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Category: Jack/Sam
Genres: Missing Scene/Episode-Related
Rated: Adult
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Summary: Sam tries to tell Jack the obvious. Jack doesn't want to hear it.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
NONSHIPPY STORY. Consensual Bondage. Dark Jack. Wimpy Sam. If you like them as a couple, or if you like Sam or Jack, you might not like this fic. You have been warned! ;-) Oh, and some minor language.
There was a knock on his door just as Jack got off the phone with Daniel, who was picking up Teal'c from the base. It'd been a long, sleepless night and he really wasn't up to unexpected visitors. The knock repeated. This time it was more insistent. Grudgingly, he got up out of his comfortable chair, beer in hand.

"Carter." There stood his second in command, standing with her hands shoved in her jean jacket pockets. He idly noted she looked more heavily made up than was usual for her. Even before she started dating that Pete guy.

"Sir, I was in the area and thought I'd stop by."

"Oh." Jack stood there. Except for seeing Carter at work, or in work related situations on missions, they never spent much if any time together off base.

"Maybe I'd better go," she said. She backed up half a step.

"No, no. Come in. Want a beer?" He lifted his beer up to show her what he was drinking. He didn't want to be rude, and there was a chance she'd shown up without an ulterior motive.

Carter nodded, and he heard the front door shut as she followed him into the house. When he came back from the kitchen she was gazing at his photos, and he noted his photo of baby Charlie was moved slightly. After a few questions he thought she had no business asking - hell, even Daniel rarely broached those subjects - he answered with blunt "I'd rather not talk about it". He felt he had to break through the awkward tension emanating from her and filling the room.

"Carter, what are you really doing here?" Jack punctuated the question with a long draft from the beer. Grab the bull by the horns, or the cow by its udders, or what have you.

"You - you downloaded the Ancient's knowledge sir, and..."

"And?" Carter had a crush on him. He knew that. He wasn't clueless. He tried to ignore it, mostly. He thanked the Lord each day since she began dating that cop from Denver. But it was still an issue and it irked him more than being cloned by Loki. It was not something he wanted to think about. Not today. Not when he'd planned some quiet time with the guys.

"Sir." Her eyes widened, and shined up. Shit. She was starting to leave him with few choices. He was dying, dammit, and she wanted to talk about her feelings for him? He really wasn't in the mood to coddle her need to express her feelings.

"Carter, look. I don't have a heckuva lot of time left here. Either settle this thing now or forever hold your peace."

"Sir, I - I - " She stopped and reddened.

Jack finished off his beer. Daniel would be back to the house in less than an hour with Teal'c. "C'mere, Carter. I want to show you something. Don't worry," he said, when she hung back. He led her to his spare bedroom. He walked over to the closet and pulled out an ordinary brown packing box and placed it on the bed. Carter hung back by the door. "Come in."

She approached. He lifted the flaps and exposed the contents. Carter gasped.

"Oh yeah." Inside was a collection of leather cuffs, thongs, bit, and other black leather items. Lots of buckles, studs, straps and rings. Corset.

"What is this?" she asked.

"Put'em on, Carter. It's the only way I'll have you, and the only way you'll ever get to have me."

Her eyes were about as big as he'd ever seen them.

"You have five minutes. I'll be in the living room. Either change into what's in the box, or get over this situation you've created." He left the room. Five minutes. Came a lot quicker than he expected. He knocked on the door. "Carter? Still there?" He peeped in, and nodded as he closed the door behind him. She'd figured out the corset and the complicated buckled straps that wrapped around her body, and the clasps for the thong. He was partly amazed, and partly exasperated. He hadn't expected her to take him up on it.

"Stand here," he commanded, indicating the center of the rug next to the bed. Carter hesitated a moment, then moved. He walked around her, inspecting his second-in-command. "You really want a piece of me, don't you Carter? You're willing to go this far. Just to get laid by me."

"It's not that," she said. "I - I."

"Eh eh eh, Carter." Jack pulled the back of the collar she wore with a twist, choking her off. He trailed a finger down her shoulder, her arm, and felt her shiver. "Not a word, Carter, unless I ask you a direct question, or say you can talk." He kept a grip on the collar, keeping her silent. She nodded. His other hand moved from her hip, sliding up to her breast, barely cupped in the corset, and gave it a hard squeeze. "You sure you want this, Carter?" he said in a low voice into her ear. "If you're going to back out, back out now. You may speak."

"I'll stay, Colonel." She whispered after he relaxed his hold on the collar.

"Sir will do." Jack didn't have a hell of a lot of time. Forty-five minutes. Better get a move on. "Legs apart, arms out. Now." He said in his strongest, edgiest command voice. She obeyed.

He scooped the leather cuffs out of the box and securely fastened them onto her ankles and wrists. He stood in front of her taking in the sight his brilliant second-in-command subjecting herself willingly to this treatment. "Carter, you're a slave. I never asked for anything more than your best as a member of my team."

He slipped his hand under the high cut thong. Carter gasped as he checked her depth, lingering. He felt no heat from his groin, no hardening. He wiggled three fingers in her. She was wetter faster than he expected, but that was a good thing in this case.

"Onto the bed. Ass in the air. Arms out front." She did as he told her. He ran a cord through the Mission style headboard and quickly attached them to the cuffs on her wrists.

He unclipped the latches at the hips of the thong and removed it. Nice. He rummaged through the closet for the other box. Ah, there they were, all wrapped up and clean. He pulled a small bottle of lube out of his jeans pocket and slicked the first object down. Carter was relaxing, and jumped when he slapped her bottom. "Ass back up in the air. I didn't give you permission to lower it. That's better."

He smoothed his hands over her smooth pale skin, brushing his thumbs along her crack, from vulva to anus. Keeping one hand firmly on her ass, he picked up his favorite tool. "I don't have the time to finesse this, Carter."

She nodded.

"Not exactly the romantic tryst you imagined, is it?" There. He had the slim, blue, ridged plug poised at the entrance of her anus. He added another dollop of lube. The moment its slim point entered her, Carter gasped and her cheeks tightened up. He rubbed her clit to distract her, and pushed it in. As each ridge passed through the muscle, she jerked. She was panting. He checked the time.

"Roll over."

Once she was on her back, he pulled another object from the second box. It looked like a Zorro mask with the eyes covered up. "Just one of my kinks, Carter." It slipped easily over her head, leaving a fringe of blond hair around the edges of the mask.

She moved slightly and with every movement moaned under her breath.

"Spread 'em," he said. He visually checked her. Very wet. Swollen. But just to be sure, he lubed up one of the three dildos - the one molded on some porn star's giant dick. It came complete with the balls, straps to hold it on, or in, and a sweet little vibrator in its center. "Wider, Carter. Let's see how much you can take." He crouched, reached under the bed and caught his fingers on a bar about three and a half feet long, and clicked its ends onto the cuffs around her ankles, fixing their distance.

"Uh," she gasped, her breathing rapid. Her arms pulled at her restraints, making the bed creak.


"What are you doing, sir?"

"Trust me Carter."

"But - yes sir." The huge dildo pressed into her. She sighed.

Sure enough, her knees jerked inward, reflexively as Jack worked the dildo's length into her, up to the prosthetic balls.

"I'm impressed Carter," he said through her panting and small sounds. He expertly fixed and adjusted the straps around her waist and flicked the vibrator on.

Jack picked up his now empty beer bottle and quietly left the room as Carter's keening intensified. He could use a refill.

She crested one wave as he came back in. He sat on the edge of the bed, placing his beer on the night table. He carefully rolled her onto her stomach, briefly unlatching the bar from her ankles to make it easier. With her ass back up in the air, with all deliberate speed he pulled the butt plug in and out, carefully adding extra lubrication with each inward motion.

"Oh god, oh god," breathed Carter. Her muscles flexed in a spasm of orgasm. Jack turned the vibrating dildo off, but left it strapped on, inside her. He took the bar off from between her legs before they cramped from the unaccustomed restraints.

"How do you feel, Carter?"

She gasped. Her legs slowly moved, bending at the knees. She took a few deep breaths.

"Carter, this stuff is yours. All the things in the two boxes." Jack unlatched a wrist cuff from the rope. "I've got no need for a slave right now. Not that I ever wanted one. Maybe Pete does."

He heard his front door open, and Daniel calling out. "Jack? Hello? Are we interrupting? We saw Sam's car." The low bass of Teal'cs voice rumbled, and he thought he heard "Donuts."

"Carter," he said in a low voice, "get dressed. I'll be out in the living room with Daniel and Teal'c. And Carter? I consider this issue of yours closed."

"Yes sir." Her body shivered. She still wore the blindfold.

He picked up his nearly empty second beer, and closed the door behind him with a quiet click. "Hey Daniel, Teal'c. Nope, not interrupting anything."

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