Mango Gel by Lady D
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Category: General
Genres: Challenge
Rated: All Ages
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Challenge double-drabble: Daniel's POV; angst and humor

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Written for an October 2007 Challenge at Pepesplace, where we had to use the following words in a story of 1,500-words or less; I choose a double drabble.

severe discomfort, double-jointed, naked, recent, segregated, gel, addict, plague, vessels quarrel, battlefield, scandal, mango

10-24-07 (200 words)





Okay, so now, thanks to the severe discomfort exhibited by my aching fingers, I know I’m not double-jointed.   Wearing this flimsy hospital gown makes me feel almost naked.  I shouldn’t be here; I should be working.   

All this because of a recent event on a planet found to have segregated nitrogen-rich regions.  One region found to be richer than others had caused some dizziness that resulted in severe impact with my fingers and a rather large rock.   That gel Janet gave me for my fingers wasn’t working.  I applied so much of it yesterday that she accused me of being a gel-addict. Funny! My hand was so discolored with broken blood vessels and malformed bruises, it looked like I had the plague and it still itched.  But when she insisted I use a different gel that smelled of MANGO, the infirmary nearly became a battlefield.  I tried to keep my voice down as did she, and the hushed dialogue must have looked curious, like lovers in a quarrel. Did I just think that?  Oh god, the gossip, the scandal!  But, as usual, in the end she won.  

If Jack says I smell like a mango, he’ll be wearing this stuff!


Chapter End Notes:
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