Interagency Affairs by Cat
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Category: Daniel/Other Male, Jack/Daniel
Genres: Crossover, Established Relationship
Rated: Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Two groups investigating the same crime discover they have something in common. Crossover with Due South.

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Story Notes:
Trying to prove to a friend that Due South/SG-1 fic is possible, though most likely crack, I came up with this...
“Daniel, is there something you’ve been meaning to tell us?” Jack asked with a raised eyebrow Teal’c would have been proud of.

His teammate sputtered for a moment before biting his lip and honestly blushing, proving to Jack that whatever it was had to be good. He was disappointed when the response he got was a hopeful, “No?”

“I believe Daniel Jackson is obfuscating,” Teal’c intoned. From the tiny little lift of one corner of his lip, it was clear he was finding this as amusing as his team leader.

“Spill it,” Sam ordered. She did not even try to hide her glee at finding out something that was not only a secret, but apparently an embarrassing one at that.

Daniel sighed, clearly outnumbered. He gestured over to their two contacts who, oddly enough, appeared to be having a similar conversation. “I know them, well, him, from back when I worked at the Institute.”

A few pieces started to click together for O’Neill, starting with the fact the Oriental Institute the good Doctor Jackson had worked at was here in Chicago and ending with the fact their contact was a Chicago cop with a rather unorthodox partner. He still was not going to ask about the wolf in the car. “Know him know him, or know him know him?” Jack prompted.

Daniel’s blush turned a shade darker. “The, er, second one,” he admitted, obviously figuring there was no way he was going to keep this one a secret any more.

Jack slapped him on the shoulder in admiration. “A cop, Danny? He’s no match for some of us, but I can see how you could fall for it,” he mused.

Daniel shook his head. “Uh, no, the other one,” he corrected. He finally looked up and over to where “the other one” was watching, shy smile in place beneath his hat.

That brought Jack up short. “The Mountie?” he asked, aghast. Suddenly the whole uniform fetish thing made a whole lot more sense though, really, the red was more of a clown suit than the neat lines of his dress blues, but still... “So many jokes, so little time...”

Daniel shrugged with forced nonchalance. “I was at the library and Constable Fraser was there and we started up a truly fascinating conversation about the Inuit and...”

“And somehow you ended up tumbling into his igloo?” Jack finished for him, earning a glare for his troubles.

“Actually, it’s a common misconception that all Inuit live in igloos. In fact...” Fraser began, only to be cut off by a hand signal from his partner.

“Oh yeah, I can see why you two fell for each other,” O’Neill said, trying to hold back a chuckle. The cop gave him a knowing smile.

“How long were you two together?” Sam asked, eyes gleaming as she reached for the juicy bits of gossip to use against her friend.

“Not long,” Daniel hedged.

“Twice weekly coffee dates and three and a half weekend interludes,” the Mountie reported wistfully.

“And a half?” Jack verified, trying desperately not to mock the accuracy.

“There was a situation with perpetrator and a bundle of smuggled Caribou meat,” the man in red shrugged.

That got the cop’s head to turn around. “Benny! You told me you were at home, just finding ways to entertain yourself!” he protested.

The newly named “Benny” simply smirked in Daniel’s direction. “In the truest sense of the word, I was.”

Daniel was now red enough that Jack was feeling embarrassed on his behalf. Kind of. “Danny-boy, I didn’t know you had it in you!” he enthused, then winced at his own choice of words.

Daniel adjusted his glasses and looked him right in the eye. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” he pointed out coolly before turning to their hosts. “I believe there is an actual job we’re supposed to be doing?” he prompted.

“Ah, yes,” Fraser said, removing his hat as he led them indoors. “The artifacts in question were on loan from the Canadian National Museum and were, dare I say, almost gaudy in nature. They most definitely did not match the standard burial practices of the native people.”

“They looked like cheap junk jewelry and personal massagers,” the cop cheerily provided.

Fraser turned around for the briefest of moments to give him a disapproving glare. “Your supposition is not helpful, Ray. I am certain that Daniel and his coworkers would like this issue resolved in the quickest and most accurate manner possible.”

“It’s Daniel now, is it?” Ray asked with only a tiny bit of bitterness mixed in with his amusement. “All the way over it was ‘Doctor Jackson’ this and ‘Doctor Jackson’ that – rules change when we discovered you, uh, ‘history’ together?”

“I did not technically hide my encounters from you,” the Mountie pointed out. “Had you requested the information, I would have happily revealed it. Not to mention my encounters provided me with great information that you yourself have benefited from as recently as two evenings ago.”

Now it was Ray’s turn to sputter, the tips of his ears brightening as he hung his head slightly. “I, er, remember that conversation we had about appropriate locations for conversations?” he tried.

Jack swore he saw a gleam in Fraser’s eyes as he nodded and agreed, “I most certainly do.”

“Anyway...” Daniel tried to steer the conversation back on tract.

It seemed to be enough as Fraser turned his attention back to him, all business. “Ah, yes,” he said, finding his train of thought again. “As I am assigned to the Canadian Consulate, I was permitted to view the closed circuit feed of the robbery. There were several large men with markings similar to the one your teammate is attempting to hide behind his stocking cap and another, smaller man who may have had an electronic device with him as the feed appeared to be disrupted.”

“Disrupted how?” Sam asked, darting a look to Jack about the need to either have Teal’c hide more convincingly or to have Constable Fraser and his partner sign confidentiality agreements.

“His eyes seemed to reflect a light from somewhere not caught on the recording device and the guard present claimed his voice was distorted once he awoke,” he reported. Pausing again, he clarified, “Once the guard awoke, not the man, that is. He claimed to have been shot with something, but there were no bullets or markings from your standard taser.”

Jack darted a look over at his team. It definitely sounded like the Goa’uld they had been tracking, with a side of more Jaffa than their intel had suggested and more than likely a couple of zats. Awesome.

The cop was looking at him questioningly as they continued to walk towards the storage vaults that had been raided. “I take it you’ve seen something like this before?” he guessed.

“Yeah, you could say that,” Jack agreed with a sigh. Both men were part of their respective justice systems but both were also technically civilians. He was going to have to find a way to either keep them out of it or keep them distracted while they hunted down and eliminated their little alien tourists. He doubted Daniel would agree to either.

“Benny won’t leave his side, especially if he thinks your friend’s in danger, not after they’ve had an ‘encounter’,” Ray warned as if reading his mind.

“You speak from experience?” Jack guessed.

“Too much,” Ray agreed. “Look, we can either get in your way, or sign all your little papers that I’m sure you’re going to make us sign anyway and actually help you out on this. Fraser’s got skills like no one else I’ve met, and he’s a damn good cop too.”

Jack gave him a look that told him what he thought of the other man’s “skills” and glanced over towards Sam and Teal’c, who were already getting engrossed in whatever Fraser was talking about. Knowing it was a lost cause, he sighed, again. “Can you keep him away from my archeologist?” he asked, maybe stressing the “my” portion a little bit more than necessary.

“I don’t know,” the cop grinned, watching the other two men walking slightly ahead of them and pointedly letting his gaze drop downwards. “I was thinking of asking him about sharing, especially if he taught him that trick with the knots...”

Jack was still trying to come up with a response to that when Fraser’s voice echoed down the hallway. “Ray, stop teasing the Colonel, we have a common task to complete.”

O’Neill smiled at that right up until Daniel added, “We can talk about the knots when we’re done.”

Jack stuffed his hands in his pockets and pointedly ignored the smirk he was receiving from his second in command, just like he ignored Teal’c’s newly raised eyebrow. It was going to be a long mission, he just knew it.

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