Party Snapshot 3 by D Kelley
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Alternate Universe, Friendship, Humor, Romance
Rated: Mature
Warnings: None
Series: The Annule
Summary: Just a "snapshot" from the birthday party. See Warnings for why it's separate from the actual story. A look at the couples on the dance floor--and what Jack got from his safety deposit box.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Just a "snapshot" from the birthday party. See Warnings for why it's separate from the actual story. A look at the couples on the dance floor--and what Jack got from his safety deposit box.
The Furling song was soft and slow, and barely called for more than swaying. Couples danced in poses that ranged from dignified close stances to inseparable clenches. "This was Danyer's favorite song," Nalia murmured.

Etienne nodded, their embrace one of the more dignified. "I remember," he said fondly. "I was surprised at how well it translated into English rhyme--though it did still lose something in the translation," he added, looking up as the musician next to the sound system began to sing.

The man's quiet Furling voice crooned old rhymes set to modern melodies. Once, long ago, I had a dream -- so many years gone by. The world was fresh and bright and new -- and back then, so was I. I dreamed I ran beside my love -- we played our games all day. We learned together, laughed, and lived -- together, made our way. And way back then I never thought -- the sky could be more blue -- the birds could sing more sweetly, or -- that love was more than you.

Paul pulled back from his partner. "Are you sure about this, Melissa?" he asked quietly.

The brunette laughed softly. "It's a little late to change my mind, Paul," she chided. "Seriously," she tried to set his mind at rest, "we've been dating for four years," she said in exasperation. "We've been engaged for a year and a half of that. Between my high power law practice and your high power military career, we were never going to be able to schedule a marriage," she grinned. "If moving to another planet is what it takes, hey, I'm game," she laughed. "You think I'm going to miss corporate law?"

Paul's eyes twinkled. "Seems like kind of a drastic step," he teased.

Melissa patted his cheek. "Whatever it takes, baby doll, whatever it takes."

I dreamed we grew up tall and strong -- and gave our love to all -- for love so true, one cannot keep -- and stays behind no wall. And so I dreamed not only you -- but also all I knew -- returned my love and life was all -- a man could aspire to.

"Well, Daniel said that--"

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel," Deedi rolled her eyes, smiling in gentle frustration. She gave the stunned Sonn a quick hug. "I can see that now that Daniel's grown again, you have a new hero, Sonn."

"Well," the 18-year-old hedged, "what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing," Deedi assured him, "except here we are on a dance floor," she snuggled a little closer, "and there's a romantic song playing, and you want to talk about Daniel?"

"What should we talk about?"

Her face hidden, Deedi's sigh was long-suffering.

But when you told me he would come -- the love I thought I had -- exploded out a hundred-fold -- I dreamed I'd be a dad. Then I knew in this dream of mine -- the highest score of joy -- was mine that day, the day you said -- that we would have a boy. But I was proven wrong again -- I dreamed I saw this clear -- when he looked at me, called my name -- each time I held him near.

"This is an interesting song," Sam said politely as she danced with her Furling partner.

Ahdji smiled. "It's rather sentimental," he apologized.

"No, no," Sam shook her head, "I like it. I really like how much the guy loves his kid."

"Children are very precious on Annule," Ahdji nodded. He looked at her shyly. "Do you hope to have children some day, Samantha?"

Sam's eyes widened, but she didn't feel uncomfortable with the question. "I do," she answered, surprising herself with her honesty. "I really do."

Ahdji's smile grew. "It will be much easier for you than for a Furling," he said encouragingly.

Sam decided not to take his eager look the wrong way.

And then I dreamed I understood -- at long--so long, long last -- Love has no limits, not time, age -- no future, present, past. It fills your heart and if you will -- it fills your soul as well -- then keeps on growing, passing on -- true love you cannot quell. But dreams, they end, and so did mine. I woke, alone in bed -- hands searching vainly for your warmth -- the dream still in my head.

"It is an unhappy song?" Teal'c questioned the Furling attempting to teach him the slow dance moves.

Mezza pursed her lips as if she wanted to say something, but didn't. "Well, this part is," she agreed.

I found you not; you were not there -- and for a moment froze -- until I saw you at the door -- a leaning, watching pose. You smiled at me and gave a sigh. 'He had a dream,' you said. I couldn't help the sob that came -- as you got back in bed.

"That's sweet," Daniel said, as the instrumental music continued on the song.

"Now who's a sentimental sap?" Jack teased.

Daniel liked the music, he swayed in Jack's arms. "Okay, I'm guilty too," he conceded. "I still think you're going to prove to be the bigger sap," he muttered.

"Weee-eeelll," Jack winced.

"What?" Daniel narrowed his eyes. "What, Jack?"

Jack pulled the box from his safety deposit box out of his pocket. "Um, I got you a birthday present."

Daniel's head tilted and he smiled. "You didn't have to do that," he told Jack.

Jack held the box against Daniel's arm while they danced, wanting to talk first. "Well, I--I wanted to," he shrugged. "I uh, well, I--" he gave a little laugh at himself. "Remember when I talked about my Grandpa John?"

"Yeah," Daniel nodded. "The one who fought in World War I. Were any of your family not military, Jack?"

"Hush," Jack said absently, looking at the box against Daniel's arm. "Well, he gave me something, something that he said his dad gave to him, and that his dad's grandfather gave to him. He told me that it had been passed down through various men of the family for centuries. I stopped wearing necklaces about 30 years ago, but uh--" he opened the box awkwardly. "I'd love for you to have it--if you want it, Danny."

Daniel stared at him, lips curving softly upward. He turned his head slowly to the box and lifted a finger to touch the pewter pendant. "A Celtic cross," he murmured. "Centuries old." He looked back at Jack, eyes bright, and swallowed. "Jack, I don't think your family--"

He stopped Daniel with a finger laid across his lips. "Shhh," Jack hushed. "You're my family," he told Daniel. "And I know," he grinned, "an ancient artifact like this, I know it'll mean more to you."

Daniel shook his head tightly. "I love it because you gave it to me," he corrected. "Not because it's ancient."

Jack looked at him with amused skepticism. "So the fact that it's old doesn't matter to you," he stated.

Daniel was fingering the pendant again. "Well," he exhaled a tiny breath of laughter, "it matters," he admitted. He looked up. "But it matters more that you gave it to me. Something so important to you."

Jack slipped the chain of the necklace over Daniel's head, kissing him as he did. "You're what's important to me," he said sternly, but was miserably unable to keep the smile off his lips.

Daniel put his arms back around Jack and kissed him. "And you're the only ancient artifact that means anything to me," he whispered.

Jack huffed in mock outrage and his hand slipped to smack Daniel's behind, and then he grinned. "I'm going to remember that," he warned. "Next mission we go on, I'm going to remind you that you said--"

"The only ancient O'Neill artifact," Daniel amended, chuckling.

"Too late," Jack shook his head vehemently. "Too too late."




"Uh--" Daniel shut Jack up by occupying his mouth with other, more pressing, matters.

The End
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