Lies and Loves by Ami
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: First Time, Humor
Rated: Pre-Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: A little fib leads to a revelation.

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"It was just one tiny little fib..." Jack defended himself.

"One tiny little *fib*?" Daniel's disbelief was audible in his tone.

Backing away from his enraged friend, Jack tried again to placate the irate archaeologist, "Okay, a lie...a big fat lie, but..."

"You told the Cardozian ambassador that you and I were married, Jack!" Daniel yelled.

Jack cringed. "I know, but..."

"But? But? But what, Colonel?" Daniel sneered into his face.

"But he wanted to ask you to join his harem, and if you refused I thought he might break off the treaty negotiations!" Jack exclaimed.

Daniel pulled up short. "What?"

Jack sighed. "Ambassador Joaquin has two wives, we all knew that, but apparently he also has three husbands, and is looking for a fourth. I knew you wouldn't want to go with him and be treated like some...some sex-slave," there the silver-haired man grimaced as if the word tasted bad in his mouth, "but if you refused outright he might've decided to put in a veto on the treaty, and we really need that Naquadah, Danny."

Daniel blinked at the older man, then took off his glasses and pulled up the hem of his shirt to wipe at his lenses. He then placed them back on his face. "So you told him we were married so he wouldn't break off the negotiations, is that it?"

Jack's sigh of relief was audible. "Yes, Danny, that's it exactly."

Daniel nodded. "Mm-hm. So it has nothing to do with your having a secret lust for me, huh?"

Jack's eyes went wide. How did he find out about that? "Uh, er, I..."

Turning toward the Colonel, Daniel said, "Because, you know, I have a secret lust for you. Or not so secret now." He grinned hopefully, nervously biting on his lower lip.

Smiling widely, Jack strode over to his friend. "Really? I never would have guessed." He cupped Daniel's grinning face and kissed him. Their lips met, and sparks flew.

Pulling back, Jack breathed, "But I'm really glad you do."

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