Elf Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by The Blonde Sheep
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Holiday
Rated: Pre-Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: What has Daniel been up to this Christmas?

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Look at my watch as I hear a car pull up in the drive-way. Three hours. It's been three hours since the man that supposedly loves me left me, on Christmas day.

"I'm just popping "round to Sam's," he'd said. Three hours ago.

I hear the car door slam shut, and carefully close my newspaper, fold it and lay on the coffee table as I stand up. By my perfect timing, I'm entering the hallway just as the front door closes.

I gape in surprise.

"Not ONE word, Jack," the elf in the hall warns.

"Uh Daniel?"

"I mean it," the red-gloved hand waves in the air for emphasis, "one word and you're sleeping on the couch tonight."

I close my mouth, trying the keep the grin that's tugging at the corner of my mouth at bay. I put my hands up in mock innocence as the blue eyes glare at me once again, before he jingles his way into the living room.

I lean in the door frame as I watch him struggle with the bright-red elf shoes, ya know, the ones that curl up at the toe and have little bells hanging from them. He lets out an frustrated grunt as the shoe stubbornly stays on.

"Need some help, Tinkerbell?"

I laugh at the scowl he sends my way. It's hard to take him seriously when he's dressed like that.

I walk over and bend down, batting his hands away.

"Here, let me," I coax, as I ease the festive shoe from his foot, before proceeding with the other.

"So..." I venture, "do I get some sort of explanation or did the urge just take you."

"Just be glad this is a comfy couch," he mutters, as I settle next to him.

"Danny," it's not unreasonable of me to want some sort of explanation is it, when my missing lover returns dressed as an elf? "This isn't some secret fet..."

"Don't even finish that sentence, Jack," he warns, "or the couch will become a permanent fixture in our relationship."

I laugh as I throw an arm over his green, lycra clad shoulders. Despite his threats, I feel him sigh and snuggle deeper into my shoulder.

"Sam said she needed a favour," he informs my left nipple, as he starts tracing lazy circles around it with as finger, "she neglected to mention it involved dressing up like an elf for her local church."

I pull the pointy hat off his head and hear it jingle as it lands on the carpeted floor behind us. This way I get to see his face, which as I'd already guessed, is as bright red as the face-painted cheeks.

"It was nice of you," I reassure him, tugging him closer to me, delighting in the sensations that are running through me.

"Really?" He asks surprised, "you're not mad that I left you on Christmas day?"

"Well..." I wouldn't quite put it like that, "I'd preferred if you'd rang to tell me where you were, I was starting to get worried."

"Sorry," he mutters, rubbing his face against my shirt, smudging his fake cheeks and letting them leave a mark. "I knew if I rang you'd come...and you'd bring a camera."

Ah, he knows me too well.

"I'd never try and embarrass you," I lie, badly.

"Yeah, right, he scuffs, "remember that time on PX13 6P8 when you pulled down my...hmm."

I decide to distract him with a deep meaningful Christmas kiss."

I pull away for a breath, and can't resist ruffling his hat-hair with one of my hands.

"Do you reckon all fairies get hat-hair?" I tease.

"I'm an elf," he protests pouting.

I can't resist kissing those lips again, and again.

"That you are Danny," I murmur smiling, "that you are."
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