The First Day by Nancy
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Angst, First Time
Rated: Adult
Warnings: None
Series: First Time
Summary: Jack and Daniel spend their first day together as lovers.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Follows The Morning After
The First Day

"Dishes are done and coffee's brewing," Daniel said, leaning down for a kiss.

Jack smiled and reached his hand around to cup his friend and lover's firm ass while their tongues sucked the last remnants of blackberries out of each other's teeth.

Daniel pulled back with an effort and sighed, "I am so not looking forward to going back to work."

"I second that," Jack said, caressing the taut cheeks and lustfully eyeing the prominent bulge in Daniel's pants. "I think I could make a career out of loving you," he murmured.

"Yeah, but who'd pay you?" Daniel smiled.

Jack placed both arms around the young man and pulled him onto his lap.
"I'd do it for free," he said huskily, claiming Daniel's mouth once more.

"Mmm, Jack? You're not wearing your sidearm, are you?" Daniel asked, nipping the older man's lips.

"Just the one with your name on it," Jack groaned.

"We really...shouldn't be...doing this...out here," Daniel gasped, his cock throbbing in anticipation.

"The birds don't mind," Jack whispered, slipping his hand easily into Daniel's sweatpants which were in fact, Jack's and therefore conveniently roomy. "The closest neighbour's away."

Daniel moaned into Jack's mouth when the strong, much-loved hand encircled his penis.

Jack's hand moved up and down rhythmically, expertly squeezing and bringing Daniel quickly to orgasm.

Daniel shuddered in Jack's arms and buried his face in the older man's neck, stifling his cries of passion. Jack removed his hand and held him tight.

"You don't have another pair of sweats, do you?" Daniel managed to articulate.

"Make that two pair," Jack said wryly, shifting Daniel off the spreading wetness on his lap. "That butt of yours should come with a warning."

Daniel blushed and stood up, looking around surreptitiously for any unwanted observers.

Jack found his lover's shyness endearing and extremely erotic, but his libido could only perform so often.

"Okay, it's serious laundry time," Jack declared. "Sheets, yesterday's clothes, these clothes, all into the wash. Don't worry, I've got lots of stuff you can wear...and they're decent," he added when Daniel gave him a suspicious look.

"Nothing I'd be embarrassed to be caught dead in?"

Jack watched his heart's desire obediently enter the house and his eyes misted with tears.

Crap, Danny. Don't ever think about dying on me. Not even in jest.

"Okay, let's try this again," Daniel said, bringing out two large mugs of steaming coffee.

"Just keep your hands to yourself," Jack warned.

"You started it," Daniel accused.

"No, you stood in front of me. You can't expect me not to touch when you're there in my face."

"God, Jack, you're impossible," Daniel smiled, taking special care to sit across from the horny man.

"Don't forget easy," Jack grinned.

"But not cheap."

"Definitely not cheap," he agreed.

Daniel smiled and inhaled his coffee's aroma before taking a deep swallow.

"Mmm, almost as good as you," he sighed coyly.

"You see!" Jack grumbled. "How the hell do you expect me to keep it in my pants when you flaunt it like that. Wait a sec. Did you say, `almost as good as me?'"


"Oh," Jack said, slightly crestfallen.

"I said, `almost as good as you,'" Daniel corrected.

"That's what I said," Jack insisted.

"No, you said `me' not `you'."

"Well, I meant `me'."

"You did say `me'." Daniel pointed out patiently.

"For crying out loud, Daniel. Do I taste better than coffee? Yes or no?" What the hell am I saying?

Daniel smiled, closed his eyes and drank deeply from his mug. He swallowed, licked his lips and sighed pleasurably.

Jack watched, entranced. Crap, now I'm jealous of goddamned coffee.

Daniel opened his eyes and looked at Jack. Placing his mug down, he stood up and walked purposefully around the table, never taking his eyes off the older man.

Jack swallowed hard, a little unnerved by the intensity in the younger man's eyes.

"Dan-" Jack's voice was cut off as Daniel swooped down and nibbled on his bottom lip. Jack closed his eyes and felt Daniel's tongue caress his lips before entering his mouth. It was over much too soon. Daniel pulled back, licking his lips, his brow furrowed.

Jack could still taste Daniel in his mouth, an intoxicating combination of coffee and the young man's own unique flavour. He watched silently as Daniel returned to his coffee mug, sniffed it appreciatively and took another sip.

"Well?" Jack croaked.

Daniel smiled and cocked his head. "Give me a minute."

Jack, who was starting to get a little annoyed at feeling inferior to a bunch of ground up beans, bristled at Daniel's cavalier attitude.

"For crying out loud! Just answer the...what are you doing?" he asked warily when the younger man suddenly ducked under the table.

"Daniel?" he inquired as he bent down to see what the hell he was up to now.

"Sweet Jesus!" he gasped as his pants were tugged down in one swift jerk and Daniel's mouth was on his already engorged penis.

Oh, crap! He's giving me a blow job right out here in public!

Jack looked around frantically before daring to look down at the head bobbing up and down. He gripped the underside of the table because he desperately needed to hang on to something and it also served as security against Daniel knocking himself out on the heavy wood. The sight of Daniel and the feel of his mouth and hands were so utterly fantastic that Jack came in seconds, biting his lip to keep from screaming. He slumped in the chair, literally drained. He moaned as Daniel took one last, long, lazy pull on his flaccid organ.

When Jack had the energy to open his eyes, Daniel was standing by the table, his coffee mug back in his hand.

Jack pulled his pants back up and stared, too exhausted to do anything else.
Daniel smiled and turned the mug over, spilling its dark contents onto the grass.

"A simple `yes' or `no' would have sufficed," Jack said hoarsely.

Daniel's smile faltered and he gazed at Jack with a small, puzzled frown.
"Were we talking Arabica or Robusta?"

Jack stared in disbelief. You cheeky bastard. He lunged out of his chair and tackled the younger man to the ground.

Daniel yelped in surprise and was quickly reduced to a squirming mass of giggles and `Stop, Jack, please'.

Reluctantly, Jack ceased his torture. Propping himself up on one elbow he kept his right hand resting on Daniel's chest, perilously close to his ribcage. Jack knew he just had to nudge him and the over-sensitized archaeologist would be putty.

Daniel's chest heaved with the effort to control his breathing. He eyed Jack warily.

Jack moved his finger and grinned when the young man curled up defensively, stifling a giggle. Taking pity on the poor man, Jack removed his hand.

"Okay, it's safe."

Daniel lay back in relief and Jack reached out to gently brush the tears off the wet cheeks. Daniel closed his eyes, enjoying Jack's ministrations and trusting that his lesson was over.

Jack gazed down at his lover, the last twenty-four hours running through his mind. Holy crap. All that sex, all those orgasms and its only been 24 hours? I'll be dead in a week.

Daniel opened his eyes and looked into the deep, brown eyes above him. He smiled and opened his arms. Jack slipped easily into the loving embrace and hugged the young man tightly.

"We're really pushing the envelope here, Daniel," he sighed contentedly.

"On Abydos, there wasn't a lot of privacy so you took advantage of any quiet moments you had," Daniel said softly.

Abydos? Aw hell, he's thinking of Sha're.

The arms encircling Jack squeezed tighter. "I want to make love to you on Abydos," Daniel whispered. "Out in the desert, under the stars."

Or maybe not.Jack thought happily. He opened his eyes and drank in the sight of the flushed, beautiful face beside him.

"It's a date," he promised, his heart racing at the images in his mind. Images of he and Daniel, grunting and thrusting with wild abandon in the middle of a desert with only the stars as their companions.

"Jack, you're breathing funny," Daniel said worriedly.

"Ya think?" Jack laughed, kissing the inviting lips. "Come on, we better get up before I take you right here."

"Do I have a choice?" Daniel purred, massaging his fingers in Jack's hair.

Jeez, Danny. Have a heart.

"No," he ground out with an effort. Jack reached down and patted Daniel's erection fondly. "Save it for later, okay?"

"Whatever you say, Jack," he replied, softly kissing long and deep.

"Oh crap," Jack moaned. "Okay, but you're on the bottom," he growled as he rolled on top grinding his hard cock into Daniel's.

Daniel responded immediately, thrusting up hungrily into the solid weight pinning him to the ground.

Jack reciprocated in kind and they ground their groins together, grunting and groaning into mutual release.

"God, the things I let you talk me into," Jack panted as he slid off the younger man.

"Don't...remember...twisting your arm," Daniel panted in return.

"You're not-um-always like this, are you?" Jack asked worriedly.

Daniel rolled onto his side, brushing his long fingers lightly down the side of Jack's face.

"I just can't seem to get enough of you," he whispered, blushing slightly.

If Jack's ego needed a boost, Daniel just sent it to the moon. Flushed and beaming happily, Jack said, "Now I know how Scrooge felt on Christmas morning."

Daniel raised his eyebrows quizzically.

Jack smiled and softly kissed the palm of Daniel's hand before placing it against his heart. "I don't deserve to be this happy," he explained.

"But you can't help it?" Daniel finished.

"Yeah. So, ready to try coffee again?"

"Okay, but we better clean up a bit first," Daniel grinned, rising in one fluid motion.

Crap, how the hell can he move like that? Jack thought glumly as he got stiffly to his feet.

"Jack, you have more endurance than anyone I know," Daniel said, reading his friend's mind. "Except for Teal'c and he cheats."

"I hope you're not speaking sexually because I'll need those armbands to take on the big guy." And how the hell do you keep reading my mind like that?

Daniel's little half-smile told Jack that he was doing it again.

"Okay, third time lucky?" Daniel asked, walking into the kitchen.

"It better be because I'm running out of clothes," Jack sniped. "Just keep your mind on the coffee, okay?" he said, pouring Daniel a mug.

"Well, you never let me finish explaining about Osiris and Isis," Daniel taunted.

"Actually, I was thinking that maybe we should talk know," Jack said, waving his hand around.


"For crying out loud. No, not sex. I mean about going back to work and how we're going know."



Daniel picked up his coffee and took a sip. He stared into the dark liquid as if seeking answers. He blinked rapidly.

Jack watched in concern as he felt and saw Daniel pull away.

"Daniel, we can do this," he said firmly.

Daniel looked up and Jack's heart clenched at the anguish in his lover's eyes. Oh, crap. In two swift strides Jack was in front of Daniel. He removed the mug from the younger man's trembling fingers and enveloped him in a warm, loving hug. He felt Daniel's breath hitch as he pulled his head into his neck.

"It's okay," Jack soothed. "I'm not giving you up, Danny. If I have to make a choice I've already made it," he said, squeezing tighter.

"Jack," Daniel's muffled voice whispered. "The military's your life. You-"

"No," Jack said hoarsely. "No, Daniel. You're my life. Don't even think of trying to get rid of me. You so don't want to have me stalking you."

Jack smiled when he felt and heard Daniel's small laugh. He stepped back and held the beloved face between his hands.

"It won't be easy, but we work with a hell of a group of people. Come on, bring your coffee and we'll talk outside."

"Okay," Daniel agreed. He turned to pick up his coffee, but swung back around and hugged Jack fiercely.

"I love you," he whispered thickly.

God, Danny. You're killing me here, Jack thought as he hugged him back.
"I love you, too," he said, marvelling at the euphoria those few words gave him and how easy they were to say.

Daniel stepped out of the embrace, picked up his coffee as if nothing had happened, and headed outside.

Jack shook his head wonderingly and followed, his eyes lingering on the enticing, firm ass.

God, he's all mine. I am one lucky son of a bitch.

"Well, we know Teal'c knows...something," Daniel said, tapping his fingers nervously on the table.

"We can definitely assume that," Jack agreed, smiling at the memory of being `caught' in the elevator. "And Hammond knows or-"

"Hammond knows?" Daniel asked in alarm.

"Or suspects, I was going to say if you'd let me finish."

"But how? I mean," he asked, flustered.

"I don't know. He's a general," Jack shrugged. "They know these things."

"Jack, how can he possibly know something that we didn't even know?"

"Because he's...I don't know,"

"A general?"

"An astute general," Jack corrected. "And a good friend."

"Okay," Daniel said uncertainly. "Let's suppose that he does know or suspects something."

"Okay," Jack nodded.

"Well?" Daniel finally said when the older man failed to elaborate on his supposition.

"Well what?"

"God, Jack. Work with me here. How do you think Hammond feels"

"I think he's okay with us."

"Being an `us'?" Daniel pressed.

"Yeah," Jack smiled. Danny and I are an `us'. This is so weird.

"Why do you think that?"

"He gave us these two days to `work things out' didn't he?"

"Maybe he meant for us to..."

"Nip it in the bud?"

"Something like that," Daniel said forlornly.

Jack frowned and drank some coffee, mulling over the possibility.

"No, he's definitely okay with us being an `us'. For practical reasons, I'm sure he wished it never happened, but he won't condemn us or forbid it. Not a chance."

Daniel nodded and swallowed some more coffee.

"Okay. Teal'c knows and Hammond knows. That leaves..."

"Yeah," Jack sighed.

They stared at one another over their respective mugs.

"You tell her," they chimed together.

"No way, Jack. You have to and for more reasons than being team leader," Daniel insisted.

"I know, I know," Jack replied wearily.

"If...if Sam can't handle it I'll resign from the team," Daniel stated.

"No one is leaving the team, Daniel," Jack said hotly. "Besides, Carter's crazy about you. She'd never let you quit."

"There's more to it than that, Jack."

"I know, Daniel. Believe me, I know." Crap, why did I chase after her like that? Simple, because I wouldn't acknowledge who or what I really wanted. Damn it, Carter. You're way smarter than me. You must've suspected something.

"If-if I can help, I will," Daniel offered, dismayed by the look in Jack's eyes.

"I may need you to put me back together again after she's ripped me apart."

"I'm good with puzzles," Daniel said, placing his hand firmly over Jack's.
Jack squeezed back and Daniel's fingers began caressing the back of his hand.

"Daniel, don't start," Jack warned. "Remember, I'm running out of clothes."

"Clothes don't come into play with what I have in mind," the young man said softly.

Jack swallowed hard and entwined his fingers with Daniel's. He glanced up and lost himself in the blue, smouldering depths devouring him.

"Can we do what you have in mind in the bedroom?"

"Very comfortably."

"You'll be gentle?" Jack teased, feeling the throbbing heat in his groin.

"I'll be anything you want," Daniel promised, bringing Jack's hand to his mouth and sucking gently on his fingers.

Jack groaned as his cock hardened in response to Daniel's tongue action.

"I-I just want you to be mine," he managed to grind out as his body prepared to shut off his mind.

Daniel lifted his head and stared. Still having doubts, Jack? He stood up, still clasping Jack's hand.

Jack stood and followed meekly as Daniel led him to the bedroom. They both stopped and stared in dismay at the naked mattress. They looked at each other and smiled.

"Spare bedroom," they declared.

This time, Jack led the way to the bedroom, their fingers still interlaced. He released Daniel's hand and carefully removed his glasses, placing them out of harm's way. He gently stroked the side of his lover's face, his fingers lingering on the sensitive skin under the jaw. His erection throbbed painfully as Daniel moaned, closed his eyes and leaned into Jack's touch. Jack dipped his head and slipped his tongue into the soft, parted lips. His tongue ravished the younger man's mouth while his hands swept over the broad shoulders and down to the firm buttocks. Slipping his hands up and under Daniel's shirt, his whole body tingled at the sensation of bare skin. He moaned into the hot, sweet mouth as his hands dipped under the waistband and curled around the taut cheeks. Jack's questing fingers slid down and pressed tentatively against the tight opening.

Daniel moaned pleasurably, torn between pushing his aching cock into Jack's or pressing back into the enticing fingers.

Jack slipped his hand out and pulled back to gaze rapturously into the blue half-lidded eyes.

"Later," he promised huskily. "When we're prepared."

Daniel's eyes lit up with joy and expectation and just a little bit of fear. Oh, God. Jack wants to fuck me. He really wants to make love to me.

Jack smiled at the flushed face. "You really are mine, aren't you?" he whispered.

"Forever," Daniel breathed softly, groaning in anticipation as Jack began to undress him.

Thanking all the gods for baggy clothes, Jack removed Daniel's sweater quickly and easily. He fingered the taut nipples, licking and sucking each one.
Daniel arched his back as Jack sucked and nuzzled, losing himself in the incredible sensation. He tugged on the older man's sweater impatiently, the need for flesh on flesh contact almost unbearable.

Jack smiled and removed the offending garment, barely getting it over his head before Daniel's hot, moist mouth clamped onto his left nipple, his hands grasping his ass.

"Danny, the bed," he croaked. He wanted to be in bed, under the covers, naked.

Daniel pulled back, sucking hard and almost painfully on the swollen nub. He gazed lustily at his lover and quickly shed his sweatpants.

Jack swiftly removed his, freeing his weeping cock.

Daniel knelt down and swept his tongue over the creamy offering before swallowing Jack whole.

Jack arched into his lover's mouth and gritted his teeth. "Danny," he whispered desperately.

Daniel released the delectable organ and led Jack promptly to the bed. He yanked the sheets back and they fell onto the bed in a mass of tangled limbs and writhing flesh.

Jack rolled onto his back, pulling Daniel on top of him. The solid, heavy weight of his lover inflamed his desire. He loved women and he loved being with women. Or, at least he had. The incredible feel of a man's body, no, of Daniel's body was beyond compare. With a desperate growl, Jack flipped over. He wanted Daniel in his mouth. He wanted to feel the young man's passion pulse down his throat. He swooped down on his prize, squeezing the heavy balls while he sucked hungrily on the swollen cock.

Daniel was in ecstasy. He mind melted as his body took complete control, thrusting of its own volition into the hot cavern of Jack's mouth. Incoherent cries, gasps and moans were all he was capable of as he climaxed and shot his load, pulsing again and again into the eager mouth.

Jack swallowed every drop of the precious fluid. He wanted and needed as much of Daniel inside of him as he could get. Even when he sucked him dry, Jack didn't want to let go. Only when his lover's trembling limbs and desperate whimpers penetrated his lust-hazed mind did he pull back. He stared at the softening penis, dark and moist and his own cock ached for release. With an inarticulate cry, he flipped Daniel over and buried his cock deep into the yielding flesh.

Daniel tensed as Jack suddenly flipped him over and pinned him to the bed. Panic flared as Jack seemed out of control. God, he's going to do it. Oh,shit, this is gonna hurt. But Jack wasn't going for penetration. Daniel relaxed when he felt the steel rod of Jack's desire thrust between his thighs, ramming his already mashed balls. He found Jack's rhythm, squeezed his thighs and rocked upwards, pushing the older man swiftly to his goal.

Jack collapsed with a cry onto this lover's back. His hands, buried under Daniel, clutched painfully at his shoulders as the last of his seed spurted out.

The two lovers lay still for several moments, their harsh breathing easing into the normal rise and fall of rest. Jack slid sideways, removing the bulk of his weight off Daniel. Tears stung his eyes when the younger man made a little sound and backed his body up against Jack, as tight as he could. He nuzzled the sweat-soaked hair on the back of his neck and murmured, "I'm sorry."

Daniel's sleep-filled eyes opened in confusion. I'm sorry? "Wha-?"

"I kind of lost it on you. Did...did I hurt you?"

Wide awake now, Daniel turned over and was horrified to see tears in the dark, brown eyes.

"No, Jack. God, you could never hurt me. It-it was incredible," he said urgently.

Jack brushed his fingers down the side of Daniel's face.

"I didn't scare you?"

Daniel lowered his eyes briefly. He looked up, a shy smile tugging at his lips. "Just a little, but it was kind of exciting."

"Kind of?" Jack asked hesitantly.

"Damn kind of," Daniel grinned.

Jack chuckled and kissed Daniel firmly on the lips before pulling him in close, tucking the tousled head under his chin.

Daniel sighed happily and melted into the warm, loving arms of his best friend and lover.

Jack gently rubbed the younger man's back, relishing the total trust Daniel held for him. Daniel was his and his alone. There was no question. He knew Daniel would deny him nothing and he vowed never to abuse that knowledge or that trust. If his days at the SGC were numbered it would be a small price to pay. He was richer than he could ever imagine.
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