Obsession by Sistine
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Angst, Drama, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Rated: Adult
Warnings: Adult Themes, Non-Consensual Sex Acts
Series: Mine
Summary: In the aftermath of their regression, someoneís obsession conspires to tear Jack and Danielís new relationship apart. Sequel to 'Mine'.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thank you to Rosie and Montana for letting me use their pictures in this fic; they were the inspiration for the sex scenes. And thank you to Clarity for doing the beta on this and picking up the mistakes that I had made
Jack drew the curtains to let the early morning sunlight into the bedroom and then turned back to look at the bed. There, in the middle of it and snoring lightly, lay Daniel, his best friend and now his lover. The sheet only covered Daniel from the waist down so Jack had an excellent view of his lover’s bare back but not the part below. He remembered how smooth Daniel’s skin was and how the younger man had gasped beneath his touch when they had woken earlier to explore some more, how he had begged Jack for release. It amazed him that he had the power to reduce his linguist to only a handful of words, and he was honoured that Daniel had allowed it. After all, Daniel was a very private person, very hands-off, so for Jack to have been allowed to touch, to be given that much responsibility for Daniel’s pleasure...

He let his eyes move further down to the swell of Daniel’s buttocks. He had woken in the night to the memory of the ultimate intimacy they had shared back in that lab and had been aroused by it. The warmth that had surrounded him during that act had been incredible, only spoiled by the fact that he hadn’t been able to look into Daniel’s eyes while they were doing it. He would remedy that next time and see every second of the pleasure that he was creating.

Daniel turned onto his back and Jack was able to look his fill at the broad chest but not the face as it was still turned away from him. The sun lit the skin, making it seem as though it was shining, and it also lightened Daniel’s dark hair to a more golden-brown colour. This is the best time of day for viewing, Jack decided as he just stared at the man who had chosen him as a partner.

“What’re you lookin’ at?” Daniel murmured as he awakened to the feeling of being stared at. His body was warm and, judging by the light behind his eyes, the curtain across the window was open.

“You,” Jack replied simply, love evident in his voice. He crossed over to the bed and sat beside his gorgeous lover, blocking the sunlight so that Daniel could open his beautiful eyes... gee, he was sappy this morning.

“Oh.” Daniel turned his head and opened his eyes to stare up at Jack. It still amazed him that they were lovers in every sense of the word. He looked deep into Jack’s warm brown eyes and saw the same amazement there, as well as love and desire. “I’m sure there’s some sort of etiquette for the morning after,” he commented, unable to look away.

“Since when have either of us followed etiquette?” Jack quipped, bringing his hand up to caress Daniel’s face. He could feel stubble beneath his fingertips, such a contrast to the rest of the younger man’s body.

Daniel inhaled sharply at the touch, then replied, “Well, there is that.” He let his right hand come to rest on Jack’s thigh but his eyes never left his lover’s face. “It wasn’t a dream?”

“None of it,” Jack confirmed, resting his free hand over Daniel’s. “Want proof?”

“Yes, please.” Daniel lifted his head as Jack came down to meet him halfway.

As they kissed, Jack moved to lie with one leg between Daniel’s legs, pressing their chests together. He ran one hand over the curve of Daniel’s buttock and stopped at the top of his thigh. Daniel bent his leg to give Jack better access, and lifted his lower half upwards for closer contact so that their erections were lined up. The mood was less urgent than last night, more sweet and giving but at the same time, still primal.

Jack nuzzled the side of Daniel’s neck, inhaling his lover’s scent. It was musky from arousal and sweat but there was still an underlying Daniel-ness about it and Jack loved it. So much so, in fact, he felt himself harden even further, the scent heightening his own arousal. Or that could simply be because their groins were rubbing together, Jack couldn’t be too sure. Either way, he was extremely turned on. He let the fingers of his other hand gently card through Daniel’s hair, enjoying the feel of the silky strands, the texture a contrast to the roughened skin.

Daniel arched his neck, his breath escaping in quickened pants as Jack’s lips caressed his skin. This was so unbelievably erotic, having Jack’s weight upon him, feeling their erections hot and hard against each other, yet feeling more loved than he had been in the last four years. Last night had been about need, about claiming each other - this was about love.

He felt Jack’s fingers in his hair, gently caressing, and the fingers on the back of his thigh held him close but not in a bruising grip. He moved his left hand up to stroke the back of Jack’s neck while his right came to rest high on his lover’s side. Jack’s chest hair was scratching against his own smooth chest; Daniel had never imagined it would feel so good. So good, in fact, that he never wanted it to stop, he just wanted to keep doing this. He murmured his appreciation as Jack shifted his left hand slightly higher so that his fingers were able to knead Daniel’s buttock, not too rough but not tentatively either. He wasn’t able to reciprocate but he ran his fingers up and down Jack’s side, reveling in just being able to do that.

Jack lifted his head to see Daniel’s sated expression, and his heart swelled with pride to know that he had put that look there. Desire took a back seat for a moment as he contemplated how lucky he was to have Daniel there, loving him. Then Daniel licked his lips and the desire returned threefold. Jack leaned in and captured those tempting lips, need beginning to overtake him.

Shifting position slightly so that he was lying completely between Daniel’s legs, Jack rocked his groin against his lover’s, delighting in the hiss of pleasure that escaped the younger man’s lips. “Like this?” he said, his voice husky with desire.

“Oh yeah,” Daniel gasped, closing his eyes to better concentrate on the sensations flooding through him. His fingers glided over Jack’s skin until they reached the curve of his buttocks. It was so different with a man, feeling the muscles under the skin - he hadn’t really noticed before because he hadn’t had the time to explore. There wouldn’t be time now either, except for the parts he could reach in this position. “More,” he demanded as Jack’s lips again nuzzled his neck.

The gasp was louder this time as Jack complied enthusiastically. Daniel lifted his hips in time with his lover’s, creating more friction as their solid erections rubbed together. They continued to thrust against each other for several minutes, their groans and gasps filling the air and their sweat dampening the sheets.

As he approached climax, Jack moved to claim Daniel’s lips in a bruising kiss, beyond ecstatic that the young man was his. Part of him wanted to thrust into Daniel’s body but the remaining rational part prevented him from doing anything that could potentially harm his lover. “Danny!” he gasped into the younger man’s mouth as warm heat flooded between them.

Daniel’s answer was muffled by the kiss as his release followed Jack’s. Then he cradled his lover’s head with one hand as Jack rested on top of him. “Love you,” he whispered, unable to summon the energy to say anything else.

“Ditto,” Jack replied, totally wiped out and unable to move. After a minute, he managed to lift his head to look at his lover. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Daniel smiled as love swelled in his heart. He was totally content right now, absolutely sure he had made the right decision to pursue a relationship with Jack. He lazily threaded his fingers through the older man’s silvering hair.

Jack smiled back and ran one finger over Daniel’s kiss-swollen lips. I did this, he thought to himself with pride; I put that satisfied expression there. “Happy?” he asked redundantly.

“Unbelievably,” Daniel stated, his groin already stirring again at the erotic touch on his lips. “You?”

“Oh yeah,” Jack said emphatically. He hadn’t been this happy in a long, long time. “You know, you look good in my bed,” he observed, thinking how true it was.

Daniel unexpectedly laughed, a deep belly-laugh that Jack could feel against his own stomach. “What?” Jack asked, confused; he hadn’t said anything funny.

“Jack, that was so corny,” Daniel explained, his laughter dying down into sporadic chuckles. The statement really hadn’t been funny but Daniel hadn’t expected to hear something like that coming out of Jack’s mouth.

Jack grinned sheepishly as he reviewed what his words would have sounded like to someone else. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Daniel said, the smile still on his face. “It shows that you trust me enough to let the mushy part of you show.”

“Mushy?” Jack exclaimed mock-indignantly. He leaned across Daniel to pin the younger man’s wrists to the bed. “Mushy? I’ll show you mushy.” Another bruising kiss followed.

When Daniel was allowed up for air a minute later, he grinned and wriggled his hips. “That doesn’t feel mushy to me. Rather... hard, in fact.”

So Jack proceeded to show him how to become ‘mushy’... at length.

The rest of the day and the following one were spent in a pleasurable haze as they explored their feelings for each other, only interrupted by occasional phone calls from their concerned team-mates and short breaks for food. After reassuring everyone that they were fine or eating to keep up their strength, they went back to enjoying each other’s company.

Jack, in particular, was loving the fact that he had Daniel all to himself. The beautiful young body that was frequently beneath him was all his and no-one else’s. As Daniel slept, Jack spooned up possessively behind him and gently stroked the soft skin. No-one would touch him again, Jack vowed; he was Jack’s through and through. He breathed in the forest scent that was almost overpowered by the smell of sweat and sex.

All his.

Several times, unknown to the men, a car was parked outside the house for hours at a time, mainly at night. The driver’s eyes never left the bedroom window but he noted that neither O’Neill or Jackson left the house at any time.

Neither of them really wanted to go back to work but they did, not wanting to call attention to their new relationship. After their morning cups of coffee on the base, Daniel busied himself with his artifacts and translations while Jack did whatever he usually did, including frequent stops at his linguist’s office. The younger man enjoyed the attention although he was careful to act as if they were only friends just in case anyone else stopped by at the same time.

Around mid-afternoon, Sergeant Josh Williams from SG-3 dropped into Daniel’s office to see how he was going. The linguist knew the Marine had an interest in ancient cultures and occasionally came around to see if he could help out. Josh was a very intense person, which was sometimes creepy, but Daniel just put that down to the man being a Marine.

They were discussing a piece of pottery that looked Mesopotamian when Jack dropped by. The Colonel immediately went on alert, his eyes narrowing at the close proximity of the two men. “Daniel.” As in ‘what’s going on?’

“Oh, hi, Jack. Josh just dropped by to see if he could help with anything,” Daniel stated, looking down at the paper in front of him and thereby missing the slight tightening around Jack’s eyes.

Jack could guess at what Josh had really come around for - the same thing most of the base wanted: his linguist. Well, he wasn’t going to get Daniel. “I thought your team was out on the shooting range, Sergeant.”

“Not for another thirty minutes, Sir,” Williams answered smartly, standing at attention in the presence of a superior officer.

“Well, Daniel doesn’t need you so run along,” Jack ordered, making little shooing gestures with his hands.

Williams looked from O’Neill to the linguist, observing the annoyance in the latter’s expression. Much as he wanted to stay, he wasn’t one to directly disobey orders. “Yes, Sir. I’ll see you later, Jackson.” He nodded with respect to the young man and then left.

Daniel rounded on Jack. “What was that about?” he questioned, bewildered at Jack’s behaviour.

“Come on, Daniel, he only wants one thing,” Jack stated, not seeing his lover’s confusion because of his own jealousy.

“Yes,” Daniel said slowly, “to help me with my work.” Was Jack really claiming...

“To help himself to you, more like it,” Jack rebuffed. How could Daniel be that naive? “You can’t tell me you haven’t noticed,” he added, disbelief evident in his voice.

Daniel fought the urge to wrap his arms around himself, unexpectedly hurt by Jack’s tone. “No, I haven’t,” he said shortly, wondering what had happened to the playful loving man he had spent the last two days in bed with. “You’re just overreacting.”

Jack’s eyes narrowed again at the accusation. “No. I’m not. I don’t trust him.” Marines weren’t interested in archaeology and that stuff so if Williams was hanging around, it was for one reason only.

“Well, I do.” Daniel gave into the hurt he was feeling and hugged himself, his arms crossing over his torso. “So I think the question is - do you trust me?” He looked Jack straight in the eye, daring his lover to answer negatively.

There was hurt in that blue-eyed stare but strength underneath it, Jack noted as he became defensive. “Of course I trust you. But…”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about, is there?” Daniel interrupted, not entirely convinced. “So if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do,” he stated coldly. If Jack didn’t trust him then Daniel needed some time to think about their relationship.

“I’ll be back,” Jack promised him - warned him - before leaving.

Daniel just stared at his desk, totally bewildered and hurt. What on earth was going on?

Jack walked down the corridor, trying to work out what had just happened. He usually considered himself a non-jealous person but given his reaction to Williams’ presence, maybe it was different with Daniel. Whatever it was, he would have to control it better so as not to lose Daniel; he hadn’t missed the hurt in the younger man’s eyes. Maybe a little romantic evening tonight to make up for it... yeah, that’s what he would do. That decided, he headed to his office, a hint of a smile on his face in anticipation of the evening ahead.

Williams walked down the corridor with a scowl on his face. His suspicions had been confirmed; O’Neill and Jackson were an item. That simply wasn’t allowed.

Just after midday, Sam decided to stop by Daniel’s office to see how he was going. She hadn’t gone to visit Daniel during the past couple of days, deciding that he and the Colonel needed to sort things out and she would only be in the way. Now that Daniel was back at work, she felt she could justify popping in to see how he was. “Hey, Daniel,” she said as she walked into the office.

“Hey, Sam.” Daniel looked up from his work and smiled at her. He felt a little guilty that he hadn’t wanted to talk to her much over the past few days, he had been so wrapped up in Jack’s presence. “How are things going?”

“Good. I was about to ask you the same question.” Sam pulled a chair over to the desk and sat down next to Daniel.

“I’m fine.” He genuinely meant it too, even though he was a little confused at the way Jack had treated him earlier.

“So... are you and the Colonel... alright?” Sam queried hesitantly, uncertain as to whether she should be asking Daniel about this.

Daniel raised one eyebrow in a good imitation of Teal’c. “Of course we’re alright, Sam, I just said that.”

“No, I meant...” Sam paused; she wasn’t good at this kind of personal stuff. Maybe she should just leave well enough alone. After all, things did seem to be normal between Daniel and the Colonel from the few seconds she had observed a few hours ago in the locker room. And it probably wouldn’t do Daniel any good to know that she knew what had happened on that planet. “Never mind. So, what are you working on?”

Although Daniel was suspicious about what she had been going to ask, he decided to let the matter drop. He couldn’t tell Sam about his and Jack’s new relationship, and he certainly didn’t want her to know what had happened on the planet, so he should just keep his mouth shut about it. “Well...”

When Sam left after talking with him for twenty minutes about stuff she wasn’t really interested in, Daniel kept working, determined to make up for the days he had missed. He hadn’t felt guilty about that at the time but now he was back at work, he did. He also wondered if there was any gossip relating to why he and Jack had had three days downtime. Not that he really wanted to know what it was but he did want to know if there was gossip because then he would be prepared for the looks that some people would give him. Or that could just be his paranoia speaking.

Meanwhile, he had to puzzle out this strange behaviour of Jack’s.

Several hours later, although Daniel was still a little hurt and no less puzzled, he went home with his lover, determined to find out what had been behind Jack’s strange behaviour earlier. However, he didn’t get the chance as Jack immediately disappeared further into the house, calling back instructions to find something in the fridge and heat it up. Confused and still hurt, Daniel did so, finding some leftover pizza that would serve well as dinner. He popped several slices into the microwave and then went to find his lover.

The bathroom door was closed so Daniel knocked tentatively on the door. “Jack?”

“I’m fine, Daniel. I’ll be out in a minute,” Jack called out.

Daniel opened his mouth to say something else but then became unsure as to what he would say. So he turned away and headed back to the kitchen, his confidence in their relationship taking a dive. If there was something wrong, why wasn’t Jack telling him? He wrapped his arms around his torso in a self-hug and leaned against the counter, running through all the possibilities of what might be wrong. In all his puzzling earlier, all he had managed to do was make himself more unsure about everything, not to mention only achieve half of the translations that he had wanted to do.

Jack walked in just as the microwave signaled it was finished. “What’s up?” he asked as he viewed Daniel’s body language.

“Nothing,” Daniel evaded as he went to get the pizza out.

Accepting the lie for now, Jack got drinks and then they sat down to eat dinner despite the fact neither of them were really hungry: Daniel because of his thoughts; and Jack because of his anticipation of the evening.

When they were both finished, Jack didn’t say anything, just took Daniel’s hand and led him down the hallway and into the bathroom. Daniel’s eyes widened when he took in the scene: there were candles - which Jack was now lighting - on every available surface, and a pleasant lavender aroma in the air, originating from the steaming bath. Daniel couldn’t help smiling; it was so romantic and totally unexpected, and he felt his spirits lift immensely.

The overhead light was dimmed so that the main glow in the room was coming from the candles, and then Jack slowly helped Daniel get undressed, his fingers lingering everywhere. Daniel closed his eyes, savouring the feel of the fingers gliding over his skin, and only opened them again when Jack kissed the tip of his nose.

“Hi,” Jack said softly, resting his hands on Daniel’s hips. He was so aroused, he could barely think straight; just the sight of Daniel in the candlelight had caused that state. Well, that and the feel of him - all that smooth skin that Jack was finding that he couldn’t get enough of.

“Hi,” Daniel replied, smiling at his lover. “You seem to be overdressed,” he commented.

“Not for long.” Jack stepped back from Daniel and started to get undressed.

“Uh-uh,” Daniel told him, moving to rid the older man of his clothes; why should Jack have all the fun? It was a good opportunity to learn Jack’s body since most of the time they had spent together naked, they were too preoccupied with other things like sex. His fingers traced over all the scars he could see in the dim light but skirted around the sensitive groin area; that would be for later. It was flattering to see how much Jack wanted him, and the arousal was entirely mutual. When he was finished, he stood up and looked into Jack’s warm eyes. “Much better.”

“Much,” Jack agreed. He took Daniel’s hand and led him into the bath, settling the younger man to sit in front of him, back to chest. Holding Daniel was something that he had found he loved doing, and he planned to do it at every opportunity.

Daniel relaxed back into the embrace, wriggling around and sliding down until he was comfortable. He could feel Jack’s erection pressing into his back, and commented, “Something you want me to take care of?”

“Later,” Jack replied, not in any hurry. He just wanted to savour the whole ‘being with Daniel’ thing for a while. Despite the amount of time they had spent together in the past few days, there hadn’t been a great deal of ‘quiet time’ like this.

Daniel had to agree; this was good. He let his head rest back upon Jack’s shoulder and slid down a little further. Perfect. “Not that I’m complaining, but why the seduction scene?” he queried, curious as to the reason behind Jack’s actions.

“Can’t a guy just do something nice for another guy without an ulterior motive?” Jack responded, trying to deflect with his own question.

“I don’t know. Can he?” Daniel ran one hand up Jack’s thigh, drawing a hiss of pleasure from the older man. “Would this have anything to do with the incident in my office earlier?”

“What incident?” Jack tried to bluff but quickly saw Daniel was having none of that. “Maybe,” he grudgingly admitted.

“And...” Daniel prompted, giving Jack’s leg another encouraging rub.

“And I may have, possibly, very minutely, been jealous,” Jack continued in a low voice. He hated that he had been but something about the scene had triggered the emotion. “Maybe the stuff the aliens gave us hasn’t completely gone yet,” he added semi-seriously.

Daniel sat up and turned enough to face his lover. “I’m not going anywhere, Jack. I’m yours and you’re mine, remember.” Even if he had found Josh attractive, there was no way he would ever act on it; it just wasn’t in his nature.

“Oh yeah, I remember,” Jack replied, innuendo colouring his tone. Boy, did he remember! He turned serious again. “There’s just something about Williams that I don’t like though.” He couldn’t put his finger on it yet but he would.

“Well, don’t scare him off just yet,” Daniel stated, getting comfortable again. There was something about Jack holding him that he really enjoyed, and he was secure enough in himself to admit it. “Do you know how hard it is to find a Marine who’s interested in archaeology?”

“About as rare as finding an archaeologist who’s interested in guns,” Jack joked, squeezing Daniel’s waist gently. He kissed the top of his lover’s head. “I’m serious, Danny. Be careful of Williams.”

“Okay,” Daniel promised to appease the older man. Personally, he didn’t think that Williams was a threat but over the years, he had learnt to trust Jack’s instincts.

When the bath water started to cool, the two men got out and slowly dried each other with the towels that Jack organised earlier. Then Daniel took Jack’s hand and led him into the bedroom, both of them totally aroused but in no hurry.

Once they neared the bed, Daniel kissed Jack passionately and then moved to lie on it. The bath had been wonderful and he was feeling very relaxed, hence why he was currently naked and Jack was about to ravish him. A grin crossed his face; that sounded like something out of a trashy romance book.

Jack noticed the grin and couldn’t help reciprocating as he lay down half on top of Daniel. “Something funny?” he asked, getting comfortable. He put one leg over Daniel’s and a possessive arm over the flat stomach.

“Just thinking,” Daniel replied, making a note to tell Jack about it later when the older man would appreciate it more.

Jack groaned. “I think I’d be surprised if you weren’t,” he mock-complained. He moved his hand over the soft skin, silently appreciating the muscles he could feel underneath as he skirted the groin area, teasing his new lover.

“Not funny,” Daniel murmured, his breath hitching as Jack teased him. “Jack?”

“Yeah?” Jack leaned in to nuzzle the side of Daniel’s neck, breathing in the freshly-bathed scent of the younger man that was now tinged with arousal.

Daniel forgot all about his insecurities of earlier and gave himself over to the feelings of desire in him; any worries could wait until another time. “Never mind.”

Jack chuckled and then moved so that he was lying between Daniel’s legs, the younger man’s groin in easy reach of his mouth. “Any last words?”

Daniel yelped as Jack closed his mouth around the solid flesh, sending sparks of pleasure throughout his body and rendering him speechless.

Jack grinned smugly as best he could; that would do nicely.

Much to Jack’s disgust, SG-1 was called in to do a joint rescue mission with SG-3 two weeks later as all four members of the archaeological unit SG-11 had gone missing several hours previously. He resolved to keep an eye on Williams because his suspicions hadn’t lessened any despite the passage of time. It hadn’t helped that Daniel had absently noted that a couple of his bandanas and a few personal items were missing from his locker either, and that Williams seemed to be spending a lot of time in the linguist’s office. Jack didn’t think it was only his jealousy talking when he started to think of Williams as stalking his Danny but the unfortunate thing was, he couldn’t prove it. He only hoped that he could somehow stop it before Daniel was hurt by what Jack suspected was Williams’ obsession with him.

As SG-1 stepped through the Stargate, Jack made sure that he was right behind Daniel, protecting his lover’s ‘six’, and as they headed into the forest along a dirt trail, the Colonel kept on eye on the linguist and the other eye on Williams; he wasn’t going to let the man near Daniel.

Josh Williams, for his part, was well aware of this and he smirked to himself. O’Neill thought he was a threat; good. Because he was. He wanted Jackson, wanted to taste that sweet piece of ass for himself. It was a pity that Jackson wasn’t a virgin - there was nothing Josh liked better - but he would make sure that the linguist never wanted to go back to someone like O’Neill. He would just have to wait for the right opportunity to grab Jackson and disappear. When everyone was headed back to the gate, that was when he would make his move as O’Neill would be easily distracted by the recovered personnel. Although if something came up sooner, he wouldn’t wait.

After half an hour, the rescue team came upon a clearing which housed a village. There was no sign of any inhabitants in or around the stone huts and Jack was immediately on alert. Every instinct was shouting ‘ambush’, and he had just turned his head to signal to the others when an arrow embedded itself in the tree next to him.

The SG personnel were well trained and immediately took cover, their eyes searching for the natives. More arrows, as well as spears, started to rain down on them, fortunately not hitting anyone yet. And while everyone was taking cover, Williams took the opportunity to move into a position near Jackson, ready to act when the time came.

The natives - tall, dark men dressed into grass skirts - surged out of the forest and swarmed towards the SG teams. Soon everyone was surrounded and fighting for their lives as the natives started beating them with clubs and sticks.

Williams took advantage of the chaos and made his way through the melee to Daniel. He shot the linguist’s attackers, killing them, and then pulled the man free of the fight, firing at anyone who got in their way.

Daniel struggled, trying to break the hold the way Jack had taught him but Williams was strong and determined. Step by step, Daniel found himself being dragged away from the others, unable to do anything to prevent it. He saw Jack and the others fighting against the natives, the match unequal because clubs against guns wasn’t a fair fight, and wished that he was with his team. Instead, he was going to be fighting a different battle against someone he hadn’t believed was a threat. Jack had been right and when they all got back, would make sure that Daniel admitted it.

If they got back.

Jack saw Williams make his move but was prevented from following by a native who suddenly appeared in front of him. By the time Jack had dealt with the man, Daniel and his kidnapper were nowhere in sight.

Josh gripped Jackson’s bicep hard while the other hand pressed a gun to the linguist’s neck. He kept up the brisk walk, going further and further into the forest, making sure at frequent intervals that no-one was following them. There would be no going back to the SGC after kidnapping Jackson but Josh didn’t care a long as he had the man with him. And Jackson knew the addresses to the uninhabited planets, so he would persuade the linguist to take them to one where they wouldn’t be disturbed - and more importantly, where they wouldn’t be found.

Having a gun pressed to his neck initially kept Daniel quiet but the longer they walked, the bolder he grew. Williams wouldn’t shoot him, not after risking everything to kidnap him. “This isn’t going to work,” he stated.

“Shut up!” Josh growled, digging the gun further into Jackson’s skin.

Daniel tilted his head back a little in order to relieve the pressure on his neck but kept talking despite the threat. “I don’t know what you’re planning on doing but I do know that we’re on a hostile planet with no idea of the dangers we might face.” Surely Williams could have picked a better time to do this. “And the others will already be on our trail by now.”

“I said... Shut. Up.” Josh enunciated the words clearly and harshly; he needed to think about what to do next. Spying what looked like strong vines, he holstered his gun and pulled the vines from the tree. One long length came away freely and Josh used it to bind Jackson’s wrists together. Then he grabbed the linguist’s bicep again and forced him to keep moving.

“Listen, Josh, it doesn’t have to be this way,” Daniel persisted, hoping to get through to the Marine. “If we turn back now, I’ll just tell them that you were keeping me out of harm’s way.” Except that no-one would buy that excuse but that was just a minor detail, one that Daniel was hoping that Williams wouldn’t think about.

“You’re not that stupid, Jackson, and neither is O’Neill,” Josh said scornfully. “Now shut up or I’ll gag you, and I’d hate to damage that pretty mouth of yours.”

Daniel got a sick feeling in his stomach as he suddenly realised why Williams had kidnapped him. And Jack had sensed it a couple of weeks ago but Daniel hadn’t really believed him. I will never doubt your instincts again, Daniel silently promised his absent lover as Williams continued to force him through the forest; just hurry up and do your rescue thing now!

As if to taunt him, rain suddenly started to fall heavily, washing away their tracks and reducing the chances of a rescue. The slippery mud underfoot, and the way Williams was forcing him to walk, contributed to Daniel’s feet sliding out from beneath him. He stifled a cry as he went down, his left ankle wrenching sideways painfully. But there was no respite; Williams forced him to his feet again and continued the march through the forest.

The more they walked, the worse Daniel’s ankle got until he was limping severely. With a muffled curse, Williams changed direction and headed towards the rocky hills in the distance, deciding to let Daniel rest for a while so that his injury didn’t slow them down. Also, visibility was greatly reduced and he didn’t want to take the risk of missing the Stargate. They would rest for a while, hope that the rain died down enough to see where they were going, and that the downpour would hamper rescue efforts as much as it was them.

It took another ten minutes to reach the hills, which turned out to be many large boulders lying haphazardly in several large piles, covered in dirt and moss. There were several caves but only one that they found seemed to provide ample protection from the rain and cold. There, Josh pushed Jackson through the entrance, causing the linguist to stumble and crash into the wall.

Daniel recovered his footing and turned to face Williams but his words of protest died on his lips. The Marine’s eyes were narrowed as if daring Daniel to say or try anything. Deciding that now wouldn’t be the best time to antagonise his captor, Daniel kept silent but refused to look away.

Josh’s smile was feral. “You know, that’s what I always liked about you, Jackson. You refuse to be afraid. Some might say that’s stupid but not me. I don’t like people who don’t fight back. However,” he continued, moving forward to back the other man against the wall, “too much of a fight and I’ll have to get nasty. Do you understand?”

“Perfectly,” Daniel replied. Problem was, he couldn’t let Williams take what he wanted without a fight. “We need a fire,” he changed the subject, hoping that the Marine would back off.

“Ever heard of a little thing called ‘body heat’?” Josh said casually. He was so close to victory, he could almost taste it. And speaking of which, he couldn’t wait to find out how Jackson tasted. However, first things first. “But I suppose a little mood lighting never hurt.”

After stripping Jackson of all his weapons, Josh took a piece of rope and a bandage from his backpack and ordered the linguist to sit down. When Jackson had obeyed, Josh knelt down in front of him and bandaged the injured left ankle, then bound the linguist’s feet together with two of the missing bandanas so that he couldn’t stand. Then he replaced the vines around Jackson’s wrists with rope. And just to make sure that Jackson couldn’t escape, Josh tied the two bindings together with a second rope. “Stay put,” he ordered unnecessarily before heading further into the cave in search of dry wood, the light on his P-90 guiding the way.

“Like I’m going anywhere,” Daniel muttered as he tugged on his bonds. No luck there; Williams had obviously practiced his rope-tying like a good little Marine. He tried to feel for any of the knots but due to the lack of mobility, that failed too.

Resting his head on his knees, which were tucked up to his chest with his arms encircling them, Daniel murmured, “Well, this is another fine mess I’ve got myself into.” He still couldn’t believe that Williams, who had been so nice back at the SGC, could turn into a possibly violent kidnapper. How had he missed seeing any hint of this radical personality change? How could anyone - Jack excluded - not have sensed something?

There was no point in worrying about that now though; the main problem was, how was he going to get out of this situation? He had come a long way physically in the past few years but he wouldn’t be able to escape using strength alone as Williams was stronger than him and had more training; Daniel could swear that his arm was bruised from the Marine’s tight grip. No, he would have to use his wits as well, although he was currently lacking in ideas.

Before Daniel could do much more thinking, Williams came back carrying two handfuls of sticks. As the Marine set about making the fire, Daniel reflected that the heat would barely be enough to dry his socks let alone the rest of him. On the other hand, it would be enough to burn through the ropes if he could get close enough without Williams catching him.

When Josh was finished with the fire, he sat down next to Jackson, facing him. “I’m sorry it had to go down this way but I couldn’t stand to see you with him anymore,” he apologised, his anger from earlier gone. Jackson looked so beautiful in the low firelight that his anger had been replaced with lust.

“With who? I’m not with anyone,” Daniel denied, hoping the lie didn’t show in his face.

“I’ve seen you and O’Neill,” Josh said casually, running his fingers over Jackson’s cheek, fuelling the arousal inside. “You let him touch you,” he added as the linguist shifted his head away.

“Jack and I are good friends,” Daniel emphasised the last word, that sick feeling in his stomach growing. “Just like Sam and I are.” He decided not to use his and Teal’c’s friendship as an example given that Williams was already thinking he was gay.

Josh’s eyes narrowed as what he perceived to be a lie, and he grabbed Jackson’s chin. “Then how do you explain your actions on P5R-165? We all saw you.”

Daniel knew that to be a lie; only Sam and Teal’c had seen he and Jack in their state of undress. “No, you didn’t.”

“He doesn’t deserve you,” Josh continued as if the linguist hadn’t spoken. “You deserve someone younger, someone who hasn’t killed for a living.” Him, in other words.

“You just killed those natives!” Daniel exclaimed before he could stop himself, and then winced as the grip on his chin tightened.

“That was different,” Josh stated firmly before releasing Jackson. “I was protecting you.” He moved to untie his captive’s hands. “We’d better get you out of those wet clothes.”

There was no way Daniel wanted to get undressed in front of Williams, especially knowing what the Marine had planned. “I’m fine,” he said, trying to ignore his body’s shivers.

Josh casually withdrew his knife and held it to Jackson’s throat. “Why do you always have to be so stubborn? I’m just trying to prevent you from getting sick.”

Daniel swallowed carefully, aware of the metal pressed against his skin; Williams’ obsession made him dangerous so he had to tread cautiously. “I appreciate that but…”

“No buts. Strip,” Josh ordered, his eyes gleaming in anticipation.

With no other choice, Daniel slowly obeyed, stopping when he was naked from the waist up; that was as far as he was going. He would rather get pneumonia or have his throat cut than remove any more clothing right now.

Josh eagerly ran his eyes over the smooth bare skin; it was even better than in his fantasies. “Lie down,” he ordered, wanting to touch. When Jackson didn’t immediately obey, Josh pressed the knife against the man’s throat again. “I said, lie down.”

Trying not to swallow, Daniel lay down, his arms covering as much of his chest and stomach as he could. He briefly contemplated trying to tackle Williams but dismissed the thought as really stupid; he needed to be in one piece when Jack came to rescue him.

“Move your arms away,” came the next order.

Daniel reluctantly moved his arms to his sides as he tried to control his mounting fear. Williams wasn’t thinking rationally, threatening him one minute and mothering him the next, and that was what made him dangerous.

Josh greedily drank in the sight of Jackson’s glistening skin, and his erection hardened almost to the point of pain. He was finally going to get what he had been wanting since he had arrived at the SGC. His eyes fixed upon the appendix scar that was just visible above the green pants; a slight imperfection on an otherwise flawless body. He reached out one finger to trace over it, following it under the wet material.

Daniel reacted by trying to roll away but he was quickly caught and forced onto his back again, Williams pinning one shoulder to the ground.

“Why are you making this difficult?” Josh wanted to know, his green eyes blazing with fury and lust. “I won’t harm you unless you make me.”

“Because I don’t want this,” Daniel replied, looking Williams straight in the eye. How could he convince the Marine not to go through with this?

“Sure you do. I’m much better than O’Neill is so if you do it with him, you can do it with me.”

“I don’t do it with him!” Daniel lied. “And I don’t like the fact that you’re not giving me a choice here!”

That caused Josh to back off a little bit, anger replaced by confusion. “So are you saying that if I asked, you would say ‘yes’?”

No, that wasn’t what he was saying but Daniel could hardly admit to that, so he procrastinated. “I don’t know. It’s not as though you’ve given me any time to think about it.”

Josh took that as a possible ‘yes’ and sat back a little. “I’m sorry. I... I just want you so much, and you weren’t co-operating...”

“You haven’t given me a chance to co-operate,” Daniel pointed out. He remained lying down until he was sure that Williams had calmed down and then he slowly sat up, keeping a wary eye on the man the whole time. “There’s no hurry, is there? I mean, it sounds like we’re going to be here for awhile.” The rain outside was still very heavy and showed no signs of letting up.

“I suppose there’s no rush. Yet,” Josh agreed. His erection had subsided with all the talk, and now that Jackson was willing, they could take their time.

“Good.” Daniel was very relieved to hear that. “So how about we get into some dry clothes and then just... talk for awhile, okay?”

Josh nodded his agreement; sure, they could talk for awhile. He handed Jackson his pack and then got his spare uniform from his own backpack.

Daniel untied his ankles and then quickly got changed, grateful for the dim light. Once he was ready, he sat down by the fire and waited for Williams to join him. He needed to keep his captor talking in order to give the others time to find him.

Fortunately, it didn’t take the natives to realise that they were outgunned and they soon retreated. Unfortunately, that left Jack with a dilemma: rescue Daniel or rescue SG-11?

Jack had seen Williams take off with Daniel, and he’d had to control himself from taking his anger out on the natives. Now that the fighting was over, however, he wanted to find Williams and teach him never to kidnap his linguist again. But he had to make a sound decision because there were four other people waiting to be rescued as well and he had to decide which was the most urgent case.

“O’Neill.” Colonel Steele, a tall stocky man, had taken over SG-3 after Makepeace had been arrested a few months back.


“Take your team and go find Doctor Jackson.” Steele hadn’t missed the kidnapping either, and knew how close-knit the team was. “We’ll get SG-11.” That way, he wouldn’t be tempted to hit Williams himself for betraying the rest of his team.

Jack was grateful for Steele’s suggestion because it meant he didn’t have to voice it first. “Okay. Carter, go with SG-3, they might need the extra firepower.” That, and if Williams wanted Daniel for the reasons Jack thought he did, then he didn’t want Carter to see.

“But Sir…” Sam didn’t want to abandon her friend.

“Teal’c and I will be just fine. Move out,” Jack ordered, already turning away towards the path Williams had taken.

Jack and Teal’c managed to follow the trail for two minutes before the rain started, washing away the tracks. Determining that Williams was heading for the Stargate, and missing the broken branch which indicated the duo had turned away from the path, they pressed on.

Chuffed that Daniel was taking an interest, Josh told the linguist all about his life. His father had died when he was young, leaving his mother to raise three young children on her own. He had fallen into a bad crowd in his teens but had got out once he had decided to become a Marine.

“And are you actually interested in archaeology?” Daniel wanted to know whether that had just been a ruse to get so close to him.

“Kind of,” Josh admitted. “I mean, I wasn’t at first but you made it all sound so interesting.”

Daniel raised his eyebrows; that usually wasn’t the response he got. After all, even Jack couldn’t muster up an interest in archaeology. “I did?”

“Yeah. I mean, you love what you do and it’s hard not to get caught up that,” Josh stated, warming to the subject. “Your whole face lights up, and you wave your hands about... I just love watching you.” His face filled with lust as he pictured the linguist in the full throes of discovery.

Daniel saw the change and shifted uncomfortably. Time to change the subject, he told himself. “So, do you follow the hockey at all?”

But Josh wasn’t going to be sidetracked a second time. He placed a hand on Jackson’s thigh and said, “You’ve had enough time to think about it. What’s your answer?”

Daniel went to move the hand away. “I don’t think we should rush this…” he started to say before Williams caught his wrist in a vice-like grip.

“I’ve waited long enough. Now, are you going to co-operate or not?” Josh slowly squeezed Jackson’s wrist, giving the other man an indication of what would happen should he refuse.

The linguist hesitated for a moment and then replied, “Not. I’m sorry, Josh, but I just don’t feel that way about you.” He would have to risk the consequences because there was no way that he would willingly have sex with Williams. He winced as the pressure on his wrist increased until he thought the bones would snap. “Josh...”

Frustrated and angry because Jackson didn’t back down, Josh let go of him and moved away to search through the pile of weapons.

Daniel used the opportunity to make a run for it. But he didn’t get very far before he heard the familiar discharge of a zat, and the blue lightning coursed through his body, rendering him unconscious as he collapsed onto the hard ground.

Josh retrieved Jackson from when he had fallen and moved the linguist closer to the fire. He then set about his mission.

Daniel awoke to find himself lying on his stomach on the cave floor, naked from the waist down, his wrists again bound but behind his back this time. He couldn’t see Williams but he could feel the man holding his legs apart. Panicked, Daniel turned his head and said urgently, “Josh, you don’t have to do this!”

“Yes, I do.” Josh lovingly ran his hands over the long smooth thighs and the pert buttocks, eagerly anticipating what was to come. He had been waiting so long to claim what was rightfully his and nothing was going to stop him.

“No, you don’t,” Daniel said desperately. “You don’t want to be a rapist, Josh, and if you do this, that’s what you’ll be! A rapist! And how would I be able to have... feelings for someone like that?” Daniel’s heart thumped loudly with fear, partly because of what Williams was about to do and partly because he was scared that this would destroy his relationship with Jack.

“Shut up!” Josh hissed, not wanting to hear the words. He wasn’t a rapist; he loved Jackson!

“No, I won’t because I know that you really don’t want to take me against my will,” Daniel continued, sensing that he was getting through to the man. “Think about it. If you take me now, you’ll ruin any chance we might have together.”

Josh hesitated, the pleading in Jackson’s voice turning him on as the words sunk into his brain. The small remaining logical part of his brain pointed out that since he did want to keep Jackson, consent would be good. But he was too far gone to stop completely so he flipped Jackson over and lined himself up against the linguist’s groin. Then he rubbed himself several times against the soft skin and quickly brought himself to orgasm.

Daniel winced as he felt the hot liquid land on his stomach but at the same time was glad that Williams hadn’t breached him or come inside him. He lay there listening as Williams’ breathing slowed, unable to move because of the Marine’s weight on top of him, and wondered when the man was going to move. The heat generated from the fire wasn’t enough to keep him warm, and as the adrenalin left him, Daniel started shivering.

After a few minutes, Josh moved away from the linguist and tidied himself up. That had been so good, even though he hadn’t been inside Jackson. He looked at the prone man and felt a resurgence of lust at the sight of the come-covered body. ‘Branded’ was the word that came to mind; Jackson was now his.

When Williams moved, Daniel remained where he was for a minute, trying to work out if it was safe to move. When nothing happened, he awkwardly rolled onto his side, drawing one knee up to try and hide his genitals from view. “Josh, can you please untie me?” he asked quietly.

Josh considered that for a moment and then decided that Jackson wasn’t going anywhere. He untied the ropes and let the linguist get partially dressed; no shoes meant no running away. Just as a precaution though, he bound Jackson’s hands behind his back again, making it difficult for the man to get to his feet without overbalancing. Once that was done, Josh leaned back the cave wall and basked in the afterglow.

Daniel merely watched and waited while trying to ignore the slimy liquid he could still feel on his skin. He needed to wash away the evidence of Williams’ lust as soon as possible.

Jack and Teal’c were thoroughly drenched by the time they reached the temple ruins where the Stargate was housed. And as soon as they looked inside, they knew they had missed something. There were no wet footprints inside, which meant neither Williams or Daniel had reached the temple, which in turn meant that Daniel had been alone with the Marine for over an hour so anything could have happened by now. Jack cursed under his breath at his mistake.

“O’Neill, I believe Sergeant Williams may have taken shelter near the cliffs earlier,” Teal’c deduced since his young teammate was obviously not in the temple. He felt guilty that his tracking skills had let both O’Neill and Daniel Jackson down.

Now you tell me,” Jack complained as he looked back the way they had come. The cliffs were a thirty minute jog in the pouring rain, and Jack hated to think of what could happen to Daniel during that time. “Let’s go then.” The longer they rested, the more time Williams had to cause damage, and Jack was determined not to let that happen.

Daniel had just decided that Williams had gone to sleep - his eyes were closed and his breathing regular - when the Marine ordered, “Come here.”

“What?” Thwarted just as he was about to attempt to stand, Daniel looked at Williams, whose eyes were now open and staring at him.

“I want you here,” Josh reiterated, lazily smiling at the linguist. Lust surged within as he remembered that Daniel was still covered in his come.

“Well, I can’t exactly move there, can I?” Daniel pointed out, flexing his fingers. “Kind of tied up here.”

“Fine.” Josh moved to sit behind the linguist, stretching his legs out either side to pen Jackson in. Then he put his left arm around his captive’s waist while his right hand reached up to caress the cloth-covered chest.

Daniel wished he could move out of the embrace, and his skin crawled at Williams’ touch. “What are you doing?”

“Keeping us both warm.” In fact, he was already very warm and now wanted Jackson to get in the mood for sex.

“I’m not cold,” Daniel lied, trying to control his shivering; having bare feet didn’t help in the least.

“Why do you keep fighting this?” Josh asked casually, thinking that maybe he should untie Jackson’s hands so that he could fully hold the warm body in front of him.

“Oh, maybe because you kidnapped me?” Daniel said sarcastically, then immediately wished he hadn’t. Williams was dangerous right now so he shouldn’t provoke the man.

Fortunately for him, Josh was in a good mood and he didn’t take that as an insult. “I had to remove you from him,” he stated, trying to make Jackson see reason. He nuzzled the side of the young man’s neck. “He was jealous of me, you know. Because I’m younger, smarter and a better lover than he’ll ever be.”

Daniel stifled a retort, Williams’ teeth too close to his neck for his liking. Instead, he said as non-confrontationally as he could, “It wasn’t smart to take me away while we were off-world though. You’ve got nowhere to go.”

“Yes, we have. You’ve got all those Stargate addresses in your heard, so start thinking of a suitable uninhabited or minimally inhabited planet that the SGC won’t return to and where nobody knows us. If you take us somewhere there’s a lot of people, or people we know, I’ll shoot them.”

Daniel could tell by the matter-of-fact tone that Williams would carry out that threat too. There went Plan B. Not that he’d ever had a Plan A but... “We don’t have any supplies,” he pointed out.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got all that planned,” Josh assured him, turning Jackson’s head so he could plant kisses along the firm jaw. “It’ll all turn out fine.” He couldn’t foresee any problems.

Daniel had a feeling their definitions of ‘fine’ were completely different. He changed the subject, not wanting to know what Williams had planned. “Can you please untie me? The rope is digging into my wrists.”

Since it was getting in his way too, Josh undid the rope, letting Jackson’s hands free. Then he spooned up closer. “Much better,” he commented, delighted to have his entire body pressed against the linguist’s.

Fighting the urge to get as far away as possible, Daniel gave a vague, “Right,” and silently begged Jack to hurry up! His lover had drilled into him that in situations like this, he should do whatever was necessary to survive but Daniel wasn’t sure he could do that. Williams wanted to penetrate him and Daniel was determined that the only person allowed to do that would be Jack.

Josh moved one hand lower to fondle Jackson’s groin through the trousers, forcing his captive’s legs apart, and was disappointed when nothing happened so he groped harder.

“Ow!” Daniel automatically tried to pull Williams’ hand away at the same time as closing his legs to protect himself. A strong hand shifted up to grip his throat, pushing Daniel’s panic up a notch. “Josh--”

“Stop fighting me!” the Marine ordered. “I’m trying to make this good for you.”

“Then stop hurting me!” Daniel shot back, trying to calm his racing heart. “Pain doesn’t turn me on. You have to be gentle, go slow.” He hoped that would buy him some more time.

“No,” Josh refused, well aware of how much time had already passed. “O’Neill will be searching for you. I won’t let him have you back.” He should get Jackson to safety before that could happen but first...

Shoving his captive abruptly away from him, Josh forced the linguist to lie down on his back. He straddled Jackson’s chest, pinning his arms to his sides, then leaned forward and unzipped his own trousers to allow his erection to spring free. “Suck me,” he ordered.

Daniel looked at the erection bobbing in front of him and felt nothing but revulsion. He kept his mouth firmly closed and just glared up at Williams.

Josh backhanded Jackson hard and then forced the dazed man’s jaw open.

There was nothing Daniel could do as the hard flesh entered his mouth except try not to gag or be suffocated. He could have used his teeth, he supposed, but it was taking all his efforts to breathe. He struggled with his gag reflex as Williams thrust in and out, and his eyes watered with the effort.

It was unbelievably good to be inside that moist cavern, and Josh was past caring that Jackson wasn’t participating. All he cared about was the incredible pleasure building inside him. But all too soon, he climaxed and his hot seed burst into the unwilling mouth.

Daniel gagged as spurt after spurt of come pulsed into his mouth, and he turned his head to the side as soon as possible to clear his airway. When Williams moved off him, Daniel rolled onto his side and threw up, his body getting rid of the unwanted substance. When he had nothing left in his stomach, he shakily crawled over to the cave wall where he collapsed, drained from the experience.

“What did you do that for?” Josh demanded angrily. How dare Jackson reject his gift!

“Why do you think?” Daniel shot back. “I couldn’t breathe!”

“Sure you could,” Josh denied. “You’ve done that sort of thing before.”

“No, I haven’t,” Daniel said truthfully, his arms crossing over his chest. “I have never done that before.”

Josh hesitated, uncertain now of his assumptions in the face of Jackson’s sincerity. “Really?”

“Yes.” And it was currently something that Daniel never wanted to do again, not even with Jack.

The Marine hesitated again. He had been so sure that Jackson was experienced in these kind of things. “Oh.”

Daniel felt angry at Williams’ lack of reaction and apology, and that prompted him to speak without thinking. “Tell me, how does it feel to be a rapist? Does it make you feel good to know that I didn’t consent to do that?” He knew it was dangerous to provoke Williams but he couldn’t help it; he was so mad at the man for using him this way and for presuming that he was experienced at giving a blow-job.

“I…” Josh didn’t know what to say when faced with the hatred radiating from Jackson. He belatedly realised that he had gone too far and had lost any chance of the linguist reciprocating his feelings. “I didn’t mean to.”

“Well, that’s comforting,” Daniel said sarcastically. “Just like you didn’t mean to zat me or to kidnap me in the first place, maybe?”

“I love you!” Josh declared, the words bursting out of him in his defense.

“No, you don’t.” Daniel’s eyes were ice-cold now, reflecting the hate inside him. “If you really loved me, you wouldn’t have done any of this and you would never have hurt me.” Jack had never hurt him deliberately... okay, there was that NID sting but that was it... okay, a second time on Euronda but that was all. “You only think you’re in love with me.”

“I am!” Josh insisted, frustrated at Jackson’s continued denial. “And I’ll prove it to you.” With that, he grabbed his rifle and headed out into the pouring rain.

Daniel swore when he realised what Williams was probably going to do: hunt down Jack. Stopping long enough to grab the zat, Daniel followed him outside into the downpour, his feet bare.

Several metres out of the entrance, Williams suddenly appeared and knocked the zat out of his hand. Then the Marine held the rifle to Daniel’s side and, with one hand across the linguist’s throat, forced him to move forward.

They were closing in on Williams’ location, Jack could sense it. He also had a bad feeling that they were going to be too late. He was trying to keep his temper under control but if Williams had hurt Daniel, there was going to be hell to pay.

“No, don’t shoot!” came the sudden shout from up ahead.

Reacting instinctively, Jack ducked just as he heard a rifle being fired. He rolled out of the way and then knelt up, his eyes frantically searching for his lover. “Daniel!” he called, his own rifle at the ready.

A different voice answered, “Come and get him, Colonel!”

Jack’s eyes narrowed at Williams’ taunting tone and turned his head in the direction it had come from. Darn this rain, he couldn’t see a thing! He only hoped that Teal’c could see better than him and could find Williams faster as well. “Hiding behind a civilian, Williams? Not very brave of you!” Jack yelled, hoping to provoke the Marine into coming forward.

“We’ll see who’s brave!” Williams shouted back. A few seconds later, he stepped into sight only a few metres away.

Jack’s heart skipped a beat. Even through the pouring rain, he saw the rifle pressed against his lover’s side. In that moment, he knew that Williams was extremely dangerous and wouldn’t hesitate to shoot Daniel if things went wrong. He would have to tread very carefully because he was not going to lose Daniel again. “Put the rifle down, Sergeant,” he ordered in a neutral tone.

“You first!” Josh yelled; he wasn’t going to let O’Neill order him around nor was he going to relinquish his hold on Jackson.

Daniel squinted, trying to see Jack’s expression through the rain. It was near impossible without his glasses but he could imagine what it was like - neutral, trying not to give anything away about how he really felt inside. Daniel briefly cursed the deepening of their relationship because he knew that it was going to complicate the situation. Jack would be reacting as his team leader and his lover, a situation they hadn’t got around to discussing yet. Too late now they were in the middle of it. “Josh…” he started to say but was cut off.

“Shut up!” Josh hissed into Jackson’s ear. He wasn’t in the mood to listen to the object of his lust.

“Release Doctor Jackson first,” Jack responded to Williams’ challenge, keeping his own rifle trained on the Marine. He had a clear shot but didn’t want to risk it yet.

“No! He’s mine now! Unlike you, I’m not afraid to admit that!” Josh was gradually edging past rational thought.

Much as Jack wanted to retaliate with a similar boast, he knew he couldn’t, not least because it would feed Williams’ obsession. “Daniel doesn’t belong to anyone!” he shouted back. “And if he did, it would be his choice, not one forced upon him!”

“I haven’t forced him to do anything!” Josh conveniently forgot what he had done less than ten minutes ago. “He begged to suck me off!”

Jack knew that wouldn’t be true because the other night after he had given Daniel a blow-job, the younger man had admitted his uncertainty about returning the favour. Not wanting to push, Jack had happily settled for a mind-blowing hand-job.

Quickly sorting through possible responses, Jack decided to play along knowing that Teal’c had probably flanked Williams by now. “Daniel, how could you!”

“I didn’t!” Daniel yelled back, hurt by Jack’s accusation. Then he realised that Jack wouldn’t admit publicly to their relationship so most likely this was a ploy. He hoped. “It wasn’t like that!” he played along.

Part of Josh was gleeful - he had been right that they were an item. The rest of him was jealous that O’Neill had tasted Jackson before him. “How do you feel knowing that Jackson wants more than you can give him, O’Neill? Someone who’s younger, stronger, lasts longer...” he taunted.

“I’d be more convinced if you weren’t actually holding him at gunpoint!” Jack shot back. “Maybe if you let him go, I’d be more inclined to believe you.”

“I’m not falling for that, O’Neill! As soon as I release Jackson, you’ll shoot me!” Josh believed that because that was what he would do the same if their positions were reversed. “He’s staying with me!”

Where the heck is Teal’c, Jack thought just before a bolt of blue energy came out of nowhere to envelope the Marine and his hostage. Jack quickly sprang forward and disarmed Williams, and then tied the man’s hands behind his back. When he was certain Williams wasn’t an immediate threat, Jack turned to his lover, who was struggling to get his limbs under control. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Teal’c?” Daniel inquired as to who had fired the zat. When Jack nodded, Daniel continued dryly, “He promised not to do that again.”

Jack helped Daniel to stand up, noticing as he did that his linguist was barefoot and favouring one foot. “You can tell him off later. Where are your boots?”

“In the cave. What took you so long?” Daniel tried to make it sound as though he was joking but didn’t quite pull it off.

“We missed the caves and had to backtrack,” Jack explained as Teal’c appeared. “Hey, T, nice shooting.”

Teal’c inclined his head then focused his gaze on the linguist. “I apologise, Daniel Jackson. I failed you.”

“You weren’t to know where he took me,” Daniel forgave him easily. “Even you would have a hard time tracking in a storm.”

Before Teal’c could disagree, Jack picked up Williams’ weapon; they needed to get to shelter. “Speaking of storms, let’s head back to that cave for awhile till the rain eases up. Teal’c, you wanna bring him?” he asked, gesturing to the scum that lay unconscious before him.

Teal’c picked the man up and slung him over one shoulder. Then the group made their way back to the cave.

The first thing Jack noticed upon stepping inside the cave a few minutes later was the stench of vomit. He turned his head to see Daniel studiously looking at his feet and realised that things must have got pretty bad. Deciding not to say anything yet, Jack helped Daniel to sit down near the entrance of the cave, and then he surveyed the interior. There was a small fire, which would do nothing to keep them all warm, and the two military issue backpacks were nearby, several weapons scattered around them. Jack tried not to form a mental image of Williams assaulting Daniel but failed; he was trained to assess a situation, after all.

“O’Neill.” Teal’c’s voice banished the images from his mind. “Should we not contact the others?”

“Right.” Jack pressed the button on his radio twice to see if Carter was free to talk; he didn’t want to interrupt their rescue plans.

[Sir?] Sam’s voice was hushed.

“We’ve got Daniel and Williams. What’s your situation?”

Daniel tuned out the conversation and stared out at the rain. His legs were drawn up to his chest and tightly hugged there by his arms, unconsciously portraying his current feelings. Plus, he was cold from more than the rain; shock was settling in. Despite being out in the downpour, he felt dirty and used, and he desperately wanted a hot shower to wash away those feelings.

A touch on his feet made him jump. Heart racing, he turned his head to see Jack cleaning and drying his feet. Daniel forced himself to calm down; it was only Jack. Jack was safe. “What are you doing?” he asked, his mouth dry.

“I thought you might like to put some shoes on,” Jack replied. “But don’t get used to this,” he teased. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime special.” He knew that Daniel would need some subtle pampering after his ordeal but was aware that his linguist wouldn’t want a big fuss made over him.

Normally, Daniel would have protested but he couldn’t summon the energy. “Thanks,” he said, turning his gaze back to the rain.

His gut clenching at the unusual quietness, Jack continued with his task, checking out the swollen ankle before putting socks and boots on the unresisting younger man. He thought back to three years ago when Hathor had raped Daniel at the SGC; although he hadn’t seen the linguist until much later, Jack knew from Carter’s report about the blank state Daniel had been in - much like this, which didn’t bode well. Somehow, he needed to snap his lover out of it. “You know, Janet will want to take a look at those feet when we get back. She’ll probably give you lots of antibiotics in case the mud got into the scratches.”

“Fine,” Daniel replied listlessly, not really hearing the words. Much as he loved the man, he wished that Jack would be quiet. He needed time to put this incident in the furthest reaches of his mind before he could respond the way Jack wanted him to. So he shut his mind down to keep the memories and the world out.

Jack shared a look with Teal’c and he saw the deep concern in the Jaffa’s eyes. They both knew that Daniel wouldn’t bounce back quickly from this, mostly because of the violence that had been directed towards the young man. Jack could see bruises darkening on Daniel’s jaw that appeared to be finger-shaped, as if Williams had used considerable force to hold his head still; Jack shuddered to think why that would be. And there were red marks on Daniel’s wrists where Williams had presumably bound him; if Teal’c wasn’t there, Jack wouldn’t give a second thought to killing the Marine for that alone.

Josh finally stirred and looked across to see O’Neill crouching before Jackson, one hand on the linguist’s knee. “Aw, how touching,” he said sarcastically.

As Jack turned towards the voice, Teal’c stepped into Williams’ line of vision and stared impassively down at the bound Marine. “You will refrain from speaking further unless you wish me to incapacitate you.”

Josh no longer had the sense to be afraid, so far gone in his obsession was he. “Don’t tell me Jackson’s let you have him too? If I’d know he’d slept around with the whole team, I would’ve asked for more.”

Teal’c moved to retrieve a gag just as Jack spoke up. “Leave him, Teal’c. Every word he speaks will add another year onto his sentence.”

That may have been true but Teal’c didn’t want the linguist to endure any more from the dishonourable Marine. “I am aware of that, O’Neill.” He placed the gag in Williams’ mouth and then sat cross-legged in front of him, a zat held at the ready if the man even so much as twitched.

Jack was grateful that Teal’c was taking care of Williams because if he had to do it, the Marine would be dead by now. He was also grateful for the measure of privacy that Teal’c had given him and Daniel. Now all he had to do was get his lover to snap out of the blankness he was in. “Danny, as soon as the rain starts to ease, we’ll head back to the Stargate. Carter and the others will do the same. They’ve got SG-11 and are holing up in the village for a while. The natives seem too scared to do anything at the moment. But we’ll be home soon, I promise,” he said quietly.

There was no response. “Daniel, look at me.” When the younger man didn’t move, Jack put a finger under Daniel’s chin and gently encouraged him to turn his head. Blue eyes stared blankly at him and Jack’s heart sank; it wasn’t often that Daniel shut his mind down. “Everything will be fine,” he promised quietly, telling himself as well as Daniel. Not for awhile, but everything would eventually be fine.

Daniel stared at him for a moment before turning his head again, still lost in his mind.

It was another half an hour before the rain started to ease and during that time, Daniel didn’t move except to blink and breathe. Jack had been the complete opposite, pacing back and forth along the cave entrance, needing to do something to burn off his anger since he couldn’t take it out on Williams. He was worried also; he had never seen Daniel so still, not even when Sha’re had died. What he needed was to get Daniel home asap and just hold him until he snapped out of it.

Teal’c had remained watching over Williams, his expression conveying his dislike of the man. He was, however, aware of what was happening behind him and of the battle the two men now faced. It would be difficult for Daniel Jackson to come to terms with the violation of his body but Teal’c was determined to assist however he was needed. Perhaps he should offer some kelnoreem sessions.

“Rain’s letting up,” Jack said suddenly, gathering up the equipment and backpacks. “We’d better go.”

“Indeed.” Teal’c collected his own gear and then hauled Sergeant Williams to his feet.

“Daniel.” Jack stopped in front of his lover. “Time to go.” No response was forthcoming so Jack nudged the linguist’s foot with his own. “Daniel, time to leave.”

The younger man frowned at the disturbance that threatened to bring him back to awareness.

“I know you can hear me, Daniel, so you’d better get up this instant or I’ll haul you over my shoulder,” Jack stated, trying to rile Daniel and bring his lover back to him.

Daniel couldn’t resist the pull any longer and he turned haunted blue eyes on his lover. Jack’s expression was impatient but he could see the concern in those deep brown eyes. “What?”

“We’re going home.” Jack wanted to hold Daniel and never let go but he couldn’t, not with Williams’ eyes boring a hole in his head. “We need to meet up with the others at the Stargate.”

“Oh.” Daniel slowly stood, the movement requiring a lot more energy than he remembered. Then his eyes focused on Williams, and his face drained of colour at seeing the look of pure hate directed towards him.


Jack’s voice compelled Daniel to turn away from his attacker and focus on the man who loved him.


Daniel nodded. The sooner they got home, the better.

Teal’c took the lead, dragging Williams along with him so that the Marine couldn’t see the linguist. Behind them, Jack and Daniel walked side by side, the older man taking care that the younger didn’t stumble or run into anything. The rain disappeared completely a few minutes into their walk, allowing the sun to come out and warm their wet bodies as they trudged along in the mud.

The trek, which took the group nearly an hour, was done in near silence. If Williams hadn’t been with them, Jack would have tried to engage Daniel in conversation but as it was, he didn’t want to give the Marine any more ammunition to use against them. He knew that Williams would accuse him and Daniel of having an illegal relationship, and Jack could only hope that the investigating authorities thought it was his mental illness talking. An investigation into their relationship was something they didn’t need right now.

Sam and the other SG teams were waiting for them at the temple, having arrived only minutes before. She saw Williams’ bindings and the faint bruises on Daniel’s jaw, and immediately hurried towards her injured friend. “What happened?” she inquired.

“We’ll discuss it later,” Jack stated, not wanting the details mentioned in front of the others. “Dial us home, Major.”

“Yes, Sir.” Sam did so, all the time wondering how the Colonel and Teal’c had refrained from killing Williams after seeing what had been done to Daniel.

A minute later, on the other side of the wormhole, Teal’c handed Williams over to the MP’s while Jack whisked Daniel off to the infirmary. The Colonel made sure that Janet was the one to tend to his linguist, telling her the reason why, before going to have his own post-mission exam.

Daniel immediately missed Jack’s presence and wrapped his arms around his waist. “I’m fine,” he told Janet as the petite doctor headed towards him.

Janet didn’t say anything to that, knowing exactly what the catchphrase meant. “You know the drill, Daniel.” Unless she missed her guess, the linguist was extremely not fine.

With a sigh, Daniel held out his wrists, the skin red and raised where the rope had been. At least he had no embarrassing injuries for Janet find. But he still blushed when Janet wanted him to strip so she could see for herself that there were no other injuries.

Just as Daniel was doing up the zipper on his jacket after Janet’s thorough examination, General Hammond walked into the infirmary. He had just been informed - discreetly - by Teal’c about what had likely happened to Daniel on the planet and why Williams had come back bound, and Hammond wanted to see for himself that the young man was okay. “Doctor Jackson,” he greeted the linguist while ignoring the bruising that was darkening on Daniel’s face.

“General.” Daniel’s heart sank; he didn’t want to talk about his ordeal right now. He knew he would have to write a report about it, after which he could get it out of his mind, but he didn’t want to talk about it as well. Talking about it would make it real, not to mention harder to get out of his head.

Hammond turned to Janet. “How’s our boy?”

“Except for a few bruises, he’s physically fine,” Janet replied, noting that Daniel bristled at being talked about as if he wasn’t in the room. “However, I would suggest that Daniel go home and get some rest before he is de-briefed.”

“I don’t need to rest, I’m fine,” Daniel said stubbornly, not wanting to give in. He needed to keep busy so that he didn’t think.

“No, you’re not,” Janet countered, knowing her patient well. “Your body is still in shock and you need to let it recover.”

“I agree, son,” Hammond added his support for Janet. “You’ve had a rough day.”

A ‘rough’ day? “I’m fine,” Daniel persisted, his frustration bumping up a notch when he saw the looks that Janet and Hammond exchanged. “If you need a report now, General, I can go and--”

“It can wait,” Janet stated in a no-nonsense tone, determined that for once Daniel was going to do as he was instructed. “I’ll get someone to drive you home.”

“No!” Daniel exclaimed hastily and then immediately regretted his outburst; he didn’t want Janet to think that he couldn’t handle this. “I mean, I’ll get Jack to do it or something.” Much as he wasn’t sure about the status of their relationship at the moment, he had decided that he would rather not be alone with his thoughts. Jack would be a good distraction... if Jack still wanted him.

“Alright.” Janet permitted that because she had her suspicions about the two of them. When Jack had turned up after his three days leave sporting a couple of hickeys, one in an unmentionable place, Janet had decided that more was going on than was allowed. As their friend though, she wasn’t going to say a thing. “Now go home and get some rest. I don’t want to see you back here until 0830 tomorrow for a counseling session.”

Daniel glared at her. “I don’t need counseling. Nothing happened.”

“Humour me,” Janet responded, knowing Daniel’s aversion to therapy. “They’re compulsory in kidnap situations like this. You know that.”

“Fine,” Daniel acceded with ill-grace and stalked out of the infirmary without looking at the Doctor or the General. He would go to the session but that didn’t mean that he would co-operate with the psychologist. He was fine.

Janet and Hammond exchanged another look; how long would it be before the day’s events caught up with the young linguist? And would anyone be there to catch him when they did?

Daniel didn’t get very far before Sam came running up to him, concern written all over her face. Daniel had been very grateful that Sam hadn’t been there to see him in the cave, otherwise she would be acting differently towards him; he didn’t realise that she knew about his and Jack’s ‘liaison’ on the lab planet and hadn’t changed her way of treating him. “I’m fine,” he said, before she could speak.

Sam knew he was anything but fine, however she didn’t contradict him, thinking that he looked like he was about to shatter. “Would you like a lift? We could drop in at Starbucks on the way,” she added, by way of enticement. When Daniel had been kidnapped, she had been so worried about him and now that he was back, she just needed some reassurance that he was going to be alright.

Daniel was about to refuse but then realised that Sam’s company might be better than Jack’s at the moment because at least she didn’t know what had happened yet. If Jack wanted to see him, he could come find him. “Sure. Thanks, Sam.” The offer of coffee sounded pretty good too.

“Good.” Sam slipped her arm through Daniel’s and started to lead him down the corridor.

“Uh, Sam?” Daniel protested. “The locker room’s the other way.” He really wanted a shower before he left, wash away the feel of the Williams’ skin and... the other stuff.

“Right.” Annoyed at herself for not thinking of that, Sam escorted him to the locker room that belonged to SG-1 and waited outside.

Mindful that he couldn’t spend an hour under the hot water like he wanted to, Daniel made his shower quick, just long enough to warm up and get rid of all the dirt; he would have a longer shower at the apartment to make sure he was completely clean. He got dressed in his civilian clothes, the ones he had worn into work only that morning but seemed like months ago, and then he headed out to Sam knowing that the more he acted normal the less she would fuss.

Sam drove Daniel to the apartment, picking up some Starbucks coffee on the way, and then stayed for awhile to assure herself that Daniel really was okay. She noticed the little fidgety movements he made and guessed that despite Daniel’s demeanour, something very bad had happened out there. She would probably learn about it when Williams was court-martialed but she hoped that Daniel would trust her enough beforehand to tell her.

As much as Daniel welcomed the company as it distracted him from his thoughts, and despite the coffee he was consuming, he could feel his body demanding that he rest. Used to ignoring his body’s demands, Daniel kept talking to Sam. However, when his concentration started to wane, Sam mothered him into going to bed. He lay down on top of the covers, fully dressed, and his eyes closed almost immediately.

Sam watched him sleep for a few minutes, wondering how he could look so young and innocent after everything he had been through, and then she went out into the living room to call the Colonel. She had the feeling Daniel would want Jack nearby when he awoke.

Earlier at the SGC, Jack had been detained by General Hammond to give a full verbal report on events. Although Jack had desperately wanted to check on Daniel, he had made himself give Hammond his version of events, making sure to emphasise the fact that Williams needed psychiatric help. When Hammond was satisfied with the report, Jack went straight down to the infirmary, hoping that his linguist was still there. Janet informed him that she had ordered Daniel to go home, so Jack rang the surface and found out that the younger man had left with Carter twenty minutes ago. Hurt that Daniel hadn’t waited for him, Jack went to get changed and then headed to the linguist’s apartment.

Just as he was parking the car, his cell phone rang. He checked the caller ID and then answered it, greeting his 2IC with a neutral, “Hey, Carter.” What had she been thinking, taking Daniel home without him?

[Sir, where are you?]

“Outside Daniel’s apartment? Why? What’s wrong?” Jack immediately started to worry about why Carter would be calling him.

[Nothing’s wrong. I thought I’d just let you know where he was,] she replied.

Jack got out of the car, relieved that Daniel was okay for the moment. “Is he asleep?” he asked.

[Yes, but I don’t know for how long.]

Knowing Daniel, not long, Jack thought. “I’ll be up there in a minute.” He finished the call and put his phone in his jacket pocket, then hurried into the apartment block, anxious to see his lover.

Carter was waiting for him just inside the apartment. Jack briefly questioned her about Daniel’s condition and then said, “Thanks. I’ll take it from here.”

Sam was about to protest and then she thought about what Daniel might have been through, and how the Colonel might be the best one to help him through it. “Yes, Sir.” She would come back to give more support when Daniel was ready.

Jack realised he had spoken too abruptly and tried to fix it by saying, “Call around tomorrow. I’m sure Daniel will appreciate some cookies.” He knew that was Carter and Daniel’s way of taking care of each other.

Sam nodded her agreement; she had been planning on doing that anyway. “Take care of him,” she ordered, probably unnecessarily but she felt that she had to say something.

“You betcha.” Jack reckoned he was equipped to give Daniel all the TLC he could handle.

When Carter had left, Jack headed into the bedroom and stared down at his sleeping lover. Getting Daniel to deal with this was going to be tricky as the younger man would no doubt try to bury the incident as he had in the past before Jack had known him well enough to interfere. Problem was, it was extremely difficult getting the linguist to talk when he didn’t want to - what an irony.

Taking his shoes and jacket off, Jack lay down on the bed next to Daniel, close but not touching yet. It was likely that Daniel would shy away from being touched for a while so better to give him some space to begin with.

Daniel awoke a few hours later gasping for breath. He had just been reliving, in vivid detail, Williams forcing him to give a blow-job, and his lungs had though it was real. His stomach rolled, and he scrambled off the bed and into the bathroom before throwing up in the toilet. Since he hadn’t eaten much, there was hardly anything in his stomach to get rid of. He had enough strength to flush the toilet and then he sat back on the cold bathroom tiles, leaning against the shower stall; he hated feeling like this, weak and sick. He wrapped his arms around himself as he stared up at the ceiling, trying to push the memories to the back of his mind again.

A warm arm across his shoulders startled him, and Daniel jerked his head down to see Jack sitting next to him. When had he arrived? “Jack?”

“Yeah?” Jack had been woken when Daniel had left the bed and he had followed his lover into the bathroom. “This okay?” he asked about the touching.

Daniel nodded mutely, still surprised that Jack was beside him. Even more of a surprise was that Jack was voluntarily touching him.

“Good.” That was a start. Jack let his hand shift to Daniel’s short hair and gently caressed the scalp. There were no magic words to make Daniel feel better so Jack was content to hold him until the same result was achieved.

Letting his guard down at the simple non-invasive touch, Daniel leaned sideways and let his head rest on Jack’s shoulder. There, he breathed in his partner’s scent, using it to anchor himself against the memories that threatened to flood his mind.

A few minutes later, Daniel lifted his head again. “I need a shower,” he muttered. Much as Jack’s presence had helped, Daniel still felt dirty and he needed to get rid of that feeling before he could truly be with his lover again.

“Do you need any company?” Jack offered quietly. In their brief time together as lovers, they had showered together on several occasions but this was different.

Daniel shook his head; he didn’t think he could let Jack touch him intimately at the moment. “I need to be alone for awhile,” he replied.

“Alright.” Jack placed a kiss in Daniel’s hair and then stood, helping the younger man to his feet at the same time. “I’ll go make us something to eat. If you need me, just yell. And try not to use up all the hot water because I need a shower too,” he teased, letting Daniel know it was okay to be a long time but not forever.

Daniel briefly frowned but then got what Jack was saying. “I’m sorry,” he started to apologise but Jack interrupted him.

“Ah! You have nothing to be sorry about.” Jack felt like he should be the one apologising for not keeping Daniel safe but he kept that fact to himself for the moment. He placed a kiss on the top of his lover’s head. “Now, go shower and I’ll still be here when you’re ready, okay?”

“Okay,” Daniel agreed, still feeling guilty about everything even though he logically knew that none of it was his fault. He waited until Jack had gone before stripping off and getting in the shower. He thought about closing the bathroom door but decided to leave it open - a gesture that he wasn’t going to shut Jack out. And it was a gesture of trust too; he knew Jack wouldn’t come in unless invited.

The hot water felt so good. Daniel closed his eyes and let the water cascade over his body, washing away the feel of his attacker. He tried to tune out the sound of the water so that it didn’t remind him of that cave and the rain falling down outside because he knew how flashbacks could be triggered, and he definitely didn’t want one while Jack was in the house. So he ran his mind through dozens of linguistic exercises while he scrubbed himself clean.

Half an hour later, his skin red from all the scrubbing, Daniel finally turned the water off; his stomach was protesting its lack of food loudly. As he stepped out of the shower, he saw a pile of clothing near the doorway. His lips twitched into a smile; Jack was so thoughtful sometimes.

Daniel vigourously dried himself off and then dressed in the old comfortable clothes that Jack had left for him, all the while ignoring his reflection in the mirror so that he didn’t have to see any bruises. Then he headed out into the main part of the house where Jack was sitting at the dining room table waiting for him.

“I thought soup would be good,” Jack commented casually, getting up to retrieve Daniel’s bowl from the kitchen bench. “Take a seat.”

Daniel bristled at what he perceived to be condescension. “I don’t need you to wait on me,” he said, remaining where he was.

“I know that. But I was the closest, so...” Jack brought the bowl of soup back and put it on the table. He had noticed that Daniel’s skin was red from the hot water and the scrubbing but he didn’t comment; he understood the need to feel clean after such an incident. “Come on or it’ll get cold.”

Reluctantly, Daniel joined Jack at the table, although he made sure not to sit too close, and started eating. The soup was heavy in his stomach but he made himself continue eating, knowing that Jack would be worried if he stopped.

Jack pretended to concentrate on his own soup but in reality, he was assessing Daniel. He could see that the younger man didn’t really want to eat, which could be attributed to the lasting effects of shock and the events that had transpired, but he was eating in an attempt to convince Jack that everything was normal and that he was fine. Both of them knew, however, that Daniel was anything but fine.

Waiting until Daniel had finished his soup, Jack asked, “Wanna watch some TV? Toss you for the remote.”

“Actually, there are some translations I need to do,” Daniel replied, avoiding Jack’s eyes. He needed to keep his mind busy, which meant that he needed to work. He also needed to work through this alone like he had always done. “So I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Okay.” But instead of taking the hint, Jack plonked himself down on the couch and turned the television on low sound; there was no way he was leaving.

Daniel put his hands on his hips and glared at the man. “Jack, I’m fine, I don’t need babysitting.” What had happened to the considerate partner from before?

“I know that,” Jack said as he stretched out on the couch. “I’ll just watch this and then I’ll go home.” By that time, he was planning on Daniel being resigned to his company.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to make Jack budge, Daniel stalked out of the room, muttering his frustration at overprotective Colonels in Abydonian, and slamming the bedroom door behind him. Then he realised that was a singularly childish thing to do, especially as he would need to go back out there to work. Leaning against the door, he took a couple of minutes to compose himself and then walked back out into the main room, studiously ignoring Jack the whole time. Daniel gathered up the books he needed and went into the open study area, which adjoined the living room.

“Would you like some coffee?” Jack called out, part of him amused at the display, the other part deeply concerned; he knew what denial looked like.

Daniel’s succinct and rude reply made Jack grin briefly; it was good to know some things hadn’t changed. But sooner or later, a flashback was going to hit the linguist and Jack was determined to be there to support Daniel when it did.

It took a long time for Daniel to stop seething at having such an obvious mother hen watching him, partly because it was better to be angry than anything else. But he couldn’t stay mad with Jack forever and so his anger gave way to feelings of guilt and insecurity; guilt over being mad at Jack’s attempts at support, and insecurity about their whole relationship. Their romance had been so quick that there hadn’t been much time for doubts to creep in. His fingers stopped typing as those doubts began to surface. First was his previous history of being unable to keep a lover for very long. Second, which kind of followed on from that, was his current aversion to intimate physical contact. And how understanding would Jack be when Daniel had to bring work home and devote his attention to that rather than to his lover? Given those things, how long would he be able to hold onto Jack despite their mutual proclamation of ‘forever’?

“You’re thinking,” Jack commented softly from behind Daniel. Despite appearances, he had been listening to his linguist typing and had known the instant the ‘clicks’ had stopped. Not wanting to startle Daniel, he hadn’t masked his steps but judging by the younger man’s startled movement, he hadn’t been noisy enough.

“It’s a tricky translation.” Daniel tried to cover up his reaction by refocusing on his computer, dismissing his lover. “Weren’t you watching something?”

Jack moved side-on to the chair so that he could see Daniel properly. “It’s not going to work, you know.”

“What isn’t?” Daniel asked innocently, avoiding Jack’s gaze.

“I’m not letting you go through this alone,” Jack stated. “Even if you don’t want to talk, even if I have to sleep on the couch, I will be here if you need me.” He wanted Daniel to be certain of his love in spite of the events of the day. “There’s no getting rid of me.”

“Fine.” He would just ignore Jack then.

“Daniel…” Jack took a small step towards his lover.

“Don’t!” Daniel abruptly stood and moved away, one finger raised in front of him to accompany the order. “I don’t need sympathy. I need to be left alone.”

“Not gonna happen,” Jack stated firmly. “You’re my partner.”

“Then you should remember that there are times in every relationship where one needs to be alone,” Daniel pointed out, needing Jack to understand that he required some space. How could he bury this incident if Jack didn’t give the opportunity?

Remembering back to the months after being a POW, Jack recognised the truth of that. Problem was, if he didn’t get Daniel to talk soon, then the linguist never would. And looking back, Jack kind of wished that Sara had made more of an effort to get him to talk about his experiences, even if he didn’t tell her everything. “Right, well, this isn’t one of them. And remember, you’ll have to talk to someone about it before Fraiser lets you back on duty so would you rather it be me or a shrink?”

What a choice - his lover, whom Daniel didn’t want to know all the details, or a shrink whose profession Daniel didn’t trust. He didn’t want Jack to know because the older man had enough nightmares of his own to worry about, although maybe there was something to be said for not letting Jack’s imagination run away with him. Jack already knew about the blow-job; maybe it would be best to tell him how it happened rather than let his lover imagine the worst. But he couldn’t do it while he could see Jack’s reaction. “Fine. Tonight, in bed.”

“Fine,” Jack echoed, agreeing to Daniel’s terms; he would hold him to it.

Jack went to bed before midnight and fell asleep almost immediately even though it was the first time he had stayed in Daniel’s bed. His lover, however, didn’t stop working until almost three hours later. When Daniel got into bed, Jack - having been woken by noises from the bathroom - moved so he could spoon up behind his linguist.

The touch from behind panicked Daniel and he quickly turned over, dislodging Jack’s arm. “Don’t!” he protested; he didn’t want to feel trapped.

“I’m sorry,” Jack apologised; he should have known better. “Can I hold you?” he asked quietly.

“I-I suppose.” Daniel tensed as Jack’s hand came to rest on his hip, then he consciously relaxed as the strong fingers slipped under his t-shirt and stroked his skin.

Jack was careful not to invade Daniel’s space too much again so he contented himself with just stroking with one hand. “What did he do?” he asked, his voice still soft and filled with understanding.

Daniel closed his eyes. “Jack--”

“It’s okay, Daniel. Let it out and then you can move on,” Jack suggested.

“Do as I say,” Daniel said dryly, quoting part of the well-known saying.

“Exactly. You of all people know how screwed up I am,” Jack answered with a grin even though Daniel couldn’t see it. Besides the sex, this was what he missed most about a relationship, just lying in the dark together and talking. It was amazing that it was Daniel who was lying here with him instead of a woman but he wouldn’t swap him for the world. They were so alike and yet so different, which made them good partners. And there was so much they could communicate without actually talking - although sometimes talking was necessary. “Please, Danny, talk to me.”

Daniel took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and gave his partner a detached version of events. There was only one time his voice faltered, when he was talking about the actual rape; Jack found Daniel’s hand and squeezed it, encouraging him to go on.

When Daniel finished, he felt nauseous but a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He took his hand out of Jack’s and ran into the bathroom, making it just in time before he threw up.

Jack followed him and was there to hold him afterwards, suppressing his own feelings for the moment. Right now, he had to put Daniel first. “Better?”

“Just peachy,” Daniel managed to say sarcastically. He leaned into Jack, accepting the support being offered. “Why didn’t anyone notice anything?” he asked, not really expecting an answer.

Now wasn’t the time to point out he had been suspicious, especially as it had been rooted in jealousy. “Williams hid it well,” Jack replied. “No-one was supposed to notice until he was ready. His obsession made him very smart and cunning.” Except for the huge mistake of kidnapping Daniel while on a mission.

“I feel so stupid,” Daniel admitted. “I should have noticed. I should have known that a Marine wouldn’t really be interested in archaeology.” He was used to the military men looking down on his profession.

“Daniel, one of the things I love about you is the fact that you see the best in people. It leaves me free to see the worst in them,” Jack half-joked. “But Williams knew how to fly under the radar. Not even Teal’c guessed, and you know what he’s like as sniffing out bad guys.”

“You guessed,” Daniel pointed out, referring to the comments Jack had made the other day.

“Yeah, but we had just spent three days in bed together,” Jack stated. “I wasn’t thinking straight, remember? The way I was feeling, I would have been jealous if Hammond had been in your office.”

That made Daniel chuckle; the thought was ludicrous. Then he took one of Jack’s hands between both of his and stared at it. Those long fingers and the crooked thumbs had touched virtually every part of his body, creating more desire than Daniel could ever remember feeling, yet they were equally capable of killing people or comforting a child. And Daniel knew that those same hands would never hurt him. “We’ll get past this,” he said, partially changing the subject.

“Isn’t that supposed to be my line?” Jack teased, holding Daniel closer to him.

“I just thought I’d save you the trouble,” Daniel stated, trying to inject a little levity into his tone.

“I think it’s long past time for you to be considering that,” Jack responded in the same tone. “Come on, let’s go back to bed or I won’t be able to get up in the morning.” He knew an oblique reference to his knees would get Daniel up and moving.

“Oh. Right.” Daniel pulled himself together and helped Jack to his feet. Then he rinsed out his mouth before they both went back into the bedroom and lay down, entwined together in a comforting embrace. They would get through this together.

A week later, the court-martial was held and Williams was sentenced to twenty years at Leavenworth, with the possibility of extension if his obsession couldn’t be overcome.

Everyone on SG-1 had wanted Williams locked up for life but there was little they could do - at the moment - to appeal the decision. Unknown to them though, Hammond had talked to the President requesting that Williams be locked up for life in order to protect Daniel, and a Presidential order was created to that effect; the President had a soft spot for the SGC’s premier civilian too.

No-one mentioned Williams’ accusations of a relationship between Jack and Daniel but both men knew that they would have to be careful because there would be those who would look for truth in the Marine’s words.

That night, Jack took Daniel home to celebrate. Over the past week, they had slept in the same bed for all but the last night, but they hadn’t done anything except hold each other. Tonight, Jack was going to help Daniel get back on the horse - so to speak.

After a quiet meal, with a glass of wine to help Daniel relax, and then some television, Jack led his lover into the bedroom. With his fingers on Daniel’s shirt buttons, he softly asked, “Is this alright?”

“This is fine,” Daniel replied, surprised that it actually was. He had a feeling he would freak out later on but for now, he felt okay. At Jack’s skeptical look, he reiterated, “I really am fine, I promise.”

“Good.” Jack decided to take Daniel at his word; he would deal with any ‘hiccups’ later. He slowly stripped Daniel of his clothes, making sure to touch a lot of skin but nothing too sensitive. Then he allowed his lover to reciprocate, noting that the touches were more tentative than his. Once they were both naked, Jack put his arms around Daniel’s waist and slowly moved him back towards the bed.

When his legs hit the edge of the bed, Daniel lay across it, his hands tucked under his head and left leg slightly raised to one side, and watched Jack advance towards him.

Jack lay down on top of Daniel. “This okay?” he asked, getting comfortable. He put one leg between Daniel’s but the majority of their chests were pressed together, and his left arm rested beside his lover’s.

“So far,” Daniel replied, trying to remain relaxed. “Have you put on weight recently?” he teased, using that as an excuse for his shallow breathing.

Jack rested his forehead against Daniel’s. “Only a couple of weeks into this relationship and already you’re telling me I’m fat,” he mock-complained. While he was in the vicinity, he took the opportunity to kiss Daniel’s full lips for a long, breathless minute. When he was finished, he drew back and observed his lover’s blissful expression with pride. “Still heavy?” he queried.

“Can’t feel a thing,” Daniel murmured as his body signaled that it was ready. He moved one hand so that he could stroke Jack’s bicep, feeling the muscle beneath the skin. The hidden strength was something that he had rapidly found aroused him because he knew that Jack would never use it against him. Hadn’t hurt him, in fact, even when they had been in their regressed states. That spoke volumes about Jack’s protective streak, and Daniel privately liked that. “So, any plans?”

“You mean, besides ravishing you until you’re a boneless heap?” Jack asked, shifting his right leg slightly so that it rubbed against Daniel’s erection. “Nope, that was pretty much it.”

Daniel’s gasp turned into a chuckle. “A man with a plan.”

“You betcha.” Jack moved his right hand and caressed Daniel’s stomach, feeling the muscles bunch and relax under his fingers. “Any objections?”

“None that spring to mind.” Daniel liked the humour; it kept him from getting anxious. “Are you just going talk tonight or will be there some action?” he continued, smiling up at Jack and fluttering his eyelashes deliberately to see what effect it would have on his lover.

It was worth feeling stupid to have Jack immediately kiss him passionately again. Daniel automatically arched his body up against his lover’s, pressing every possible inch of skin together. He lost himself in the kiss, not wanting to ruin this by thinking any more.

After a couple of minutes, Jack broke the kiss and shifted so that he was lying between Daniel’s legs, lining their groins up. He was aware of the younger man tensing up and knew why, thanks to Daniel’s brief account of what Williams had done. “So, you ready to be ravished?” he asked to head off the comparison.

“As I’ll ever be,” Daniel replied, staring into his lover’s eyes and grounding himself to where he was. “But not...” he trailed off, finding it difficult to voice his question.

“No.” Jack knew what acts Daniel was referring to. He was just planning on letting his partner know how much he was loved. He slid his hands along Daniel’s arms until he could thread his fingers through his lover’s, and made sure his arms rested on the outside of the younger man’s so that he could keep his weight off Daniel if necessary. “This okay?”

Daniel nodded, finding that it really was okay. “Go for it,” he said with a quick grin, hooking his legs over his lover’s.

“Hey! I’m expecting a little reciprocal ravishing here,” Jack said mock-indignantly, the effect spoilt by his own grin.

“There’s not much ravishing I can do from here,” Daniel teased, tilting his hips slightly so that his erection rubbed against Jack’s, both of which were sandwiched between their stomachs.

Jack paused and thought about that for a moment. “True,” he conceded. He sighed, as if put out about that fact. “I guess it’s all up to me then.” Which, he hoped, would show Daniel just how much he was loved.

“What are you waiting for then?” Daniel provoked, making a calculated guess as to how to push Jack’s buttons. It worked - Jack caught his lips in a passionate kiss that left Daniel breathless when it finally ended. Of course, that could have been because Jack’s weight was pressing him into the bed. Then he gasped as Jack finally rocked his hips downwards; his skin tingled as delicious sensations flooded through him.

The next few minutes were spent gasping, pushing, and rolling around until Daniel ended up on top, all the time pressed together as much as possible. When they finally climaxed almost simultaneously, Daniel lay down on Jack’s chest, lost in a haze of pleasure. After a minute, he came back to himself and realised Jack was stroking his back, the touch creating more tingles in his body. He tried to move so that he wasn’t squashing his lover but his limbs didn’t want to co-operate. “I don’t think I can move,” he murmured.

“So don’t,” Jack stated, wanting the warm weight of his partner on him for awhile longer. He was silent for a few minutes more, arms wrapped around the slender body and just savouring Daniel’s presence, and then he said, “You good?”

“Yeah.” Daniel sighed then moved slightly so that his full weight wasn’t on Jack. “I’m good.” He was well on his way to putting the whole Williams incident behind him and when he had, he and Jack would be able to take things to the next level. Just so long as nothing else happened in the meantime.
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