Jack's Rabbit by Dee
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Humor
Rated: Teen
Warnings: Adult Themes
Series: None
Summary: Hop, tug, a little snug. And a nice F#@k!

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"EXCUSE ME!" He said, shaking his head, arms crossed. "I don't think so."

"Come on, Daniel. Just this once...For ME!" Jack begged.

Daniel was afraid. Jack had this idea, and that alone scared him. He had this goofy like grin on his face, and he was standing here, begging Daniel. As if he were a kid asking his mother for some candy.

"N..O!" He stood his ground. Daniel was not allowing himself to fall into one of Jack's traps. He knew all to well, how this would wind up turning out. He'd never live this down.

Grin fading, Jack put his hands to his face. Pushing them through his hair, he turned and walked away. He Headed outside to finish the yard work, he had ignored to 'play house' with Daniel.

Daniel let out a sigh of relief. Still, clearly shocked by what Jack had asked of him. He was willing to do anything for the man he loved. But this was ...well... peculiar! Even for Jack.

Grabbing ahold of his journal, he layed himself out on the couch. Unable to concentrate, he placed the journal on the coffee table, and made his way outside.

Jack was mowing the lawn, so Daniel decided to wait until he was finished. When the mower stopped, Daniel came up behind Jack and pulled him into a fierce hug.

"I'm sorry," Jack apologized. "I know it was a strange request...I.. just had this dream, and the idea...."

Daniel let go, and came around front of Jack. Looking in his eyes he said, with a smile on his face, "Jack....Yes that was one of the strangest requests I have ever head. But, I love you. And I've been thinking... If you really want me to, well....." Losing himself in the thought.

Grabbing his arm, Jack pulled him inside the house. Barely making it into the kitchen, Jack pulled Daniel into a hot kiss. Releasing a disappointed Daniel, Jack ran upstairs and came back down with a bag in his hand.

Handing it over, Daniel opened it up. With a smile of relief across his face, he sighed, "Thank god."

Jack looked at him, confused. "What?!" He said.

Still smiling, Daniel said, "I thought... when you asked me to wear this.. You meant meant a big, hot, thick one!"

Rolling his eyes, "What the hell is the use in that! I want to be able to SEE your ASSets!"

"I love you, Jack," Daniel says. Pulling Jack in for another deep kiss.

"I'll be upstairs. Give me a few minutes to get this on."

With that, Daniel made his way upstairs.

~~~A few minutes later~~~

Jack walks into the bedroom to find Daniel wearing the contents that were in the bag.

"Is it alright?" Daniel asks. Turning his body around. Showing off the barely there costume.

Smirking, "Better then alright!" Jack said, making his way over to the half naked Daniel. Seeing his love he pushes him down on the bed.

A sudden, "Yelp!" from Daniel, causes him concern.

"You alright?" Jack asks. Pushing himself off of Daniel.

Red faced, "Ah, yeah... The tail kinda.." Unable to finish the sentence.

Now laying on his side, Jack pulls Daniel closer. His hand moves to the thong that encases his lovers flesh.

"Happy Easter," Jack says, yanking on the bunny faced cloth, holding Daniel's manhood.

"Happy Easter," Daniel replies, reaching out for Jack's lips.

"Ah, Jack?!" Daniel says, pulling his lips from Jack's.

"Yes, my cute and fuzzy bunny?"

"Next time... Your wearing the thong. Now hurry up and get me out of this. It's starting to itch!"

Jack laughed, and of course obliged...

The end.
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