Keys To The Castle by storyhaus
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Summary: In season 9 Daniel offered the keys to his apartment to Mitchell and I wondered what apartment? Where'd his house go so I wrote this to answer that.

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Story Notes:
Basically a team story.
"O'Neill will be released soon."

"I know."

"What are you gonna do?"

"Cover for me with him." Daniel sighed and left his office.

Teal'c and Sam looked at each other too and sighed.

"Sir! Shouldn't you be in bed?" Sam asked seeing him at the elevator a short time later.

"Feelin' fine Carter."

"Did Dr. Brightman release you?"

"Yep." He answered and slid his card through the reader at the elevator.

"We'll see you later sir?" She called.

"Yep. Seen Daniel around?"

"He...had something to do off base."

"Guess that's why I couldn't find him."


Jack nodded and stepped into the elevator.

Sam watched the doors close and shook her head.

Least we won't have to worry about him looking for Daniel.

Jack exited the locker room dressed in civies then headed to the control booth.

"Walter,I'm heading home."

"I'll get a car for you sir."

"My truck--"

"Dr. Jackson took it home right after..."

"Right. I'll have to thank him."

"I'll see about your car sir." The tech sergeant smiled.

Jack nodded and looked at the stargate,

I've missed that old thing...but not as much as I've missed my kids.

"Sir,your car will be waiting."

"Thank you Walter."

Jack took the elevator to the surface and sure enough there was a car and driver,he climbed
into the back and enjoyed the ride home,seeing the leaves on the trees as Spring arrived again.

Three months,he sighed and rubbed his face.

"MajorCarter,I am unable to locate O'Neill." Teal'c came up to the control booth.

"The Colonel went home." Walter informed them.

"Home?!?" Sam rushed to the phone and dialed.

She shook her head then tried another number.

"He's not answering his cell either." She looked at him.

"What is our course of action?"

"Come on." She hung up and led him out.

"It's being repaired? I don't mind. Could I come by at one? Great.
Daniel Jackson. I'll see you then Mr. Farmer." Letting out a breath,he
hung up and headed for the living room and jumped back see Jack.


"Jack! What are you doing here?"

"Live here."

"I...I mean...did Dr. Brightman release you?"



"I'm fine Daniel." He settled into a chair. "Been making yourself at home I see."

"'ve been keeping an eye on things for you. Didn't realize I had so much here. Sorry."
Daniel reached for the large tome on the coffee table.

"Well,I got my truck and you got your's,let's load up and take your stuff home." Jack rose.

"No! You shouldn't be driving! Brightman said that,didn't she say that?!?"

"Daniel--" Sam and Teal'c rushed in.

"Hey look,it's Carter and T. T can drive my truck,Carter and you can drive separately,no problem
in getting your stuff home." Jack smiled.

Daniel gave Sam a pleading look and she gave a helpless one back.

"What are we waiting on?" Jack asked.


Daniel sighed,dropped his shoulders and nodded.

"Jack...I've been staying here because...I sold my house right after we came back."

"I know."

" know?" Daniel gaped.

"Nurses were talking about where you were gonna live now that I'm back. Didn't take too much to figure it out. So why'd you move?"

"I couldn't keep up with all the chores."

Jack put his hand on Daniel's shoulders,Daniel looked at him then dropped his head,Jack gave a gentle squeeze,non-verbally urging him to tell the truth.

"Osiris." Daniel admitted. "He violated my home! Every time I went into the bedroom I remembered.
I ended up sleeping on the couch. On top of that there were the neighbors!"

"Neighbors?" Sam asked gently.

"A truck blew up across the street,Sarah was knocked out on my front porch,a literal small army showed up to keep everyone away...did they think I wouldn't see them whispering and pointing?
I didn't want to deal with it anymore so I sold and moved in here to look after things for you."

"So how much did you stash in my guestroom?" Jack asked keeping a hand on his shoulder.

"Mostly books and journals,my clothes,the rest is in storage."

"You don't have to move because I'm home. Get a place you really want,not something being repaired."

"Heard me on the phone huh?"


"I still want to look at it."

"Then we will."

"We? Sir?" Sam asked smiling.

"Hey,I'm on downtime for a few days." He grinned. "Plus I'm starving,let's go eat."

Sam and Teal'c stepped outside,Daniel moved to follow when Jack stopped him.

"You still got my key?"

Daniel started to remove it from his keyring but Jack stilled his hand.

"Keep it. You're always welcome here Danny."

"Thanks Jack."

Jack nodded and ushered him toward the door.

"One thing though..."

Daniel turned to him curiously.

"Keep your stuff in your room. I'd hate to trip over it,end up on crutches,you'd have to take care of me...just a whole pain for both of us." Jack smirked.

"I'll clean it up when we get back." Daniel smiled at the not so subtle hint.

"That's my boy." Jack chuckled and he went to lunch with his kids.


** This story actually came about from a scene in Avalon pt.1 where Daniel offers Cameron the keys to his apartment.
I could just hear my words echoed throughout the viewing land:
Apartment?!? Daniel had a house! Where'd the apartment come from?!?
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