Footprints by tejas
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Category: General
Genres: Drabble, Team
Rated: Pre-Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Just the remains of a far too typical SG1 return through the gate. Winner 2006 Stargate Fan Awards for: Best Over All SG-1 Story; Best SG-1 Gen Story; Best Short Works: Drabble

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Author's Chapter Notes:
My first and probably only drabble. What a fluke. :-)

Alphagate's YOUR LIST LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! 100 word drabble challenge.
I know their footprints.

The first time I saw them starkly outlined in blood I started to understand.
I swipe my mop through one. That would be Jackson's, worn down in front.
Another right next to his is worn at the heel. Only one and a scuff.
In my mind's eye I see Jackson half-carrying O'Neill to the gurney.
The worn-heeled print disappears at the gurney's bloody tracks.
Teal'c's are easy. I heard he carried Carter home.

The prints blend under my mop until there's just a reddish stain on the gateroom floor.

Amazing what you can learn from footprints.
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