Candy Hearts by Belladonna
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Pre-Slash
Rated: Pre-Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Jack declares himself--abuse of candy hearts.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Daniel walked into the briefing room to find Jack sorting through a huge pile of those candy hearts with sayings on them. "Jack, what are you doing?"

Jack looked up and grinned, "Hey Danny."

The archeologist smiled back, charmed in spite of himself. "Do you really like those things?"

In answer, Jack popped one in his mouth, then made a face, "Ewk. Stale." General Hammond chose that moment to walk in, and shook his head, "Colonel O'Neill, what in the blazes are you doing?"

His second in command merely shrugged, "I bought 6 bags on sale. Want one?"

General type eyebrows went up, "Only one?"

Jack smirked and pushed a small pile toward where the General normally sat, "That enough for you, Sir?"

Teal'c entered and sat down at his regular spot, then his face lit up, "It is nearly Valentine's Day, O'Neill!"

Jack looked down as if contemplating the candy, then back at his alien friend, opened his mouth, then winced. He glared at Daniel and rubbed his shin, "You're right big guy, want some candy?"

"I would, thank you, O'Neill." Teal'c replied almost eagerly.

Jack rolled his eyes at Daniel and shoved a small pile towards Teal'c. Sam chose that moment to stride in, and reach over Jack's shoulder to scoop up a piece of candy and popped it in her mouth. "Oh ick, stale."

"They were on sale." Daniel pointed out and Sam made a face and went to the trashcan and spit the candy into it.

"They're not that bad." Jack protested.

General Hammond popped one in his mouth, then manfully chewed and swallowed it, "Major Carter, are you ready?"

Sam popped up and began her presentation while Jack amused himself arranging and rearranging his candy hearts. Daniel shot his friend an occasional look, hiding a smile each time. Sometimes Jack could be such a child. After about a half an hour into the briefing Jack nudged Daniel and shoved 6 hearts, carefully lined up, towards his friend.

The first one said, 'Be Mine', the second, 'I love You, 'Sweetheart', 'You're the sweetest', 'Lover' and it ended with another 'Be Mine.'.

Daniel's head snapped up and his blue eyes were wide as hey looked into Jack's, "Jack?" He squeaked, totally forgetting that they were in the middle of a meeting. Jack's eyes were dark and serious.

"Did you have something to add, Dr. Jackson?" the General inquired.

Daniel grabbed the candy that said, 'Sweetheart' and popped it into this mouth, then made a face, "No sshur."

General Hammond eyed the two red faced men, and nodded, "Very well. Continue Major."

Daniel's head remained bent and he shuffled through his hearts for a moment, then snagged one from in front of Jack before choosing two and pushing them over to Jack. They said, 'Be mine and Valentine.' He looked up through his lashes and watched Jack's face light up.

"Colonel O'Neill. Is there anything else?" came the General's voice, and both men looked up guiltily.

"No sir." They chorused in unison.

The General sighed, "I said that you were dismissed." Daniel and Jack looked around in startlement, just then realizing that Sam and Teal'c had already left the conference room.

"Leave me some more of those and get out of here." The General ordered gruffly. He hid a smile as Jack obeyed with alacrity and then disappeared with Daniel. "It's about damned time." He said and popped another candyheart into his mouth and grimaced, "Ew, stale."
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