Magic Man by Raven1222
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Established Relationship, Songfic, Vignette
Rated: Pre-Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Fun at a night club.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
I would love to thank my beta Lems for her time and energy on this fic.
It was eleven o’clock on a weeknight at the club but business was still good. The dance floor wasn’t so crowded that you couldn’t tell one gyrating body from the next. It was lit by strobe lights slowly flashing. The effect it caused on the moving bodies was mesmerizing.

He sat at the bar watching the various men dance with their chosen partner for the moment. If that person’s luck held out, it would be for the entire evening and not just a few dances.

His brown eyes skimmed over the dancers searching. He was looking for one special person then he spotted him. The dancer wore jeans snug enough to show his nicely formed asset. He wore a white dress shirt hanging loosely buttoned half way up his chest with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The strobe lights made the shirt almost transparent. His moving body gave a quick glance of a well formed peck area to all who cared to look. What was showing of his chest was a glistening sheen of moisture.

The dancers’ body moved in time to the beat which was tribal in nature. He held his arms above his head just moving his lower body. His eyes were closed enjoying the sensation of the music vibrating through his soul.

The tune changed to a popular seventies song. The man at the bar recognized it as “Magic Man” by Heart. His eyes never left his prey on the dance floor. The dancer was making his way across the floor toward the bar area. His moves were still in time to the music. Brown eyes meet blue eyes. The dancer smiled and approached his lover sitting on the bar stool.

“Hi Jack,” he said as he leaned into him. Daniel slowly brought his face to Jack’s but instead of the expected kiss he put his lips near Jack’s ear and started singing softly.

“Come on home, he said with a smile. You don’t have to love me yet, let’s get high for awhile. Try to understand. Try to understand. Try, try, try to understand. I’m a magic man.” Daniel stepped away from Jack smiling and offered his hand indicating he wanted Jack to follow him back to the dance floor.

Jack smiled. Oh yeah, he thought. Daniel had that right. He was his magic man. He took Daniel’s hand and followed him.

The music had changed to a slow number and they both joined close together letting the melody wash over them. Their bodies moved in time to the rhythm and they were lost in their own world for the rest of the evening.

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