Christmas Flu Blues by storyhaus
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Summary: SG-1 come down with the flu at Christmas time

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Don't own 'em,don't make no money from 'em,don't wanna be sued.

Sam coughed and blew her nose as she sat up in bed. She put her slippers on and shuffled to
the bathroom,once done there she headed for the kitchen to make some tea,glad to be on the
backside of this flu. She recalled the day they returned from Belfron,a week ago,little did they
know not only had they brought back artifacts and dirt but a little flu bug courtesy of the
children of the planet,though to them it was no worse than a cold to an Earthling.
Daniel,having spent more time with the children, was the first to get sick,it lasted for two days
them he felt fine. Unfortunately now she,Teal'c and the General,who had joined them
off-world to a 'nice,quiet,little planet' all had it. Thankfully you had to actually come into contact
with those from the planet so it wasn't deemed contagious to the rest of the base or planet so
they were sent home to recover. She went to the kitchen and reached for the tea kettle when her
hand froze,she slowly turned back around and gaped at the festively decorated livingroom.
She had gotten a Christmas tree a few days before she got sick but hadn't felt like
decorating it obviously,here it was Christmas Eve and someone had taken up the task for her,
along with the rest of her livingroom. Shaking her head she reached for the phone.

Jack blew his nose and reached for the phone.


'Sir,it's me.'

"Thanks Carter. So what's up?"

'Someone was in my house--'

"Are you okay?!?"

'Yes,they decorated my tree and livingroom for Christmas.'

"Hmm..." Jack got up and made his way to the sunken livingroom.
"The decorator's been here too." Jack eyed the trimmed tree,colored paper chains and Santa's.


"Hold on,I need to get my cell."

Jack walked to the table where his cell phone and keys were.


'O'Neill,someone has decorated my quarters.'

"Hey Carter,looks like our Christologist hit Teal'c's too." He said into the other phone.


"Yeah,instead of collecting rocks he's taken up decorating." Jack smirked.



"Spreading Christmas cheer to his sick friends. You up for a visit to our Christologist?"

'I feel much better O'Neill.'

'Yeah,not great but enough to get out for a while.' Sam agreed.

"Meet you both at Danny's in an hour."

'I will see you then O'Neill.'

'Me too sir.'

"Bye kids." Jack hung up and smiled at the tree. "Thanks Daniel."

He headed to the bathroom whistling 'White Christmas'.

The trio converged on Daniel's at the same time.

"His trucks not here." Sam pointed out.

"It is almost dinnertime,perhaps he has gone for nourishment." Teal'c replied.

Jack led them into the house using his spare key.

"DanielJackson has not decorated his own tree."

"But he's got the ornaments and everything out." Jack grinned.


"Let's give the Christologist his own surprise." Jack looked at them.

The pair smiled,nodded and set to work following his lead.

"Looks good kids." Jack stepped back and examined it,he checked his watch and pulled his cell
out calling Daniel.

Sam frowned and went to the hall closet,she opened the door and dug through the coats.


They looked to see her holding the ringing phone.

"DanielJackson did not take his cell phone with him wherever he went." Teal'c stated the obvious.

"Okay,I'm hungry,let's see if he has anything to eat,we'll give him an hour then make some calls."
Jack decided.

The trio found the fridge well stocked and suspected Daniel was going to make them lunch tomorrow. They made sandwiches and found they were famished,the flu having dampened their appetites for the last several days.

One hour later they started calling hospitals and police stations. Jack even called the base in the off
chance that Daniel was there,he left orders for them to call if he did turn up.

"There's nothing else we can do kids." Jack said dropping into the chair.

"You think Daniel would mind if we crashed here?"

"You two take the couch." Jack replied and went to get blankets from the bedroom.
He looked at the empty room and sighed. Please be okay Daniel.

Jack stretched as he woke,he frowned for a moment then remembered he was at Daniel's,he
stood and headed for the bathroom,a glance at his watch revealed it to be 6:55.


"Hey T,Carter. Gonna use the bathroom then we'll go on an Archaeologist hunt." Jack said without

Sam and Teal'c stood and nodded and Sam headed for the kitchen to make coffee.


"What?" Jack turned back and Sam pointed to the table.

Jack saw the keys and hurried to the bedroom followed by the others. Relief flooded through them
to see Daniel asleep in his bed. Jack crept over and pulled the covers up over his friends bare arms.
Jack turned and motioned them back out then closed the door.

"New plan,go home, shower change and bring presents back?" He suggested.

"I can pick up breakfast." Sam offered.

"Danny has plenty." Jack shook his head.

"Okay,see you guys back here then." Sam nodded and left,Teal'c followed,and Jack,
giving one last check on Daniel,departed as well.

Daniel's nose twitched,his stomach rumbled and it made him wake. He inhaled deeply,coffee,
not unusual,but what is ...bacon! He sat up,looked at the clock which read 8 a.m. and tossed
the covers back. With a shiver he grabbed his robe and made his way to the door,opened it
and heard voices which made him smile.

"If he doesn't wake up soon I'm going to barge in there!" Sam threatened,mouth watering.

"That will not be necessary ColonelCarter."

She and Jack looked over to see Daniel.

"Merry Christmas." Jack grinned.

"Same to you guys." Daniel nodded as Sam handed him a mug of coffee and gave him a hug
to go with it.



"You decorated my quarters."

"You guys were all sick..." Daniel shrugged.

"Thank you." Teal'c bowed slightly.

"That goes for us too." Jack nodded.

"You're all welcome." Daniel smiled and nodded toward his own tree. "Thanks too."

"Let's eat." Jack said and led them to the table with the plates of food.

The foursome sat down to Christmas breakfast.


He looked at Jack.

"Hot date last night?"

"Maybe he was doing his Christology thing." Sam grinned.

"Spreading Christmas cheer." Teal'c nodded.

"So..." Jack repeated.

"I was with Janet."

"What?!?" Sam gasped.

"Oh! Uh...I mean Janet Wells."

"Janet Wells?" Teal'c asked.

"Airman Wells' daughter. His mom was rushed to the ER,they thought it was a heart attack but
thankfully it wasn't. With it being Christmas Eve and all...I was the only one available to stay
with her I guess. I got in around 5,surprised to see you guys here."

"We tried calling." Sam said.

"My phone never rang." Daniel frowned.

"Daniel." Jack tossed the phone to him.

"We located it in your coat pocket DanielJackson."

"Oh. I left so fast I didn't grab my coat." Daniel replied embarrassed.

"We were just worried." Sam squeezed his hand.

"Sorry." He met their eyes.

"Let finish up and open presents." Jack patted his shoulder.

They ate,loaded the dishwasher then Daniel took a quick shower and brought his gifts out,they
laughed and hugged and thanked each other.

Just as they were starting lunch the doorbell rang and Daniel went to answer it.

"Hi,come on in."

"Thanks,we can't stay,we're on our way to moms--"

"Hey Danny,you got any ginger?" Jack came over.


"At ease Wells." Jack nodded to his wife and child. "So that's Janet? She's cute."

"Thank you sir." Wells grinned at his daughter.

"We got you a gift." Marcie elbowed her husband.

"You shouldn't have." Daniel shook his head as Wells handed him an envelope.

"Certificate for coffee." Jack shook his head when Daniel opened it making Wells face fall.

"You got me one too! Not even worth as much." Daniel replied.

"I got you other stuff!" Jack punched him lightly.

"True." Daniel smirked.


"Look in the cabinet next to the fridge."

Jack headed back to the kitchen muttering under his breath.

"So that was General O'Neill?"

"Jack's got a lot of bark,not much bite unless you're...the enemy. Thank you for this" Daniel
answered playing with Janet's hand making her grin.

"Thank you. We need to get going. Merry Christmas,Doctor--"

Daniel cleared his throat and looked at Wells.

"Daniel." The man corrected himself with a smile.

"See you at work. Hey,stop in for a cup of real coffee."

"Maybe I will."

"Bye,thanks again." Marcie smiled and the family left.

Daniel closed the door and found Sam there.

"You know the best present I ever got?"

Daniel shook his head.

"Meeting a radical archaeologist."

Daniel laughed and blushed.

"Hey! Carter,you took my best present!" Jack complained slinging an arm around Daniel's

"I too consider DanielJackson a great gift." Teal'c bowed to his friend.

"Now that I'm thoroughly embarrassed." Daniel rolled his eyes.

"It's time for your eggnog!" Jack prodded him toward the kitchen.

Daniel got the ingredients out and looked at his friends.
You guys were my greatest gifts too,he thought with a smile.

"Tis the season to be jolly,fa la la la la,la la la la." He sang to himself and he made the drink.

Chapter End Notes:
Happy Holidays to all.
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