Happiness is a warm heart by Whisper99
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Category: Jack/Daniel/Sam
Genres: Alternate Universe, Established Relationship, First Time, Pre-Slash
Rated: Mature
Warnings: Adult Themes
Series: Happiness Is
Summary: 8 Months after Sam and Jack get married, they realize something is missing from their lives.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Inspired by the Sam/Jack squee-athon thingie that's happening on livejournal.
"Well?" Sam asked him, taking his coat and hanging it up. Jack wouldn't look her in the eye as he stepped into the house and moved to sit on the couch in the living room. Her stomach tightened as she watched him reach to scratch at the back of his neck and now she wished she hadn't asked. She sat down next to him, softly taking his hand in hers and idly rubbing the back of his fingers, until she heard him clear his throat.

"He said yes."

Sam paused, then looked up at him, eyes wide in shock, stomach now doing backflips but of the happy kind.

"He did?!" Then she let go of his arm and punched him in the shoulder. "What the hell was that all about then? You came in here looking like you'd just lost your best friend!"

Jack laughed then and stood, pulling her up with him and hugged her tightly. "He said YES!"

Sam laughed as well, not able to help herself as Jack pulled her in for a kiss. She leaned into him, held him tightly, then looked up into those soft brown eyes and felt a lightness in her heart she hasn't felt since before she married Jack, all those many months ago.

"He's coming over tonight for dinner. Said he needed to pick something up for you, otherwise he would be home with us now," Jack told her, touching her face lightly. Sam nipped at his fingertips, then her eyes went wide.

"Oh my God! I *told* you we should have gotten the bigger bed!"
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