced on her hands and toes and he deftly slid her pants down her to her ankles. He freed his erection and then Sam settled back down atop him. Her shirt slid up, her bra unhooked and she was rubbing herself against Daniel.

Daniel was gazing steadily at her. His blue eyes never left hers as she moved, making her feel as if she were the center of his universe. She bit her lip at the intensity of the gaze, stared back, sliding him into her with one smooth motion, slamming down so that she was taking it all. Daniel panted and grabbed her head, pulling her mouth down to his. He kissed her ardently, leaving no part of her mouth unexplored. She straightened her legs out and hooked her feet on top of his, swiveling her hips.

Daniel thrust up, pushing deeply inside her. Her forehead rested on his as she moaned and tried to catch her breath. She clenched her inner muscles and watched his eyes widen. He began to rock faster, passionately panting soft words that she didn’t understand. His hands slid down her back and clenched onto her hips. She felt a heat rising within, as a shudder spread throughout and her toes curled hard. She bit down on his shoulder to muffle her cries, as Daniel breathed her name into her hair. A few more shudders passed through both of them, before she felt him spurt inside her.

Sam crossed her legs firmly and wiggled again. Well, that was only a dream, and that’s all it would ever be. Daniel was very passionate and his hands were gentle and strong. But, being Daniel, he would want to talk it over for ten minutes. Then he’d tell her that he didn’t think it was a good idea. He’d be very sincere and worry that he was hurting her feelings, but he would turn her down. She had a feeling he was carrying a torch for someone else, anyway. No, the civilian gave good fantasy, but that was all it was.

She looked at her watch and realized that her shift was almost up. Teal’c would be relieving her soon. Time to change clothes. One of the problems of having a mixed team was the lack of privacy – they usually didn’t have his-n-hers facilities. It was theoretically possible to change clothes in one of these little tents, but you had to be a contortionist to pull it off. So she generally took first watch and waited till the guys were all asleep to change from her uniform to the shorts and tank top she planned to sleep in. In return, the guys would all get dressed before they woke her in the morning. Personally, she thought that the whole situation embarrassed them more than her.

She made another sweep around the perimeter and then pulled the dark blue clothing out of her tent. It took little time to slide into the shorts and she felt much more comfortable with just the soft cotton tank top brushing against her sensitive nipples. Picking up her weapon, she headed back to her rock.

The tent on the end, next to Daniel’s, was Colonel O’Neill’s. At one time he had been her primary fantasy subject. What’s not to like? He had the dangerous attraction of the Bad Boy, combined with the whole Flyboy image and the sexiness of an Older Man. There was the demeanor of a pussycat covering the lethal power of a panther and the combination was incredibly sexy. Sam took a deep breath She imagined what would happen if she crawled in with him…

She slid quietly into the tent, only making it halfway in before she was grabbed by her shoulders and flipped back. Jack’s strong right forearm was on her throat and his left was clamped on her right wrist. The weight of his body pinned her to the ground and it felt good, felt right.

“It’s me,” she whispered. She should have known she wouldn’t be able to sneak up on him, even in his sleep.

“Carter, what the hell are you doing?” he growled at her, loosening the hold on her throat, his hand now resting on her shoulder, the strong thumb rubbing at her collarbone. He shifted his weight as if to roll off, lifting his left leg. She caught it with her free hand, holding the leg in place for a moment, before sliding the hand up his bare leg. The skin under her fingers was surprisingly soft and she stroked it with small, teasing circles, inviting him to stay, letting him know that this was why she was here, to touch and be touched.

She looked at him, challenge in her eyes. She licked her lips and offered her mouth to him. When Jack’s lips touched hers, there was no hesitation. His kiss was demanding, possessive; it stole her breath away. She felt helpless beneath him but there was no fear, only the exhilaration of giving herself to his control. Few had earned this kind of trust, this feeling that here was someone who would use the power only to pleasure, never to harm or diminish.

His mouth moved over her face, lips traveling slowly from her face to her ear. He shifted position so that he fully straddled her. He still held her wrist, the arm now curled above her head. The hand on her shoulder slid the strap of her tank top down, pulling part of the shirt with it and exposing her breast to the night air. His thumb stroked over the nipple until it hardened.

Jack moved his hand down the curve of her body, then moved her other hand above her head, both wrists pinned by his hand. Oh, she could get free if she wanted to, they both knew that – just as both of them knew she wouldn’t. His eyes were hooded as he lifted his head. He nibbled at the side of her neck then moved to the exposed breast, sucking and nipping at it until she moaned.

“Shhh!” he murmured in her ear.

His hips lifted, her shorts slid down and when his knee edged hers apart, she felt his bare flesh slide against hers. His hand caressed her inner thighs and she gasped; a few teasing touches and she was panting. She arched her back, trying to communicate what she desired.

She lifted her knees, letting them fall apart as he slid into her in one long, smooth thrust. He backed nearly all the way out and then thrust again, pushing hard. She wrapped her legs around him and arched her back again and was rewarded a harder thrust. The rhythm grew faster and the thrusts harder. She reveled in the feel of his lean, muscular frame, his strength driving them.

Jack moved his arms under her, cradling her to his chest, hands firmly on her shoulders, increasing his leverage and changing to an even more satisfying angle. With her hands now freed, she clutched at him, her nails dragging down his back and then digging into his ass, as his mouth covered her scream of completion.

Sam shook her head, partly to clear her head, partly in denial of the fantasy. This was just never going to happen. There had been a time when she thought it might, but they both valued their careers too much. It was hard enough to be a woman in the military without inviting that sort of rumor. The damage that sort of a relationship with O’Neill would do to their friendship, to the team, to the whole command would not be worth it. She had more honor than that and so did he.

So, it was purely fantasy, of course. Still, it was a nice fantasy.

She still had a while before Teal’c began his watch. At least this planet was not desert, not frozen wasteland, nor an endless forest. There were rolling plains sweeping around them and a stand of trees that seemed to follow the nearby river. The animal noises were soothing and non-threatening. If it weren’t for the Stargate and the temple ruins over that hill, there’d be no sign that humanity had ever set foot on it. For once, a mission where no one died, got shot at or ended up possessed by something or another… knock on wood.

Another perimeter check, all personnel present, nothing out of place. A rasping snore grated through the silence, signaling Daniel's allergies were acting up again. No surprise there. There was a rustle of cloth from Colonel O'Neill's tent as he turned over. No sound at all from Teal'c, though. She wouldn't hear a thing from him until he relieved her to take his watch. O'Neill would take the third watch, breaking up his own night into two parts. Daniel always took the dawn shift, claiming no one else could brew the coffee right anyway.

She thought a bit about the Jaffa, such a complicated person hiding beneath a mask of simplicity. With him, she felt free to be herself, not worrying if he respected her as a soldier. They watched each others' backs and trusted each other implicitly.

The strong face seemed impassive to strangers, to those who didn't know how to read him. But his three teammates knew that the emotions were there, were powerful even though they didn't show beyond a raised eyebrow, a quirk of the lips or a respectful bow. As her Gran used to say, "Still waters run deep." The waters didn't get much more still than Teal'c.

He used that to his advantage. People would look at him and assume that his bulk was all there was to him and underestimating Teal'c was fatal. The rapier wit, the brilliant tactical mind, the intellect that could keep up with all the explanations that she or Daniel gave… few people ever saw that or even guessed that it could be there. O'Neill was the leader, she and Daniel were the brains. That made Teal'c the muscle, all brawn. As if.

Now there was a man made for fantasy if she ever met one. She’d have to be dead not to appreciate him. It wasn't just the muscles, though they didn't hurt. It was the whole package.

Teal’c appeared out of the darkness that surrounded the tents; moonlight gilding his smooth head and highlighting every curve of his frame. There was a slight sheen of sweat glistening down his arms and chest. He stopped a foot away from her, hands clasped behind his back. She wasn't sure if he realized that this favorite pose of his accented his well-developed chest and arms, but she wasn't about to complain. A small sound escaped her.

'Are you well, Major Carter?' he asked, the crease between his eyebrows radiating concern.

‘I’m fine, thanks,’ she breathed, focusing on his face. She could only hope it was dark enough to hide her blush.

‘You appear to be in some… discomfort.’ He leaned forward, breathing in her scent. A low rumble seemed to rise out of him. ‘We must not allow it to interfere with the mission. You would not wish to become unable to concentrate on your duties. I would be honored to assist you in this matter.’ He took another step toward her and she tilted her head up to look him in the eyes. He was not touching her but would be if either of them took a deep breath, they were so close. ‘Do you wish my assistance?’

She felt mesmerized by his sheer presence, like a mouse trapped by a snake, and could only nod her head in assent. His face softened slightly and his whole body relaxed a fraction. A large hand moved to her face, the fingers gently brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes, fingertips barely touching the skin of her forehead. It was oddly erotic, considering the gesture wasn’t sexual.

Teal’c ran a thumb along one eyebrow, then around to her cheekbone and down her jaw line. Again, the touch was delicate; she could almost have imagined it. The hand ghosted down her arm before carefully taking her hand. She flexed her fingers and it seemed surprising to her. She knew how lethal his hands could be and it hadn’t occurred to her that they could be this gentle as well.

Teal’c led her to the rock. He sat down, legs slightly apart, and motioned her to sit down between them. She accepted, still feeling oddly shy and hesitant. He took a hand in each of his and then wrapped his arms around her. She leaned back against him and they sat still, his thumbs sliding back and forth over the backs of her hands. She relaxed, feeling safe. There was nothing that she could not trust this man with.

He kissed her neck so gently that his breath had more force than his lips. With his chin, he brushed aside the hair at the nape of her neck and began nuzzling at the sensitive spot there. It felt like a shock moving straight to her groin and she gasped at the strength of the sensation. Again, his lips touched her nape, a little more firmly and the shock hit again. Goosebumps popped up along her arms as her skin tingled in reaction to the tiny shivers his lips caused.

She straightened in his arms, moving his hands down to where she wanted them. One hand settled on a bare thigh, the other slid up her ribcage under the tank top, cupping her breast, the nipples already pebbled with her desire. A deep, ragged breath brought his scent to her nostrils, earthy and musky. Teal'c tasted the sensitized flesh on her neck, and nibbled along its curve.

Sam hissed in frustration. Ripple after ripple of sensation flooded her and he hadn’t even put his hand in her shorts yet. A fingertip slid slowly across her nipple; she felt a tug as he pinched it ever so lightly. She ran her hands lightly up and down his muscular forearms, trying to encourage him.

Her head lolled back to rest on his shoulder as he continued to explore her ear, shoulder and neck with his lips, teeth and tongue. The hand on her thigh edged upward, a finger slid past the elastic on her panties and gently tugged it aside. She could feel his fingers glide over the curly hair, carding through it and then parting her lips.

He nipped hard at her nape just as his fingers touched her clitoris and it made her shudder delightfully. The breast he had been fondling was released and he began to stroke them both, fingers curled under the weight and thumb brushing the peaks in turn.

Before long, she lost track of which hand was where, doing what, aware only of shudder after shudder of pleasure and the feel of an erection pressing into her lower back as she climaxed again and again. She wanted to scream with each explosion and only his crooning reminders in her ear stopped her. The world swirled dizzily around her. She regained herself to find his hands stroking her arms and legs lightly, grounding her as she gasped for breath.

She turned in his arms and climbed onto him, literally sitting in his lap, kissing him deeply. She ran one hand over the silky skin of his head as the other cupped his strong jaw. She would have fallen if not for his arms, wrapped around her, holding her body close to his, but she trusted him. He would not let her fall.

The moonlight illuminated his face, revealing a gentle expression that tugged at her heart. She felt fiercely protective of him, knowing that she was seeing a side of him that few ever did.

Her position brought a reminder that she hadn't returned the pleasure he had given her. Yet he was not pushing her, was not indicating that she should do anything about it. He acted as if he were content to merely hold her, for as long as she wished.

She reached down and released his erection from his shorts. Pulling her panties farther to the side, she gently, slowly slid onto him, then locked her legs around his waist. They sat there for a moment, arms around each other, breath mingling, before she moved. She moaned at the feel of him inside her and wanted it to last all night. The first thrust was small, slight, a tiny movement that almost wasn’t, but it felt electric.

They rocked slowly back and forth, that being all the motion necessary. As they moved, they kissed; tiny kisses that peppered each others lips; long deep luxurious kisses that touched their souls; sweet, clingy kisses that seemed to reach into her heart and lighten it. They were still kissing when they climaxed - Teal’c gave one deep thrust with a force that seemed to split her in two, Sam almost cried with the joy of the release.

She stayed on his lap a while longer, head resting on his shoulder, feeling completely at peace. She felt like she had come home.

“Major Carter?” Sam was startled when she heard Teal’c speak behind her. “Are you well?”

Sam squeaked as she spun around to face him. “Uh, yeah, I was just, um, thinking. It’s been quiet, you should have no problems.”

There was no missing the raised eyebrow but he only murmured, "Good night, Major Carter. Pleasant dreams."

She practically fled to her tent, diving inside and wondering just what the hell her fantasies had led her into. Damn, stuck in the middle of no-where and no cold showers in sight. It had taken all her self-control not to jump the poor man when he got within a foot of her.

She sprawled on top of her sleeping bag, with her damp tank top stuck to her chest, damp shorts stuck to other regions and the soft tread of booted feet as Teal'c walked the perimeter. She groaned in misery and wished for some kind of relief.

There was no way in hell she was going to get any sleep tonight.

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