Now That I Have Your Attention by Nancy
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Angst, Friendship, Humor, Pre-Slash
Rated: Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Daniel inadvertently reveals his feelings for Jack.

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Now That I Have Your Attention

Colonel Jack O'Neill patiently watched Dr. Daniel Jackson, the latter's nose pressed to another bunch of squiggles, on another temple wall, on another inadequately named planet. Twice he had called to the preoccupied archaeologist and twice he had received a non-committal 'in a minute, Jack'. Jack shook his head affectionately and walked up behind the engrossed young man.

"Daniel, I want to have sex with you," he said casually.

"Sure, Jack. In a minute," Daniel said distractedly.

Jack smiled. One...two...

Daniel whirled, dropping his notebook.

"What? Here? Now?"

Jack's eyebrows rose. Now?

"I mean, what?" Daniel said flustered, blushing to the top of his head.

"Now that I have your attention, Dr. Jackson," Jack said, tapping at his watch.
"We have a 'gate to catch."

"Oh, right. Of course. I'm sorry. I got…"

"Carried away?"

"Yeah, um-right. Okay, let's go," Daniel said quickly and hurried past Jack, the scratches on the temple wall and his dropped notebook completely forgotten.
Jack watched his colleague's rapidly retreating back, a puzzled look on his face.

"What just happened here?" he mused idly, stooping to pick up the abandoned notebook.


Daniel silently berated himself all the way back to the Stargate.

Great, Jackson. Just fucking great. Jack says he wants to have sex with you and what do you say? You say, 'Now?'. God, I've kept my feelings for him buried all this time and wham, just like that, it's all out in the open. I've never even been with a man before. Hell, I've never wanted to. Until Jack. There's something about him. What the hell is he going to think? Gives a whole new meaning to 'I'll watch your back'. Shit. Why did I say that? Me and my stupid fantasies. Maybe he didn't notice?


'What? Here? Now?' What the hell did all that mean? It's almost like he actually considered it. Having sex with me. Damn. I like Daniel, but...

Jack thought of having sex with a man and grimaced. Then he thought of Daniel...his best friend. He smiled. Then he thought of Daniel naked. He smiled. Guy's got a nice ass. He thought of he and Daniel naked...doing it. Hmmm. An unexpected sensation stopped Jack in his tracks. He looked down at the wetness on his pants and realized with alarm that he had been stroking his cock while thinking of Daniel.

"Oh, crap!" He looked around furtively, relieved to find he was alone.

"Get a grip, O'Neill."


"Dr. Jackson, where's the rest of SG-1?" General George Hammond asked, concern evident in his blue eyes.

"They'll be here in a few minutes, sir. I came back early because I want to write some things down before I forget," Daniel explained hurriedly.

"Very well, doctor. We'll debrief at 1400 hours."

"Thank you, sir," Daniel replied and rushed out of the gateroom.

Hammond smiled. Must have a lot on your mind, son.


Jack straightened his back as he approached his waiting team.

"Colonel, Teal'c was just about to look for you," Major Samantha Carter said worriedly.

"I-uh-thought I saw something. Sorry, I should have radioed." Right. Hey, Carter, can you guys wait for me while I let the cum on my pants dry?

We tried to radio you, sir but there was no response."

"Really," Jack said, tapping his radio. Crap, I was that out of it?

"We're just relieved you're alright, sir. When Daniel came back so quickly-"

"Yeah, uh, where is Daniel?" he asked, looking around.

"Daniel Jackson has gone through the 'gate," Teal'c informed. "He seemed most anxious to return."

Jack didn't miss the note of query in the Jaffa's voice.

"Sir, you and he-"

"No, Carter, we didn't have a fight," Jack assured. "I just didn't let him finish all the scribbling he wanted to do so he probably wanted to get back as fast as he could and jot down what was still fresh in his mind."

"That sounds like Daniel," Sam said fondly.

Jack smiled. Yes, things are under control. The Colonel is back. Why is Teal'c looking at me like that?

"Okay, campers. Let's go home," Jack ordered briskly and ushered his teammates through the wormhole.


Daniel locked his office door and sank to the floor.

Shitshitshit. God, Jack's gonna hate me. He'll want me off the team. Damn it. Relax, Jackson. He wasn't mad. Bemused, maybe, but not mad. Bemused? God, that's even worse. I'll never hear the end of it. Shit. Just pretend it never happened.


Jack lay on his cot, hands clasped behind his head. He glanced at the clock. Three hours to debriefing. Three hours to think about...

"No way," Jack said firmly. He closed his eyes and thought of Sara. He smiled and thought of making love to Daniel.
Jack's eyes snapped open. Daniel? "Argh!"

Jack jumped off the bed and rifled through his cabinet.

"Crap, I haven't had to do this in a long time," he muttered as he retrieved an aged copy of Penthouse.

Jack stripped, settled back on the bed and opened the magazine. He read, lingered over pictures, and read some more. He looked down at his flaccid penis. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Not even a twitch. Sighing, he went back to reading the infamous 'letters'. One sordid story after another. At some point, Jack became the harried housewife and Daniel the burly plumber.

"What the-" Jack said, startled. He looked down at his proudly erect organ.

"Whose side are you on, anyway?" he asked harshly. "Damn it, can't let this go to waste," he sighed, stroking his aching member. He closed his eyes and pictured Daniel, letting his hand and mind take him where his body so desperately wanted to go.


Daniel hid in his office until time for the debriefing. He had meant to go over his notes but realized with a sick feeling in his gut that he had left his notebook back on P4C 729. How much more trouble he could get into he didn't know.

With a rapidly beating heart and a heavy step, Daniel entered the briefing room. He thought he was early, but everyone was seated and waiting. Shit. Barely lifting his head, he noticed the chair he would be sitting in was right across from Jack. Great. The worse possible seat.Even worse, his notebook was prominently displayed.

"Okay, people, let's get started," Hammond announced.

Daniel looked up and inadvertently met Jack's assessing gaze. Both men quickly averted their eyes. God, he can't even look at me. This is going to be a long meeting.

Jack stared at his hands and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Crap, I can't even look at him without getting a hard-on.

"Dr. Jackson, you have the floor."

Jack doodled on his pad while the gentle tones of Daniel Jackson filled the room. He glanced up when Daniel was looking down at his notes and noticed the warm curves of his mouth, the long eyelashes, the-


"Yes, General?" Jack said rather too quickly.

"Is there something wrong? You seem rather restless."

"Who, me? No, sir. Just.a little itch, that's all. Must've been something on that damn planet. It better damn well wear off soon. I sure as hell can't function like this. "Too much starch in the shorts, you know," he added. Oh, crap. I'm talking about my underwear with General Hammond.

"I see," Hammond replied. "Thank you for sharing that with us, Colonel. Dr. Jackson, please continue."

"Um-yes, well, as I was saying-"

Jack glanced at Carter, glaring at her twinkling eyes. She ducked her head discreetly and concentrated on Daniel's words. Jack next looked at Teal'c and found his bemused expression even more unsettling. Okay, listen to Daniel. Concentrate. Something about needing more time. Oh, big surprise. Has he always talked with his hands like that? God, look at those fingers. Man, what they could do. Oh, and that mouth. Oh, yeah.

"Colonel O'Neill!" Hammond repeated.

"Huh? What? Um, sir," Jack said, sitting up straight.

"Do you agree with Dr. Jackson's assessment of P4C 729?"

Crap. What assessment? He probably wants more time to go cross-eyed over those damn chicken scratches.

Jack looked at Daniel and saw two soulful, blue eyes looking back. Two eyes awash with emotion: anxiety, hope, fear, and guilt. Fear? Guilt? What, for leaving his notebook? He wrenched his eyes away before his face betrayed his true emotions of how he wanted to kiss the fear and guilt away out of those baby blues. I sure as hell can't do that but maybe this will put a smile on his face.

"Yes, sir. I agree with Daniel."

The audible gasp from Sam and disapproving frown from Teal'c alerted Jack to the possibility that, maybe, he just did the wrong thing. He glanced sharply at Daniel and saw the slump of his shoulders and the defeated droop of his head.

Aw, hell. What did I just agree to?

"Very well, Colonel," Hammond said tonelessly.

General Hammond picked up his pen. He turned to Daniel and almost apologetically said, "Dr. Jackson, as of now, you are temporarily assigned to SG-5 for the next three months. You will return to P4C 729 in forty-eight hours. You have a lot of preparations to make, son. Dismissed."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir," Daniel said quietly. He stood up and left the room, refusing eye contact with anyone.

Jack stared, speechless.


Jack looked at Hammond. "Three months? I-I thought he said three days."

Hammond's eyes narrowed. "Colonel O'Neill, are you saying that you were not paying attention to this briefing?"

"No, sir.yes, sir. I was thinking of something.else. I'm sorry. General, Daniel can't leave SG-1 for three months. I need.we need him with us."

"Three months is a very long time, General," Sam offered.

"Indeed. An absence of that magnitude could be detrimental to the welfare of SG-1," Teal'c stated, looking pointedly at Jack.

Jack sat forward. "I thought he said three days. No, damnit. I didn't think that at all. I wasn't listening. Sir, you can't let him go," he implored.

Hammond looked at each member of SG-1 and knew, without a doubt, that to carry out Dr. Jackson's request could possibly be the worst decision of his military career.

"Very well. The order is hereby rescinded. Colonel, I want you to inform Dr. Jackson that you are all going back to P4C 729 for three days, and then I want you to report to the infirmary. If there's a medical reason for you tuning me out I want to know. And if there isn't, I want to know that too. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Jack said humbly and hurried from the room.


Daniel closed the door behind him, still in shock over what had just transpired. He had made his plea to return to P4C 729 with mixed emotions. Yes, he wanted to return and study the ruins and, yes, it would be an excuse to not have to confront Jack, if indeed, there was anything to confront. But in his heart of hearts he had wanted Jack to say, 'Three months? For crying out loud, are you nuts? Three days, maybe, on the condition we all go.'

"Damn you, Jack. The one time I need you to disagree with me."

He sat down heavily in his chair. He rubbed at his temples trying to keep the impending headache at bay. A soft knock on the door caused him to sigh. Not now, Sam.

"Come in," he said wearily, not looking up.

He heard the door open and close. He squeezed his eyes shut. Oh, God. I've got it bad. It even feels like Jack's in the room.

"Daniel?" Jack said quietly, hesitantly.

Daniel's head shot up, jarring his neck.

"Ow," he grimaced. "Jack," he hissed through clenched teeth grasping his wrenched neck muscles.

"Sorry," Jack winced. "I didn't mean to startle you. I-uh-just came to tell you that you won't be going with SG-5."

"Why? They don't want me either? I mean." Shit. Daniel ducked his head.

Jack smiled in empathy with Daniel's faux pas. "No, it's not that. They're just not going to get the chance, and neither are you."

"What do you mean?" Daniel asked, looking up.

"You're not getting three months. I'll give you three days, but we all go together, as a team."

"But you agreed." Why the hell am I arguing?

"Agreed nothing," Jack snorted. "I didn't hear a damn word you said. Hammond ordered me to see Fraiser right after I saw you. See if there's something wrong with me."

"Wrong? Are you feeling okay?" Daniel asked, his own pain immediately forgotten as Jack's well-being took priority.

The worry and concern in Daniel's vivid blue eyes squeezed Jack's heart just a little tighter.

"I'm fine," he smiled. "The only thing wrong with me is, sometimes, I'm a little.slow off the mark."

The ambiguous admission hung in the air. Daniel looked stunned and Jack knew he was going to have to take the initiative. Unsure of himself, but heartened by Daniel's obvious concern for his welfare, Jack arched his eyebrows and said softly, "Now that I have your attention?"

Daniel's face blanched. "I-I didn't mean for you to know. I-I'm sorry."

"I'm not," Jack said quietly.

If Daniel looked stunned before he looked catatonic now.

"Daniel, what I'm trying to say," Jack said uncomfortably, "is that if you have, you know, uh, feelings.for me then that's okay because.I think that I may…you know…have feelings.for you."

Daniel stared, wide-eyed and Jack felt like he was suddenly naked in the supermarket. Say something, damnit. Crap, what if I'm totally out to lunch?

"You mean." Daniel finally managed to say, hope in his eyes.

"Yeah, that's what I mean," Jack said, smiling self-consciously.

Daniel blinked several times to clear his vision. "I-I thought."

"I think I know what you thought," Jack said softly as he walked up to Daniel.

"And you know what I think?" he asked, placing a large, warm hand behind Daniel's neck and massaging gently.

"W-what?" Daniel croaked, closing his eyes and unconsciously melting under Jack's touch.

Jack leaned down, his warm breath tickling Daniel's ear.

"You think too much," he whispered huskily.
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