A Safe Haven by tejas
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Drabble
Rated: Pre-Teen
Warnings: None
Series: Cairo Waits
Summary: He liked it best when he dreamed of Cairo. Again.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is slash in name only. Mostly because the first drabble in the series is and because I know who is mentioned obliquely in the text. ;-)
He liked it best when he dreamed of Cairo.

Daniel screamed himself awake. He'd long since given up silence in the face of the intractable pain stick. He'd packed away his words and gave voice only to his agony. It was, he thought, a reasonable compromise. Sometimes, between torture and unconsciousness, he escaped into dreams. Still forest depths gave way to candlelight with shadows dancing over sweat slicked skin. When he was luckiest, he walked once more through the markets of his childhood. Daniel closed his eyes and willed away his unendurable reality. Somewhere, between torment and oblivion, Cairo waited.
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