Raining Snot by Lady D
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Category: General
Genres: Challenge, Drabble, Humor
Rated: All Ages
Warnings: None
Series: None

Challenge entry at SSD.  Use one or all of the following words in a drabble to a short story: Umbrella, Elephant, Friend.  I went for broke.

Completed: 9-21-08

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Story Notes:
SSD Random Word Prompt #1     



"I mean it was raining snot!" 


"Those Horton Hears a Who people were constantly spraying us with snot during that chat and unfortunately I forgot to pack an umbrella.  Besides, I didn’t get the vibe they liked us when the head elephant man blew his snout at us." 


"What?  You were there too."   

"Jack, you need to at least show a modicum of respect with these people."

"Daniel, it was bad.  It got everywhere." 

"Okay.  One, it wasn't snot.  Two, those weren't snouts.  Three, these people aren't related to elephants.  They're highly sensitive to arid climates.  That tube on their face is a built-in humidifier keeping the air around them moist by ejecting a constant spray.  Four, what the head spokesman actually said was "welcome friends," but to keep his mouth from drying out his words were first transmitted through that humidifier system, which caused it to echo and increase in volume.  And five, the result was what you heard that you just referred to as 'blowing his snout'.   

"…Well why didn't you just say so before?" 

"I was, uh…um…" 


"I was busy wiping the excessive liquid off my glasses and uh, my face." 

Ha!  Knew it!



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