E is for Enchantment by storyhaus
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Category: General
Genres: Holiday
Rated: All Ages
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Summary: Daniel and Cassie give Janet a holiday memory

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E is for Enchantment

Daniel,Janet--Gen fic--Season 3

Enchantment:the act of delighting

Fifth in my Alaphabet Holiday series

"If you can't,you can't. Me too." Janet sighed and hung up the phone.

"Hey Janet."

"Oh...hi Daniel. Let's check that arm."

Daniel nodded and followed her to a bed where she poked and prodded his sprained wrist.

"Looks good,just make sure you continue to use it lightly."

"Thanks. Is everything okay?"

"I can't find a sitter for Cass and Dr. Carmichael is home sick while Dr. Frost is teaching at the Academy today." She sighed.

"I could stay with Cass." He offered.

"Oh Daniel that would be a big help." She nodded gratefully.

"I'll just grab my laptop and stuff."

"She gets out at 1,I'll call the school and let her know. Thanks a ton Daniel."

"It's a small way to thank you."

Janet blushed and patted his arm.

Daniel retrieved the items from his office then signed out and headed to the grade school.

"Hi Uncle Daniel." Cassie greeted climbing into his car.

"You hungry?" He asked.

"Yeah,can we go to Mickey Dee's?"

"Sure." He smiled and drove them there.

Once settled at a table they dug in.

"How much do lights cost?' Cassie asked.

"Lights? What kind?"

"Like on Christmas trees."

"Um...I don't really know."

"Oh." Cassie sighed.


"Mom was telling me about her childhood Christmas',she said her father would decorate all the trees outside and the porch in white lights that they'd turn on on Christmas Eve."

Daniel nodded thoughtfully.

"Eat up...we have some shopping to do."

Cassie grinned and dug into her McNuggets.

Janet rubbed her eyes tiredly as she made the turn onto her street.

Slowing down she gaped and stopped in front of her house.

Just like when I was a little girl.

She climbed from the car and let her eyes roam the yard full of lights.

"Do you like it Mommy?"

"Oh baby..." Janet teared up and hugged her adopted daughter who had run up.

"Merry Christmas Janet." Daniel said quietly as he joined them.

"Thank you." Janet smiled at him.

The trio looked at the shimmering white lights that adorned Janet and Cassie's home and felt the spirit of Christmas settle on them.
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