A Leg To Stand On by storyhaus
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Genres: Angst
Rated: Teen
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Summary: Daniel sustains a serious injury off-world

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Story Notes:
Written way before Continuum was a 'colonel' of an idea

Don't own 'em,don't make no money on 'em,don't wanna be sued.


"Have to go,someone's knocking at the gate. I will. Bye Jack." Landry hung up
and hurried down to the control room.

"It's SG-1." Walter informed him.

"It's only been an hour,that can't be good." Landry murmured and turned for the
phone alerting the Infirmary,he hung up and turned back as Sam ran through.

"WE NEED A MEDICAL TEAM!" She nearly screamed.

"On the way." Landry informed her and headed down to the gateroom.

Sam kept her eyes on the open gate then Landry saw the rest of her team come

"Oh sweet mother of God." He blurted.

"Take it easy Jackson." Cam squeezed his shoulder as he and Teal'c placed
their injured fourth on the floor. "Where're the medics?!?" He hissed toward Landry.

"Right here." Dr. Carolyn Lam answered and hurried up with a team,she swallowed
her shock and started rattling of instructions.

"Colonel,I need a preliminary report."

Cam stared at Daniel who was drifting in and out of consciousness.

"Colonel." Landry placed a hand on his arm.

"Yeah,right." Cameron replied dully and turned to him,Landry saw all the
blood covering his uniform...Daniel's blood.

Carolyn tuned everyone else out and concentrated on her patient.

"Daniel can you hear me?" She called looking at the injury.

Daniel lolled his head toward her voice but didn't respond otherwise.

"Who did the tourniquet?"

"I did." Sam replied.

"Let's get him up and to the O.R." The doctor ordered and turned to Sam.
"You probably saved his life." She smiled gently and hurried after the
gurneyed man.

Sam blinked back tears as the adrenaline wore off.

"You did well ColonelCarter,Daniel will live because of your actions." Teal'c
laid a hand on her shoulder.

"You three get cleaned up and get your exams,we'll do a full debrief once we hear
how he is." Landry ordered kindly.

The mobile members of SG-1 nodded and followed in their injured teammate's wake.

Landry turned and saw the pool of blood,shaking his head he left the room for the
control booth.

"Walter,have someone clean that up,none of us who witnessed their return need that

"Yes sir."

Landry sighed glancing at the people there,all were shaken too,he went up the
stairs to his office and picked up the phone.

Sam closed her eyes as the water rinsed the soap from her body...from her hands
for the third time to get rid of the blood.

'Well,we know the Ori and Ancients were all Alterans and they split off,going their separate ways and
forming their ideological disparate beliefs so ultimately anything we find on the Ancients could tell us more about--'

Sam jolted at the memory of Daniel walking and talking and how it all went so terribly
wrong. She broke down,her tears mixing with the shower as guilt overwhelmed her.


Cameron reached for the zipper on his jacket and yanked his hand away.
He looked at the red staining his fingers then down,his jacket and trousers
were sodden with Daniel's blood. His hand shook as he quickly stripped
off the dirty clothes. Grabbing his toiletries and towel he hurried to a shower
cubicle and rapidly washed the remains of his failure off.


He could still hear Sam's screams and stuck his head under the water to
drown her out.

That should be me. My God that should be me.

Teal'c finished his shower,passing Mitchell's cubicle on the way out.
He had undressed quickly,not waiting for his "C.O." As he returned to
his locker he went by the soiled clothes bin,the copper smell of blood
hit like a punch in the solar plexus,he stumbled to the bench and sat
down heavily.

How do we stop the bleeding?!?

Teal'c heard the fear in Mitchell's voice as he watched ColonelCarter
remove her belt and strap it above the injury to halt the bloodloss.

Teal'c visibly shook himself from the memory.

"I am sorry DanielJackson,I have failed you."


Landry stood at the observation window as the operation proceeded. He didn't want to
witness the scene below but owed it to the man on the table.

Daniel could talk...

Prattle. Daniel prattles Hank,he gives you way more information than you need so get him to cut
to the chase...but...always,always listen Hank. He knows what he's talking about,especially when it
comes to snakeheads and glow people,he was glowy himself for crying out loud! Listen to him Hank,
he's usually,okay,99.99 percent right.

"I'm glad Vala made him stay Jack." Hank sighed settling into a chair.

A few moments later he heard footsteps and looked over.

"Thought you'd be down there."

"Dr. Warner's the surgeon. He'll clean up as much as he can but..."

"Daniel has a tough time ahead."

Carolyn nodded.

"Sam." Cameron called.

"Hey, just finished too?" She asked waiting for them to catch up.

Teal'c nodded and the trio headed to the Infirmary.

Carolyn was paged and came to do their P.M.E.'s

"Try to get something to eat and some rest." She advised.

"Daniel..." Sam trailed off.

"Surgery could be a while yet. I'll come get you when he's in recovery."

"Thanks." Cam nodded and motioned for them to follow,which they did reluctantly.

"Okay,let's move him to recovery." Dr. Warner ordered and left the O.R.,he stripped
off his gown and wasn't surprised when Carolyn appeared. "Let's walk and talk."

She nodded and they discussed Daniel's surgery and recovery on the way to him.

Once the doctors made sure he was well sedated Carolyn called her father and his team
then walked back to Daniel.

"You hang in there Daniel. You have a lot of people to help you through this...you just
have to let them." She touched his pale face,checked his blood and I.V. bags,made
sure the lines were flowing into his veins properly before she turned and left to impart
the difficult news.

"Did Dr. Lam inform you of DanielJackson's condition?"

"I think she only wanted to do it once." Landry replied.

"I don't blame her." Cam agreed.

"I can still see..." Sam shook her head and took a deep breath.

Landry looked at the SGC's premier team and saw the haunted looks on their
faces,even Teal'c hadn't come away unscathed.

"Sir,he's on his way down." Walter stuck his head in.

"Thank you."

The Sergeant nodded and departed.

Carolyn arrived and pulled a chair out.

"We have someone joining us,hold your report til he gets here."

She nodded and poured herself a cup of coffee then retook her seat.
Trying to ignore the fertive looks sent her way,she gathered her thought to
tell them the news.

"How's Daniel?"

"Sir!" Sam exclaimed.

"General!" Cameron jumped to his feet and was waved down.

"O'Neill." Teal'c nodded as their old friend and comrade took the chair beside him.

"Carolyn was waiting for you." Hank replied and nodded to her.

"Daniel's left leg is gone. Dr. Warner repaired as much as he could but just couldn't save it.
Two inches below the knee on down. Daniel lost a lot of blood,we have him on I.V. and blood,
he's heavily sedated and we'll keep him that way for several days. This has been a tremendous
shock to his body so we need to give it time to recover. There's also the psychological impact...
you three know him far better than I do,how do you think he'll cope once we tell him about his leg?"

"DanielJackson is strong,he will recover form the loss of the limb."

"He's survived a lot." Sam agreed.

"The original bounce back kid." Jack nodded.

"Pardon me for jumpin' in here...but this isn't three weeks recovery and Jackson's back
on his feet. He lost a leg today,that'll effect everything in his life." Cam motioned toward
the window overlooking the gate.

"No longer a part of SG-1's travels." Landry agreed.

"That's all in the future,I'm talking about his immediate response to losing the limb."
Carolyn slowed them down.

"Contact mental health--"



"He's not gonna talk to them Hank,trust me on this. Let me,Carter and T handle
Daniel initially." Jack finished looking at Carolyn.

"Like I said,you know him better. We'll start lowering his meds in three days."

"How long are you here Jack?"

"Long as Danny needs me. The President said I could set up shop here.
He knows how important Daniel is to...everything."

Everyone,Sam thought meeeting his eyes.

"We shall help Daniel overcome this as well." Teal'c nodded.

"Alright,since you three are here let's debrief."

"I'd like to stay." Carolyn requested and Landry nodded,he noticed Jack didn't move

"We we're several clicks from the gate...it was warm,sunny...Jackson was going on
about the Ori and the Ancients,how anything Ancient we came across might be
useful to fight the Ori. He just stopped walkin' and talkin'..."

"I was a couple of yards away from him and I turned back to see why he'd stopped.
He had that look...the one he had on Kelowna after the...accident." Sam met Jack's

Jack nodded,the controlled panic in Daniel's voice as he informed them he'd stopped
the naquadria explosion using his bare hands,he pushed the memory to the back of his
mind as Sam continued with the narrative.

"He looked at his foot,then at me...I didn't understand,I started back to him...he..."
Sam barely held onto her composure.

"DanielJackson leapt at ColonelCarter. The mine exploded when he lifted his foot."
Teal'c finished.

"A pressure mine." Hank rubbed his face.

"I must have lost consciousness for a minute,I came to hearing Cam and Teal'c shouting
at us. I rolled over and saw Daniel...there was so much blood. I used my belt to try and
stop it."

"It saved his life Colonel. He would have bled out rapidly without that tourniquet." Carolyn iterated.

"After we got Jackson's leg gauzed and bandaged I sent Sam back to the gate,Teal'c and I
picked Jackson up and carried him back." Cameron shook his head. "It shoulda been me.
I was in charge of the mission,he was the civilian."

"You are mistaken ColonelMitchell,it is my duty to protect DanielJackson. I have failed."
Teal'c confessed.

"I should have stayed closer to him--"Sam started.

"Enough! The only one to blame is the one who put that mine there!" Jack snapped.

"He's right. Guilt isn't gonna change this." Landry agreed.

"Can we see him?" Jack asked Dr. Lam.

"For a few minutes." She nodded.

Landry dismissed them and Carolyn led them up a few floors.

Carolyn had warned them how pale he was from the bloodloss but it was still a shock.
Hard as they tried not too their eyes went to his leg,or what used to be his leg.
The flattened sheet on the lower left side brought lumps to their throats.

Sam caressed Daniel's cool hand and covered it trying to warm it.
You have to be okay Daniel,you always come back from the crap life dumps on you.

Jack laid a hand on his best friends shoulder.
You are my best friend Danny. I swear we'll get you through this.

Teal'c stood sentry at the end of the bed watching his friend.
I will see to it you are yourself again my friend.

Cameron looked at Daniel and shook his head slightly.
This is gonna be tough,I don't think they realize how tough...but I do.
Just hang in there Jackson,it's gonna be hard but I've seen all the
mission reports remember and I know you necer back down from a challenge.

"Okay,you've seen,you can come back later." Carolyn ordered and they slowly
but reluctantly left.

"Three days til he wakes...we all need to be here when he comes round." Jack looked
back at his friend.


"We all will be."Sam agreed looking at Cameron who nodded.
She knew he and Daniel were becoming friends and Daniel would need
all of them to move beyond this loss.


DAY 2-- 3:15 a.m.

The duty nurse checked her watch,forty-five minutes til Dr. Jackson's next sedative.
She gave a soft sigh,she really liked Dr. Jackson and felt for his situation.

The klaxons sounded and the p.a. blared to life.

'Medical personnel to the gateroom!'

She went to the door and watched a handful of her fellow nurses and doctors
headed down the corridor,they returned about twenty minutes later with SG-3
and several injured refugees.

"Nurse!" The doctor called to her and she hurried to assist.

Daniel swallowed and made a face. His hand clumsily went to his face and he found
an oxygen canule under his nose,that brought a frown and his eyes opened.
Turning his head he saw he was in his private room in the Infirmary.
How did I get here? He licked his lips but they were still dry,his throat was too
and he espied the water pitcher a foot away from the bed. He sat up slowly,
allowing the dizziness to pass. Ow! He winced as his leg hurt,looking down
he frowned at the flat sheet. Daniel pushed the cover back to rub the ache and
his eyes grew wide,his throat constricted and he started shaking uncontrollably.

Jack had tossed and turned all night,sleep eluding him,he got up and dressed
then went for a walk,he passed a few people in the hall as the clock ticked to
0500 hours. Not surprised to find himself near the Infirmary,he climbed the short
set of stairs to observation room.


Rushing into Daniel's room he pulled the shaking man into his arms and pushed
the call button repeatedly.

A nurse appeared and gasped.

"Do something!" Jack hissed.

The nurse injected the sedative into the I.V. and soon Daniel became heavy,
Jack laid him back down gently brushing the short hair.

"He's asleep now sir."

Jack gave her a chilling look.

"He shouldn't have been awake at all! Leave. Now."

The nurse swallowed and hurried from the room as Jack turned back to his friend.

"How much has this traumatized you?" Jack sighed and settled into the chair by the
bed,he wasn't leaving Daniel's side again.

0730 Hours

"How the hell did this happen?!?"

"He wasn't due for another dose til 4 a.m.. The nurse was called to help with SG-3 and the
Shanoahs...she lost track of time."

"And he woke up to find his leg missing! If Jack hadn't shown up..."

"I take full responsibility."

"Let's hope the damage to Daniel's head isn't permanent! When do you plan on bringing
him around?"

"Tomorrow morning."

"Just make sure it doesn't happen until then and that his team and Jack are with him."
Landry sat down making it clear she was dismissed.

Carolyn left. She wasn't pleased about this either but she couldn't reprimand the nurse
too severely since she was ordered by the doctor on call to assist. She was just as concerned
about Daniel's well-being as they were after Jack's angry debrief on the early morning's events.

"Rake you over the coals?"

"Pretty much." She sighed as Cam boarded the elevator with her.

"Just an accident. Jackson's tough."

"The General said he was in shock. I can't even begin to know how he'll react when
we bring him around."

They rode the rest of the way in silence.

"So it's settled?"

Sam and Teal'c nodded.

Jack looked at Daniel,who was peacefully sedated,a far cry from this morning,he sighed.

They heard footsteps and looked over to see Mitchell and Dr. Lam coming their way.

"You should all get some breakfast,I won't wake him til tomorrow morning." She told them.

"You and ColonelCarter must have sustenance,I will stay O'Neill."

"I'll be near-by--"

"We won't be long T." Jack cut Carolyn off.

Teal'c nodded and the two officers left.

"What was that all about?" Cam asked him.

"DanielJackson shall not be left alone again."

"Alright." Carolyn nodded and left the men.

"She's just as upset as we are ya know."

"As she should be."

"I'm gonna grab some breakfast too."

Teal'c nodded and Cameron left with a silent sigh.

"Hey,you okay?" He asked seeing Carolyn in the hall.

"I screwed up and don't blame for being ticked with me." She sighed tiredly.

"They were together a long time."

"I know. I have a feeling he'll need all of you too."


DAY 4--8:20 a.m.

Daniel let out a soft sigh.

"Daniel?" Jack called.

"Time to wake up Daniel." Dr. Lam said checking his eyes with her penlight.

He scowled and turned his head.

"Let's see those 'drop-dead,make the nurses swoon' baby blues." Jack coaxed
patting Daniel's cheek.

"Don't." He mumbled.

"Then open your eyes." Jack replied.


"Your eyes hury?" Carolyn asked.

Daniel jerked his head in the negative.

"Leg. Thirsty." He muttered.

Daniel heard water being poured and squinted. Jack raised the head of the bed
and held the straw to his mouth.

"Thanks." He murmured once he'd drank it all.

Sam sat on the bed,Daniel's left side,to block his view of his leg.

"Do you remember what happened?" Carolyn asked.

"Explosion on...P...something."

"P2J-994." Sam supplied.

"Daniel--" Carolyn started.

"Leg still hurts."

"I gave you something before you woke. Daniel,you need to listen to me--"

"Still tired." He shook his head.

Jack gripped his chin and gently turned his face making Daniel look at him.
The younger man had never wanted things sugarcoated so he wouldn't do that to him now.

"Daniel...you lost your leg in the explosion. The left one, just below the knee."

Daniel didn't respond and the others cast worried glances to each other.

"How long do I have to stay here?"

"A few more days then we'll transfer you to the Academy Hospital for therapy and to discuss
your options."

"I'm tired."

"Get some rest."

"I'll stay--" Jack offered.

"I'm fine."


"I don't need a babysitter!" Daniel snapped and pulled away closing his eyes.

"Let's leave him to his rest." Carolyn said and motioned them to go.

"Someone should stay..." Jack looked back once they were in the hall.

"I think he needs time to cope." Cameron said.

"I agree." Carolyn nodded.

"I shall remain should he need anything." Teal'c replied.

"How is Daniel?" Landry asked joining them.

"We just told him." Jack sighed.


"It's hard to tell,maybe he just needs time,like Cam said." Sam answered.

"Jack,I just heard from George Hammond,he wants you to call him." Landry said.

Jack nodded tiredly.

"Colonel's,I need to discuss another matter with you."

Everyone left,save Teal'c,who stood watch at the door. He looked in at Daniel who appeared
to be sleeping but Teal'c knew him well enough,saw him asleep enough times to know he wasn't.
He wished he could say or do something to help his friend. He decided to try kel-no-reem later
to help him ponder that.

Daniel furrowed his brow,his leg still hurt! He could feel the damn thing!
Phantom limb. He heard of it,even read about it.
I never thought this would happen to me! Why me?!?
He sat up and pushed the cover back. The sob never passed his lips
upon seeing the bandage where his leg now ended. He squeezed his eyes
shut and flopped back. He didn't want anyone around,he just wanted to be
alone to deal with this loss too.

Jack sighed as he hung up,he made his way out of Landry's office and up to the
Infirmary level.

"O'Neill." Teal'c nodded.

"He asleep?"


"I need to talk to him."

Teal'c nodded and left.

Jack looked in,Daniel's eyes were closed but a glance at his clenched hands
lent creedance to Teal'c saying Daniel wasn't asleep. Jack walked over to the bed.


Daniel didn't answer.

"I know you're not asleep."


"I have to go back to D.C. for a couple days--"

"So go."

"Daniel,everything'll be--"

"Alright Jack?" Daniel glared at him. "Got another leg in your General's closet Jack?!? Gonna give me YOUR LEG?!?"
Daniel shouted at him.

"Daniel,we'll find a way to fix--" Jack bit off the resy of the sentence at Daniel's glare.

"Fix this Jack? You're so good at fixing things aren't you?!? Yeah,the Great Jack O'Neill,'we'll get Sha're
back!',and hey,Daniel's 'not crazy,it's just stress',yet you let MacKenzie fix me with a padded cell and drugs!
You fixed that foundation too didn't you?!? 'Shut up Daniel','I don't want to hear it Daniel' YOU'RE SO GOOD
AT FIXING EVERYTHING!" Daniel yelled at him.

"General,you need to leave." Carolyn rushed in hearing Daniel.


"Dr. Jackson,calm down!" Carolyn ordered.

Jack stared at Daniel in shock then it turned to anger.

"You don't need or want me here,fine! Good-bye Daniel!" He spat and stalked out.

Carolyn gave Daniel a shot.

"It's a sedative--"

"Leave me the hell alone! All of you!" Daniel snapped and rolled over,back to the door.

Jack packed his things,left the base and didn't look back as his plane headed for D.C.
Damn you Daniel! Do this on your own then! Daniel's words of condemnation had brought
up all his failures. He'd promised they'd find Sha're and bring her home. He'd left Daniel in
Mental Health fighting for his sanity. He'd told Daniel the friendship things was solid then
turned around months later to cut him off at the knees--

"Oh God,don't think that!" He berated himself,the sight of the flattened sheet where's
Daniel's leg should have been had left an enormous lump in his throat.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Whatever was going on in D.C. would
need his full attention.

"Daniel really laid into the General?" Sam shook her head as they looked at their
friend in the room below.

"That is not like Daniel." Teal'c frowned.

"He's never lost a limb before." Cam sighed.

"I sedated him,he'll probably sleep the rest of the day." Carolyn informed them.

"Thought you'd all be here,I need to speak to you."

"About Daniel's outburst sir?" Sam asked the General.

"No. SG-9 missed their last two check-ins. the M.A.L.P. didn't show anything unusual
but they haven't responded to hails. Three teams are on medical leave,the others are
off-world. I wouldn't ask," He motioned toward Daniel," but I need someone to check this

"Let's get geared up." Cameron nodded and led them down the stairs.

"Keep me updated." Landry ordered looking at Daniel then left too.

Carolyn turned back to the window and sighed.


SG-1 stepped out of the gate and looked around,the M.A.L.P. was sitting close to the gate.

Sam went to the DHD.


"What oh?"

"Center crystal is busted." She informed them.

"Explains why they couldn't phone home but not why they aren't here to answer our calls.
We have three hours beofre check-in,let's see what we can find out." Cameron ordered and
nodded to Teal'c to take point.

They moved along,intermittently attempting to contact SG-9.

Hearing a noise they had weapons ready when a man hurried up.

"You are with Colonel Willowby yes?"

"Yeah,we're lookin' for 'em." Cam nodded.

"They are ill...inshara. Come."

He led them to a small village. The natives there murmured and pointed as the man
took then to a hut.

"Willowby? It's Mitchell."

"It's okay,we're not contageous." Willowby replied.

Cameron opened the door,he looked at Teal'c,silently telling him to watch their six as
he and Sam went inside.

"Are you all sick?" Sam asked taking off her pack.

"Yeah. Inshara...I think it was the rain. Beruni said it rains twice a year,brings inshara,they
take to the caves til it's past. Damn thing started an hour after we got here."

"That must be why the DHD's busted." Mitchell nodded.

"The storm was bad." Willowby agreed.

Sam checked the men and gave them oral antibiotics hoping it helped.

"The DHD's gone sir?" Captain LeShane frowned.

"Center crystall but Landry expects us for check-in..." Mitchell glanced at his watch.
"An hour thirty. Teal'c and I'll go back,let them know. Sam,keep an eye on our guys here."

"I'll see what I can find out about the inshara too." She nodded and handed the men some water
and nutrition bars.

"See you guys later." Cam bade and he and Teal'c headed for the gate.

"How long do you think it will be?" Lieutenant Ramsey asked Sam.

"They'll need to send a ship...probably a couple of days to get the Prometheus out here."

"A couple of days is do-able." Willowby replied.

"Yes sir." Ramsey nodded.

"Besides,that horror movie comes out them Nick." Dr. Allen Barkley elbowed Ramsey.

"Psycho-Nuthouse 3?"

"Nah,Whirlpool Weirdo 2."

"Oh,didn't really like that one. I mean,who'd believe an overweight guy that fixed hottubs was a killer?"

Sam smiled at their banter,they reminder her of SG-1,her thoughts turned to Daniel and her
heart felt heavy.

We'll never have this off-world again.


Cameron checked his watch and waited,five minutes later the gate opened on schedule.


"Got a couple of problems General. SG-9 is sick,something the folks 'round here
call ishara. The DHD is out of commission,think we can get a ride?" Cameron looked into the M.A.L.P.

' I'll dispatch the Prometheus,it'll be a few days.'

"Thank you sir."

' Is this illness contageous? ' Carolyn asked.

"Willowby said it comes in the rain twice a year,the folks 'round here take to the caves when
the storms come. That's what took out the DHD by the way. Sam's given the team antibiotics."

' Okay,make sure they eat and stay hydrated,I'll pass your information along to Dr. Meyer's.'

"Will do."

'See you in a few days Colonel.'

"How is DanielJackson?" Teal'c asked.

"Just about to ask that myself." Cameron nodded.

'Still sedated. Like I said,he won't wake til tomorrow.' Carolyn answered.

"Tell him we'll see him in a few days." Cameron requested.

' I will.'

' SGC out.' Landry signed off.

The gate shut down and Cam turned to Teal'c.

"Let's get back to Sam." He motioned and they started for the village.



Daniel slowly regained consciousness,hearing footsteps he feigned sleep.

"Dr. Jackson's still asleep."

"He should be coming 'round soon."

He recognized the voices of nurses Henry and Evans.

"Dr. Lam will be here in a bit,she's gonna tell him his team is off-world then." Nurse Evans
said sympathetically.

"They won't be back for a couple of days yet." Nurse Henry replied.

"Can you help us?"

"What happened?"

He heard several footsteps move off.

"Sergeant Siler dropped his wrench on his foot...you know...the really big one."

"Not again." Nurse Henry sighed.

The voicess faded and he pulled himself into a ball

My team is off-world without me. No,they aren't my team anymore.
They'll get a new fourth and I'll be just a former team member.

Daniel's heart plummeted in despair at what he'd lost...and what would become
of him now.

The bricks started to be laid into place.

Carolyn checked her watch,she had gotten waylaid by Dr. Warner about Siler's injury
so she was late checking on Daniel,who should be awke by now.

"Morning Daniel." She greeted cheerfully and came around the side of the bed.
She saw his eyes were open but unfocused and touched his arm. "Daniel?"
She frowned when he didn't respond,she used her penlight and checked him.
"Daniel." She said softly and squeezed his arm before walking away.

General Landry had just sat down with his coffee when the phone rang.


' It's me. Daniel isn't doing so well,he's completely withdrawn,no response to
external stimuli. I know General O'Neill doesn't want a psyche eval but this isn't
my field.'

"Alright,it's your call."

' Thank you.' Carolyn replied and hung up.

Landry pressed the disconnect then dialed another number.

"This is General Landry,is he in? With the President? No,I'll call back later."
Landry hung up,shook his head and left his office.

As the elevator opened for him to step aboard the klaxons went off so he
headed back the way he'd come and went to the control room.


"SG-15 coming in hot sir!"

"Look sharp!" He ordered to the S.F.'s below as they rushed into the gateroom.

The banged up team rang through and dove for cover. Two natives came right on their
heels firing their weapons and the S.F.'s shot them as the gate closed.


The crouching Sergeant turned and gasped.

"General!" He rushed over as another technician grabbed the phone to call for a medic.

"Just a flesh wound. Help me up."

Walter looked at the General's arm dubiously but assisted none the less.



"Contact SG-2...Reynolds..." Landry got out before his eyes rolled up and two technicians
caught him as he passed out when the medics arrived.

Carolyn hung up from speaking to Dr. MacKenzie and rubbed her neck,something about
the man bugged her,he was...condescending.

She turned toward the door of her office when the klaxons went off,seconds later medics
were being paged to the gateroom. She met up with nurses and orderlies and they piled
into the elevator to descend several floors.

Once they reached level 28 she started for the gateroom when she heard herself being
called up the stairs so she changed directions and hurried up.

"He was shot." Walter informed her when she knelt beside her father and quickly went to work.

They got Landry to the Infirmary,SG-15 trailing,the two natives were taken to the morgue
to be examined later.

Dr.Warner was waiting and they rushed Landry to surgery,Carolyn went to the
observation window above and listened in.

"How is he?"

Carolyn turned to Colonel Reynolds in surprise,a glance at the clock told her she'd been
there almost an hour and a half.

"We're done,Dr.Lam. We'll get him set up in recovery." Warner looked up at her.

"I'll meet you there." She nodded,rose and motioned Reynolds to follow.

Warner settled the General in and turned to see the pair at the door.

"He lost a lot of blood,it nicked an artery. He'll be here a few days." Warner informed them,
mostly to Reynolds since Carolyn would know by watching the procedure.

"Guess I'd better get downstairs then." The Colonel nodded and left them.

Carolyn went over to her father.

"Never a dull minute with you,is there?"

She squeezed his shoulder and left,going to Daniel's room.

"Can I help you?" She asked seeing an older man examining Daniel.

"I'm Dr. MacKenzie. How long has Daniel been like this?"

"Since I checked on him this morning."

"Have you checked for chemical imbalances?"

"He lost his leg,I would think it's more psychological."

"I'll run the tests at the academy,please get him prepared to go." He ordered.

With a frown she nodded.



"It will be good to be home." Cameron sighed joining Sam in the mess hall
aboard the ship.

"Yeah,I want to see Daniel." Sam nodded.

"As do I." Teal'c joined them.

"Me three." Cam nodded.

"I'm glad LeShane had the video camera,all those glyphs,Daniel will have a field day." Sam added.

"Indeed. It will give him something to focus on other than his injury."

"Get him back in the game,that's the way to go." Cameron agreed.

They finished eating and went to their separate quarters,they would be home by the next afternoon.

Carolyn watched her fathers eyes open.

"How do you feel?"


"You lost a lot of blood."

"Our guests?"

"The S.F.'s..."

He nodded at her unspoken words of their demise.

"SG-15 are fine,banged and bruised but fine. Colonel Reynolds is holding down the fort."

Landry nodded,his eyes drooping.

"Get some more rest."

His eyes slid closed and she rose.

In a way she was glad,she didn't have to tell him the bad news yet.

"Dr. Jackson,I'm going to give you something to help you sleep."

Daniel laid on the bed unresponsive to Dr. MacKenzie. The doctor had fastened the leather
straps around the young mans wrists should he turn violent. The psychiatrist watched his eyes
close as his body gave into the drug.

"Let's start him on the anti-depressants."

"Yes doctor."

MacKenzie left satisfied,he knew the genius was on the precipice,his psyche profile was
loaded with that indication from the time his parents died.

All those things he's seen and done since becoming a part of the SGC only pushed him closer
to the edge. I made a misdiagnosis once,I won't make that same mistake again.

"I will help you this time Daniel."

"Where's Dr.Lam?" Landry asked.

"SG-5 and SG-12 came back with injuries sir,she's tending to them." The nurse answered adjusting
his I.V.

"Dinner?" He guessed as a meal was delivered.

"Yes sir." She nodded.

"Let Colonel Reynolds know I want to see him."

The nurse nodded and left him alone to eat his meal,he lifted the cover and grimaced at the bland food.
With a sigh he ate it and waited for Reynolds to appear. His arm twinged and he wondered how long
he'd have to wear the sling. His thoughts turned to SG-15,relieved they were okay. Any good commander
would prefer to be hurt than to see his subordinates suffering.


"Colonel Reynolds,come on in."

"How are you feeling sir?"

"Sore. Give me an update before the painkiller knock me out."

"SG-5 and 12 are in the main Infirmary,Airman Beckett broke his ankle and Captain Castillo
got bitten by a snake. The refugees that came through with SG-3 have been released and sent
home. SG-11 reports negotiations are going well. SG-8 and 10 have each made contact with
natives. SG-13 is due to check in at 1900,none of the others until tomorrow."

"SG-1 and 9?"

"They'll be home tomorrow afternoon."

Landry nodded and stifled a yawn.

"You should get some sleep sir."

"I think I will."

"Night sir." Reynolds removed the tray and headed for the door.

Landry settled back and closed his eyes.


DAY 7--1130 Hours

Jack finished his report and initialed it. His eyes fell to the photo of SG-1 on his desk...
to Daniel. He'd had time to think over the lasr few days,time to cool off at Daniel's cruel
words. Rising,he stretched and started for the door when the intercom sounded.
He went back to the desk and pressed it down.


'General Landry is on line two sir.'

"Thanks." He pushed the right button and picked up the phone.

'Jack...sorry to be the bearer of bad news...Daniel's in Mental Health--'


'Jack,calm down! Carolyn didn't have any choice,he completely shut down and
she's not a psychiatrist.'

"Hank,did you read the report on the Linvris?" Jack bit back his anger.

'Refresh my memory.'

"MacKenzie misdiagnosed Daniel badly. Daniel doesn't trust him at all,why in the hell
do you think he'll talk to that quack?!? I want Carter and Teal'c with him til I get there!"

'They're due back within the hour.'

"Due back?"

' They've been off-world a few days.'

"So no one has been with Daniel this whole time?!? Damn it Hank,I trusted you to look
after him!"

'He's not a child Jack!'

"He's still one of my kids! I'll be out there this afternoon!"

Landry frowned hearing the dial tone.

"Great,Jack's gonna chew my ass." He sighed and hung up,looking up he
saw Carolyn. "Tell me you're releasing me."

"Not just yet."

"I've got a base to run."

"You lost a lot of blood." She retorted.

"I'm gonna lose a lot more than that when Jack gets here."

"You told him about Daniel?"

"Oh yes,my ear is still ringing. He said MacKenzie misdiagnosed Daniel before."

"I'll reread his medical file." She frowned then checked him over and left.

Sam smiled at Teal'c as she joined him in the Infirmary,they,along with SG-9,were beaming
directly to the SGC in about ten minutes...if Cameron showed up. Her eyes went to the door.

"I'm sure ColonelMitchell will arrive momentarily."

"That obvious?" She smirked.

"I too wish to see DanielJackson."

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. He yelled at the General,Siler said the General
was pretty angry when he left."

"DanielJackson's behavior is most unusual."

"I can't even begin to understand what he's feeling,losing Jolinar was...he lost his leg Teal'c,he'll
never be the same."

"His body won't be the same." Cameron replied joining them.

Sam sighed and nodded.

' Bridge to Infirmary.'

"Go ahead sir." Dr. Meyer answered.

' We're over Cheyenne Mountain. Is everyone ready?'

"Eight to beam down Scotty." Cameron smirked.

' Roger that Jim.'

Cameron and Sam chuckled while Teal'c arched an eyebrow,they disappeared a moment
later in a beam of white light.

The nurse turned and jumped back in surprise.

"Let Dr. Lam know SG-9 is back." Dr.Meyer said.

"Yes sir." She went ot the phone.

"Guess we'd better stick around to get post exams." Cameron unclipped his backpack
and took off his P-90.

Carolyn showed up a moment later and discussed SG-9's care with Dr. Meyer who settled
them into beds since they all were responding to antibiotics. She turned her attention to SG-1,
drawing blood,giving them the usual once over after a mission.

"Let's check in with the General." Cam said.

"He's around the corner."

"Is GeneralLandry unwell?" Teal'c asked.

"Not so friendly natives shot him in the arm."

"Is he going to be okay?" Sam inquired.

"I'll release him tomorrow." Carolyn nodded and led them to his room.
"Look who's back."

"SG-9?" Landry questioned.

"They'll be fine." Carolyn nodded.

"Good." He turned to his first team and sighed. "I have some bad news...
Daniel shut down the day you left,we had to bring in Mental Health."

"With your permission,we'll change and go see him." Cameron requested seeing the looks
of dismay and anger on his teammates faces.

"Granted. Tell him I'll be by in a few days." Landry nodded.

"Will do." Cameron replied and led his team out.

They returned their weapons to the ordinance master then went to the locker room.
Fifteen minutes later they were dressed in civilian clothes,Teal'c wearing a fedora,
and they headed to the Academy Hospital.

The trio walked in silence to the nurses desk.

"Were here to see Daniel Jackson." Cameron said to the nurse on duty.

"I'll page Dr. MacKenzie." The nurse said and picked up the phone,her voice carried
through the p.a. system,the psychiatrist appeared five minutes later.

"Please take us to DanielJackson's room."

"I'm not allowing visitors at this time."

"How is he doing?" Sam asked.

"He's still unresponsive. I've got him on anti-depressants and we're keeping a close
eye on him."

"So how long before we can see him?" Cam asked.

"I don't have a definitive answer." MacKenzie looked at his pager.
"Excuse me,I have another patient to see." He said and headed back down the hall.

Cameron led them to the parking lot.

"I do not believe DanielJackson will recover here." Teal'c frowned.

"I agree,but what can we do?" Sam asked,haunted by the memory of Daniel in the
padded room from six years ago.

Neither of the men had an answer as they climbed into Teal'c truck.

Sam sighed,she couldn't concentrate on her work.

The worst place for Daniel is with MacKenzie! He'll never recover!

Her phone rang and she glared at it then snatched it off the hook.


' Good thing I like you Carter. '


' Get your team and meet me at the Academy Hospital.'

"MacKenzie won't let us see him sir."

' So he thinks. You have thirty Carter.'

"Sir--" She frowned at the dial tone then set off to find the others.

Jack pulled up outside the hospital relieved to see SG-1 there. He needed their help to
pull this off.

"General." Cam came to attention.

"Let's go." Jack nodded and led them inside and to the desk.
"Daniel Jackson's room please." He smiled pleasantly.

"He's not allowed visitors,Dr. MacKenzie told them that." The nurse replied.

"Then get me Dr. MacKenzie."

The nurse frowned but paged the psychiatrist.

"Colonel's...oh,General,as I told your former team,I don't feel Daniel is prepared
for visitors at this time and as you know I have the final say on his care."

"Really? Well,see,I spoke to your boss and he's agreed to release Daniel into
my care."

"I haven't heard from Dr. Tarlington." MacKenzie frowed.

"Oh...not him." Jack pulled his cell and punched in a number.
"Yes,it's me,I have Dr. MacKenzie..." Jack handed the phone over to the medic.

MacKenzie frowned but took it.

"Hello? Sir! Sir,I advise against his release at this time--"
MacKenzie didn't speak for several minutes. "You are sir. Yes sir."
MacKenzie handed the phone back to Jack.

"Sir? I will sir,thank you for your help. Bye sir,I'll see you then."
Jack hung up and looked at the shrink.

"I'll get him prepared to travel." He frowned.

"We'll come with." Jack motioned the team to follow.

"So...who'd ya call?" Cameron asked under his breath.

"The Head Honcho,the Big Cheese,the Big Kahuna." Jack smirked.

"O'Neill?" Teal'c asked.

"Sir,you didn't!" Sam gaped.

Jack grinned and followed MacKenzie into the room.

"Hey Dannyboy,we're here to bust ya out. Teal'c get him up,put that blanket around him.
Carter,MItchell,find a wheelchair." Jack instructed.

"I need to get his next dose before you leave." MacKenzie said as the pair left to get
Daniel's ride.

"Nope. Daniel went the drug route once with you." Jack refused as Sam and Cam returned
with the chair.

"Get the tubes out of him."

"I--" MacKenzie started to protest.

"I believe you've been relieved of responsibility for Daniel." Jack arched an eyebrow at him.

MacKenzie gave him a look but removed the I.V.

"Alright T."

The Jaffa easily lifted Daniel from the bed and placed him in the chair,Sam fixed his foot.

"Let's move out." Jack ordered.

The foursome took their friend away from the hospital and never looked back.

Carolyn hung up the phone with a frown and walked to her fathers room.

"Did you know about this?"

"About what?"

"General O'Neill and SG-1 took Daniel from the hospital...authorized by the President."

"Jack." Hank couldn't help but smile. "I'd better find out where they're going with him."
He reached for the phone and called his office to get their cell numbers,Reynolds told
him he'd just spoken with General O'Neill and was told they were coming back to the
mountain and to have the back door open for them. He hung up and looked at Carolyn.
"They're on the way here. Let's go meet them."

Carolyn sighed and retrieved a wheelchair,she hooked his I.V. and blood bag to the pole
and they set off.

"Almost home Daniel." Sam rubbed his arm,worry etched in her face at his non-responsiveness.

"Relax Carter. He'll come 'round when he's ready,won't you Daniel?" Jack glanced in the rearview mirror
at him then refocused on the road ahead.

Sam continued to rub Daniel's arm in silent support,it was unnerving to see him so quiet.
His enthusiasm was so contageous,she'd often found herself grinning at him.

They showed I.D. at the checkpoint and drove up the mountain,Teal'c and Mitchell following.

Once they parked they got Daniel settled into the chair again and wheeled him to the door
where the S.F. stood.

The S.F. opened the door and Landry and Lam came out.

"Only you could get away with this Jack." Hank shook his head.

"Anything for a friend." Jack replied squeezing Daniel's shoulder.
"So what happened to you?" He asked as they went inside.

"Not so friendly native." Hank rolled his eyes.

Carolyn led them to the Infirmary where she settled Hank back into bed then
motioned SG-1 to another room where she examined Daniel.

"Think he can get a V.I.P. room?" Jack asked.

"He needs to be on an I.V."

Jack motioned her away from Daniel.

"When he breaks,he's gonna be embarrassed,better to have him away from prying eyes."

"He needs a psychiatrist--"

"He needs his friends. We'll get him through this." He gave her a look.

"Alright." She sighed.

"Hey Danny,you get your own room." Jack joked as they went back to him.

Carolyn gathered her supplies,Cam got the pole she motioned to and they took
Daniel to a room.

Jack suggested split shifts,volunteering for the first one til Reynolds came by and
said General Hammond needed to talk to him.

"Be back Daniel." He patted the sleeping mans shoulder and left.

"I will remain with DanielJackosn so you may perform your duties."

"Thanks,we'll be by later." Cameron nodded and the women left with him.

"DanielJackson,I once told you that if you left us,the Tau'ri would lose one of their
greatest warriors...and I,one of my greatest friends. It as true now as it was then.
You must fight Daniel,you are needed by the SGC and your friends." Teal'c said
quietly and sat on the bed resting his hand on Daniel's arm in silent support.

Jack sighed as he stepped off the elevator,he'd been gone almost two hours,Hammond had
set up a conference call with the Pentagon.



"We were going to lunch,see if Teal'c wanted anything." Cameron said.

"We'll check on the big guys then go eat. I'll stay with Daniel this afternoon."

Sam nodded to her former CO and they went ot Daniel's door,she knocked softly and heard
Teal'c's call to enter.

"We're gonna get some lunch,you guys hungry?" Jack asked.

Teal'c arched an eyebrow looking at Daniel.

"Daniel,you hungry? Got to tell us." Jack coaxed.

The man in the bed remained silent.

"T?" Jack asked trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"I am fine O'Neill."

"Okay. Last call Danny."

Still no response.

"I'll be back after I eat." Jack said and they left.

The trio were lost in there own thoughts as they ate. None of them wanted to lose Daniel,even
Cameron had been building a friendship with him and wanted to keep it. They finished lunch and
were almost back to Daniel's room when Walter intercepted them.


"For crying out loud!"

"The Pentagon sir." Walter said non-plussed.

"I'll stay with him." Sam smiled sympathetically.

Jack sighed,nodded and followed Walter.

"I'll come by later for my turn." Cam said and left.

Sam knocked softly,Teal'c called out and she entered.

"My turn."

Teal'c rose,bowed and left her to sit with their friend.

"Hey Daniel,I know the General said he'd be back but the Pentagon called, so...."
She ran a hand through his hair. "We still need you. I still need you. Who else
can I come to at three a.m. with a problem or theory? I love you Daniel,you are
a brother to me,you let me be Sam...the only one who really can on base. Please
come back to us."

Cam checked his watch and knocked.

Sam's voice called out and he opened the door and went inside.

"Go get some coffee or somethin'."

She nodded,kissed Daniel's cheek and rose.

"I'll be back later Daniel." She said and left.

Cameron pulled a chair over and sat,he studied Daniel,who's eyes were opened but
he remained unseeing.

"I got somethin' to say and I hope ya hear me. I admire you. Hell,I'm in awe of you Jackson!
I've read every mission report and all the crap you've survived just amazes me. Ya always
came back,why is now different? Is it the leg or somethin' more? My dad lost both his legs
in a flight accident when I was a kid. I was scared that he'd be different when I walked into his
room...but ya know what,he wasn't. He was still my dad,his heart and head were still the same
as before,only his legs were different and like he once told me, ' Cam,my legs aren't who I am.'
Same for you Jackson,we still need you workin' on these mysteries. I knew you'd figure out that
Merlin thing and ya did. There's a heck of a lot more out there for you to figure out...you're
probably the only one who can."

Jack rose and rubbed his face,a glance at the clock and he scowled,it was after six.

A quick bite and a visit to Daniel.

He made a point to avoid Reynolds and Walter,arriving in the mess hall uncornered by either.

Espying Sam and Teal'c he went over,they talked about Daniel,there had been no change.

Jack finished dinner and relieved Mitchell who informed him Daniel had been sedated to get
some sleep.

The older man sat in the chair reminding Daniel of all the crap they'd overcome,then he washed up
and laid on the bed beside Daniel,offering a silent prayer they could reach him,before dozing off.


Day two was much the same,SG-1 took turns with Daniel.

Jack had one meeting in the briefing room then sat with Daniel from dinner on.

"Ya know,I was really pissed with you for what you said...til I figured out why you did it.
I know you're scared but what's gonna happen now that you have one less leg?
The SGC didn't hire you for your legs Dannyboy. I don't...love you...because of the legs."
Jack leaned over him and squeezed his arm. "We need you. I need you. Come back to
us Daniel. Whenever you're ready,we're all here."

Jack looked over at the knock on the door.

"Come in."

Carolyn came and gave Daniel a sedative,watching his eyes close.

"His body needs to rest so it can heal...so does his mind. I'm concerned about his weight
though,if he doesn't respond soon...I'll need to put a feeding tube in." She sighed.

Jack nodded,rubbing Daniel's arm.

"I'll check on him again in the morning. The nurse will be in to change his waste bag
in an hour."

Carolyn left them alone,Jack covered Daniel then turned in himself,hoping the next day
would be the turning point.


Day three was no different and Carolyn said she'd give him one more day then they would have
to go with the feeding tube.

SG-1 all took turns sitting with him,coaxing him to return to them,Landry even spoke to the
unresponsive man.

"Come on Daniel,you want a feeding tube? Trust me,they aren't fun." Jack sighed.

Carolyn put him to sleep again saying she'd bring the tube in the morning.

Jack laid awake next to Daniel a long time that night before sleep finally claimed him.

Jack,help me!

Daniel? Daniel where are you?!?

Help me! I'm drowning Jack!


Jack heard soft sniffing and tried to follow it,he surfaced from the dream and listened.

Lifting his head ever so slightly and gave the room a once over.

No one else is here and it's not me so...

"Daniel?" He asked softly as he turned on the bedside lamp,he turned to his friend and saw
eyes screwed shut on a tear streaked face.

Jack gently rolled him over and placed a hand on his cheek.

"I'm sorry,I didn't mean it Jack! Without two legs what use am I ?!?"

"Danny." Jack shook his head and pulled Daniel into his arms.

"You're scared of losing everything. SG-1,your position...oh Daniel." Jack rocked him
as Daniel sobbed his fears nodding against him.

Jack held him and reassured him over and over until he realized Daniel had cried himself
to sleep.

Gently placing Daniel back down,sudden exhausted hit Jack and he slid down too.

Daniel gravitated to him and Jack wrapped protective arms around him.

You might not go through the gate again but you will not lose the work,I promise Danny.

Carolyn stepped off the elevator and ran into Cam.

"Goin' my way?" He smiled.

"If you're going to see Daniel." She nodded.

"What's on the cart?"

"Feeding tube."

"Does he have to?"

"He's already lost weight,he can't lose any more."

Cam sighed and knocked lightly when they reached the VIP room.

They exchanged looks when there was no answer.

Cam opened the door and they saw the men sleeping.


Jack woke instantly.


"Don't go! I didn't mean it!"

Jack rubbed Daniel's back realizing he was dreaming.

"I know Daniel. I'm right here."


"He came 'round last night."

"Jack?" Daniel moved.

"You with us Jackson?"

Daniel squinted at them and rubbed his eyes as he sat up,he started to list to his left and Jack
caught him.

"Balance is a bit different now." Jack squeezed his arm.

"Damn leg." Daniel muttered.

"Are you hungry Daniel?" Carolyn asked.

Daniel looked up again at the blobs in the doorway.

"Mitchell and Dr. Lam." Jack supplied.

"Oh...yeah. I mean...I am hungry...thank you."

"I'll get you something." She replied.

"I'll let Sam,Teal'c and the General know you're back." Mitchell added.

"Um...Dr. Lam..."


"Could you take this out?" Daniel motioned down.

"One catheter coming out."

"I'm gonna..." Jack motioned to the bathroom and Daniel nodded.

"Hey Jackson..."

Daniel looked over at the blob by the door.

"Good to have you back."


Cameron closed the door and Daniel laid back.

"Okay,I'm going to--"

"Just do it,I've been decathetered before."

"Alright." She snapped on her rubber gloves and removed the tube.

"Oh God,that is so much better."

"Finished?" Jack called.

"Yeah,ya chicken!"

"Been there,done that,don't wanna see it!" Jack replied stepping back into the room.

"Help me up." Daniel held out his arm.

"You should eat first." Dr. Lam said.

"I will after I use the little boys room,now help me Jack unless you wanna clean the bed."

"I'll pass." The older man made a face and they helped him into the room.

"Haven't needed help with this since I was three." Daniel looked at Carolyn.

"I'll get your breakfast." She gave him a slight smirk and left.

"Don't let me fall Jack."

"I've got your six buddy." Jack held onto him.

"He's really awake and talking?" Sam grinned.

"Yep and probably peeing on his own by now." Cam smirked.

"All of this is indeed good news." Teal'c nodded.

"I agree,let's go see for ourselves." General Landry joined them.

He knocked and went inside.

"Daniel,Jack?" He called.

"Be out in a minute." Jack replied.

"Ow! I can do it myself!"

"Whatever you say Cap'n."


The foursome looked at each other at their exchange.

"Hook." Jack snickered.

"I swear I'm gonna kick your ass for that!"

"Yeah but then you'd fall on your's. One leg remember?"


"Let's go see your company stumpy."

They heard Daniel reply in another language.

"Hey! I understand a little Abydonian ya know!" Jack said as they came out.
"Skaara taught me a few of those words!" He scowled at Daniel.

"Did he teach you these?"

They heard a long strings of words from the linguist.

"What was that?" Cam asked as Jack man handled Daniel into bed.

"Loosely tranlated it means, 'a pain in the mikta'." Teal'c answered.

Sam swallowed a laugh,Cameron and Landry didn't,while Teal'c looked on amused.

"Just for that you only get two pillows!" Jack pulled Daniel forward and stuffed them behind
his back then plopped down with the other one.

"So you're alright now?" Landry studied Daniel.

"I'm fine."

Jack,Sam and Teal'c shared a look,they all knew that meant he wasn't but between the three
of them they would make sure he was as they had in the past.

"Are you hungry Daniel,we could get you something." Sam offered.

"Doc Lam's got it." Jack answered.

"Why don't we grab somethin' and eat with ya?" Cam suggested.

"Okay." Daniel nodded.

The trio left and Hank pulled up a chair.

"You had us all worried. It's good to have you back. I want you to take it easy and do
as Carolyn says."

"Good advice." She said walking in with a covered plate. "I want you to eat it all."

"I'll make sure he does." Jack nodded ignoring Daniel's eye roll.

"I'll be back to check on you in a little while." She smiled and left.

"I'll let you get to breakfast." Hank nodded to them and departed.

Jack put the tray on Daniel's lap.

The younger man removed the cover and sighed.

"Broth and jell-o." He covered it back up.

"You haven't eaten in how many days?" Jack removed the cover and handed him the spoon.

Daniel sighed and stirred the broth.



"We brought you something too sir." Sam said leading the others inside.

They ate and talked,filling Daniel in on the last few days.

"Are we wearing you out?" Sam asked seeing how tired he looked.

"I am a little tired." He admitted.

"We'll go and let ya get some sleep." Cam rose.

Sam squeezed Daniel's hand while Teal'c nodded to his friend,the trio left.

"Hey,you didn't eat very much."

Daniel managed a few more bites then shook his head.

"Alright,but you have to eat all your lunch. You're a growing boy and all." He added with
a tease as he took the tray away.

Daniel slid down and turned on his side.

"Talk to me Danny." Jack asked quietly,settling beside him.

"What's gonna happen to me? No more SG-1." He asked softly.

"No,you can't go off-world but that doesn't change your job here. You're still the best
archaeologist/anthropologist/linguist we have. So,once you're strong again you'll go back
to you're office and translate rocks--"

"Artifacts." Daniel corrected automatically.

"So you say,and look over the footage for other teams and keep them safe."

Daniel looked back at him.

"You heard me. Everyone here depends on you to figure this stuff out."

"No pressure." Daniel sighed.

"Take a nap,you'll feel better."

Daniel rolled back over.



"Don't you miss it?"

"Not so much."

Daniel sighed again.

"I'm glad you're not going out there anymore. I know you can take care of yourself now
but the truth is,I always worried about you more than Carter or T. I wasn't there to look after you
anymore. Even as the General here I always worried when you were off-world.
When Hank called me my heart nearly stopped. I lost you once,I can't go through that again.
When we lost you on Rand then the Replicator got you...it put ten years on me." He admitted
unconsciously rubbing Daniel's arm.

"I'm sorry." Daniel replied softly.

"You didn't bring any of this on. Get some sleep."


"Untamed equestrians couldn't drag me away."

Daniel smiled and closed his eyes.

His teammates returned again for dinner and Daniel managed it all this time.

"Come in." Jack called at the knock.

"Sorry to interrupt,George needs to talk to you." Hank to Jack.

"Mitchell can stay,right?" Daniel looked at him when Jack hesitated.

"Sure." The Colonel nodded.

"We can stay too." Sam looked at Teal'c who nodded.

"I'm sure you have a ton of projects Sam and don't you have that class Teal'c?" Daniel looked at them.

"Oh...right. See you later. Come on Teal'c I'll walk you." Sam led them all out.

"So,what'd ya wanna talk to me alone about?"

"I gotta work on that." Daniel sighed and looked at him.
"I want to thank you for what you said. It...it helped a lot.
I appreciate your sharing something so personal."

"Welcome. I appreciated your visits when I was laid up,helped me a lot too.
Sorry ya can't be out there with us. I should've been the one--"

"Don't. It just happened. It could have been any of us. I don't want any of you to blame

"We are gonna miss ya ya know? You and Sam are the brains of the outfit."

"Save me from 'dumb' Colonel's." Daniel looked at the ceiling.


"Technical Engineering degree." Daniel looked at him.


"You don't have to stick around."

"Got nothin' better to do."

"I can't believe you're scared of Jack." Daniel snorted.

"He's a General!" Cam defended.

"So,SG-9 got sick?" Daniel asked after a few moments of silence.


"I may be the base whumpee but they get all the illnesses."

"Do tell."

Daniel chuckled and related SG-9's track record.

"Daniel wished to speak to ColonelMitchell alone."

"I kinda got that too." Sam smirked.

"Do you believe he will be well?"

"With SG-1 and the General on him?"

"Indeed." Teal'c smiled.

Jack returned to find Carolyn checking on Daniel.

"A few more days and this I.V. can come out."

"Okay." He sighed.

"I'll smuggle in some ginger beef." Cam said.

"Thanks." Daniel smiled.

Cam and Carolyn left.

"How'd he know you like ginger beef?"

"Beats me." Daniel shrugged.

Jack went to his suitcase and pulled the chessboard out making Daniel's smile grow wider.

"Thanks for being here."

"Always." Jack sat down and started to set up the board.



"So you have to go huh?"

"Yeah,back to the daily grind. Oh,forgot to tell you the President sends his get well wishes."


"Yep,got some strong support Danny." Jack grinned and zipped his suitcase.

He turned to Daniel who had dropped his eyes,before he could say anything SG-1
came in with a wheelchair.

"Figured we'd walk you to your car." Sam answered the unasked question.

Teal'c helped Daniel into the chair and they went up top with Jack.

"Have a safe trip O'Neill." Teal'c bade and clasped his arm.

"Thanks T."

"Drop in and see us again." Sam smiled and saluted.

"Carter!" He growled and she chuckled.

"General." Cam saluted and it was returned.

Jack gave them all a pointed look.

Teal'c arched an eyebrow and turned toward the wall.

Sam flickered her eyes at Daniel a couple of times before Cameron got it.

"Huh,never noticed this before." He uttered turning toward the wall as Sam looked on.

Daniel rolled his eyes at their subtlety and Jack hugged him.

"You gonna be okay?" Jack whispered in his ear.

"Like you guys will let me be any other way?"

"Exactly. Gonna miss you ya know. I'll call at least once a week."

"More like seven days a week." Daniel retorted.

"Just for that it'll be twice a day smartass!"

"I look forward to it." Daniel said softly.

"Love you Space Monkey." Jack said in kind.

"Love you too." Daniel murmured.

Jack straightened.

"Behave,don't blow off your physio."

"As if I could." Daniel thumbed at those behind him.

"We will take care of him O'Neill."

"Never doubted it T." Jack replied as his car arrived.
"See ya kids." He squeezed Daniel's hands.

"Bye Jack."

The General climbed into his car and was driven away.

"You okay?" Sam touched Daniel's shoulder.

"I want to go to the Infirmary."

"Are you unwell Daniel?" Teal'c inquired concerned.

"I'm fine. I just want to talk to Dr. Lam.



"Jack!" Hank shook his hand.

"Was in the neighborhood...tried calling Daniel..."

The klaxons went off and Hank motioned him to follow to the control booth.

"It's SG-1 sir." Walter smiled at the men.

"Open the iris." Hank ordered and escorted Jack down to greet his friends.

They watched Sam and Cameron come through then the pair turned back,a moment later
Teal'c...and Daniel appeared.

"Hank! How in the hell could you let him go off-world?!?"

"Jack,we needed his diplomatic skills."


"Jack. I'm fine. See." Daniel did a full turn.

"Daniel!" You should be in your office!

"Jack." They wouldn't have let me go if it weren't 110% safe.

"Daniel...you're standing." Jack arched an eyebrow.

"Very observant mon General. Prosthetic. Now,"he put a hand on Jack's shoulder,"you can walk with
me to post and I'll tell you all about the cool new toys this treaty got us."

"Cool new toys you say?"

"Yes." Daniel gently pushed him toward the door and limped alongside with his cane brace.
"After my check you can take me to lunch because the Anbarran food is...well,you know how
I am with food off-world,but this stuff..." Daniel shivered as they exited the gateroom

SG-1 looked at Landry,looked at one another,turned toward the door and smiled.

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