D is for Drifting Snow by storyhaus
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Holiday
Rated: All Ages
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: An ailing Daniel is left behind when his team goes off-world but he's not too sick to do something nice for his friends

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D is for Drifting Snow

Daniel,Jack--gentle Slash--Season 7

Fourth in my Alaphabet Holiday series

Daniel wiped his nose as he exited the elevator to the parking lot.

He heard a car ignition sputter twice and looked around,espying the lone driver he walked over and knocked on the window.

"Heading home Dr. Jackson?"

"Yes sir,do you need a lift?"

"I'd appreciate that son."

The General exited his car and followed Daniel to his jeep.

"They say we could get a foot or more,apart from the drifts." General Hammond said conversationally as they drove.

"I hope not. Jack and I have tickets to the game Thursday,my Christmas present to him."

"The Red Wings are in town aren't they?"

"Yes sir. I think Jack is the loudest one in the arena when the Avalanche play."

General Hammond chuckled.

"Are you spending Christmas with your family sir?"

"Yes. Tessa and Kayla have called me the last two days with their plans for us." General Hammond grinned.

Daniel smiled as they pulled up at the General's home.

"Thank you. Good night son. Go home and get some sleep,take care of that cold."

"You're welcome and I plan on it sir." Daniel sniffed.

The General nodded,climbed out and trudged through the snow.

Daniel waited until he was inside before pulling away.


General Hammond woke before the alarm went off.

After completing his morning bathroom ritual,he dressed,made a bowl of oatmeal and coffee and looked outside.

Yep,over a foot.

Finishing breakfast he cleaned the dishes and picked up the phone.

"This is General Hammond,I need someone to pick me up and clean my driveway and sidewalks. It has?" He asked surprised then took the cordless phone to the front door and looked out.

"Well...I'll be...no son,just send a car for me." He replied and hung up.

"I wonder who did it?" He uttered aloud then retrieved his overcoat from the hall closet.


Jack,Sam and Teal'c exited the gate with SG-9.

"Welcome back everyone. Negotiations went well?" The General asked.

"Yes sir." Jack nodded and looked at Sam.

"We have a trinium mine." She beamed.

"Well done everyone. Get your post exams,we'll debrief at 1100."

Jack nodded and led everyone out.

After showering and letting Janet's vampires take his blood he headed to Daniel's office.

It had surprised him Daniel hadn't been there when they arrived back through the gate.

A frown came to his face seeing the closed door.

Walking to the phone down the hall he dialed the sign-in desk.

They told him that Daniel hadn't signed in this morning but he had signed out at 2116 last evening.

With a quick thanks Jack hung up with a frown.


"Hey Carter."

"Everything okay?"

"Daniel hasn't shown up yet."

"Maybe he's resting up for tomorrow." Sam shrugged.

"He did have that cold...I'll call his place after debrief." Jack nodded and led her to the elevators.


"Good work. The Pentagon will be pleased. You have five days downtime. Dismissed."

Walter came into the room with a set of folders when they were leaving.

"Any luck?"

"No sir."

"Problems sir?" Jack asked.

"No. Someone shoveled for me just thought if they worked here I'd thank them."

"Is there a lot of snow sir?" Sam asked.

"Over a foot."

"I should have bought that snowblower last year." She muttered.

"I would be pleased to assist you MajorCarter."

"Thanks Teal'c,let's go change."

The Jaffa nodded to them and followed her out.

"Good luck on the search sir."

"Have fun at the hockey game Jack."

"Always do sir." Jack grinned and left to change as well.

Jack pulled his truck into the cleared driveway next to Daniel's jeep.

Shaking his head he went inside,removed his coat and went in search of his lover.

"Hey." He called softly finding Daniel in bed.

"You're home." Daniel smiled and sniffed.

Jack kissed his forehead checking for temperature.

"Couple of hours ago. We debriefed and have through the weekend off."

"We can sleep in a bit?"

"A bit. You should have waited til I got home to shovel." Jack gently scolded.

"Knew you'd be tired,Sam too."

"The General?"

"He couldn't do it himself Jack,nor Janet." Daniel coughed.

"Need more meds?"

"Just took some." Daniel shook his head.

"Soup?" Jack offered.

"Sounds good. Nap after?"

"You got it big guy." Jack smiled,kissed his forehead again before going to make lunch.


'Sir,Colonel O'Neill is on line two.'

"Thank you Sergeant." General Hammond replied and picked up the phone.

"Colonel,something you forgot in debrief?"

'No sir. I can clear up your mystery. It was Daniel. He did Carter,Fraiser's and mine too then crashed here.'

"I see. Well when I see him I'll be sure to thank him then give him a firm scolding for doing it while sick."

'Carter and Fraiser probably will too.' Jack chuckled.

"I'm sure they will. Tell our boy to rest and take care of himself now."

'Will do sir.'

"Enjoy your time off son."

'I intend to sir. A warm fire,good magazine and snores from the other room.'

"Good-bye son." The general chuckled and hung up.

"Sir?" Walter asked seeing his smile.

"Dr. Jackson,walter."

"Ah." The Sergeant nodded and headed back to his duties.


Jack punched in another number.


"Hey T,Carter didn't need help after all huh?"

'Indeed not O'Neill. How did you know this?'

"The snowman was busy around town at Hammond's,Doc's and my place too." Jack replied with a grin as he stirred the soup.

'I see. I shall inform MajorCarter of this.'

"Bye." Jack chuckled as Teal'c hung up.

Putting the phone back on the cradle Jack poured the soup into two mugs,pulled the croissants from the oven,loaded them and two iced teas onto a tray and returned to the bedroom.

"Lunch is served."

Daniel sat up and accepted the tray,he watched Jack remove his shoes and climb into bed.

As they ate Jack told him about the mission he'd missed due to his headcold.

"The General must be happy." Daniel yawned.

"He was and now I think it's time for little archaeologists to take a nap."

"Only if big Colonel's stay and keep them warm."

"Let me run this out to the kitchen."

Daniel nodded and watched Jack go then slid under the covers and drifted to sleep,waking again when Jack returned to their bed.

"Go to sleep Danny." Jack murmured holding him close and placing a kiss on the other man's temple.

The two men dozed off,safe,warm and loved as the snow drifted outside.
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