G is for God Bless Us Everyone by storyhaus
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Category: General
Genres: Holiday
Rated: All Ages
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Summary: Seventh in the Alphabet Holiday series

Daniel is injured at Christmas time

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G is for God Bless Us Everyone

Daniel/Team--Gen fic.--Season 8

Daniel yawned again as he stopped at the light.

It was late,he was tired,Jack would probably have his head for driving but the translation was finished and he could celebrate Christmas with a clear conscience.

Taking another sip of coffee from his travel mug he pressed the gas pedal as the light turned green.

Daniel never saw the car.


"It's 0120,this had better be an emergency." Jack muttered answering the phone.

"What?" He asked sitting up wide awake now.

"Call Carter,have someone take T,I'll be there soon." He ordered and hung,not moving for a moment.

With a heavy sigh Jack climbed from bed to dress.


"Colonel Carter?" An older black woman came over.

"You Daniel's doctor? I'm General O'Neill,Daniel's friend and boss. How is he?"

"Dr. Grant." She nodded to them,"Mister Jackson suffered a broken clavicle,lacerations,contusions and a concussion. I'm going to keep him overnight...the rest of the night,to keep an eye on the concussion. Does he have a primary physician?"

"Back at Cheyenne." Jack nodded.

"We'll see how things look in the morning and run a few more tests. If it looks alright we'll get you a copy of his results then release him."

"May we see DanielJackson Dr. Grant?"

"Visiting hours were over a while ago..."

"Please? We just need to see he's alright for ourselves." Sam added.

"Just for a few minutes. You can come back at 10." Dr.Grant agreed and led them to Daniel's room.

They nodded to her then went inside.

Daniel's left arm was in a sling,he had bruises on his face and a gash sporting a butterfly bandage on his cheek.

"Danny." Jack sighed.

Sam placed a gentle kiss on his forehead and he stirred slightly.

"Go back to sleep." She whispered.

Teal'c touched Daniel's blanketed foot a moment then the trio left silently agree to meet back up at 10.



"Good morning Mister Jackson. I'm Dr. Kuvari." The physician greeted picking up his chart.

"You have a few tests scheduled this morning so let's get to them shall we?"

"Hospital?" Daniel asked with a frown.

"Do you recall what happened?"

Daniel closed his eyes in thought then shhok his head with a wince before opening his eyes again.

"What is the last thing you remember?"

"Leaving the mountain."

"That would be Cheyenne Mountain?"


"And what time was that?"

"Late. Almost one I think."

"You were brough in at 1:23. Minor memory loss isn't uncommon." Dr. Kuvari replied and examined him.

"Was anyone else hurt?" Daniel asked worriedly.

"The drunk driver that hit you walked away without a scratch." Dr. Kuvari answered in a controlled voice.

"Thank God." Daniel said relieved.

"Your responses are fine,now,let's get those tests out of the way and if they look good I'll release you."

Daniel readily agreed to that.


Jack led them down the hall to Daniel's room but found it empty.

"Did Dr. Grant not say DanielJackson would have tests this morning?"
Teal'c reminded them.

They settled in to wait for Daniel's return which was short.

"Hey guys." He greeted being rolled in in a wheelchair.

"I'll get you a copy of your records and the release form." The nurse smiled at him before departing.

Jack smirked and held up a bag.

"Clothes?" Daniel asked hopefully.

"I'll wait outside." Sam said and left them to help Daniel dress.

Very slowly they got Daniel out of the gown and into a sweatsuit,socks and shoes.

"This sweat jacket was a wise choice O'Neill."

"Easy in and out." Jack nodded looking Daniel over.

The sweat coat was zipped over the sling.

"Here are your release papers,records and instruction." The nurse said returning.

Daniel scrawled his name on the release papers while Jack took the other papers and Teal'c got Daniel settled into the wheelchair.

After helping Daniel into Jack's truck teal'c and Sam climbed into her car and all headed to Jack's.

Daniel reluctantly took the meds Jack had stopped for and dozed all afternoon save for Dr. Brightman's visit to check on him.

Dinner was soup and rolls from the local deli,easy enough for Daniel's stomach to handle with the meds.

As the others put the dishes away Daniel dozed again on the sofa.

"I should get him to bed." Jack said quietly.

"I'll pull the covers down on the guest bed."Sam volunteered and headed down the hall.

"Carter,my room."


"I don't want him roaming."

"Right." Sam nodded and headed there instead.

If he got up on his own for meds or the bathroom he might fall or something.

"DanielJackson was fortunate."

Jack nodded and the two men helped a groggy Daniel to his feet and Jack's bedroom.

They removed his sweat jacket,shoes and socks then eased him into the bed where Jack covered his good shoulder with the blanket.

"Sweet dreams Danny." Jack whispered and led them out.


A short time later Sam and Teal'c departed agreeing to be there early the next morning to carry out the aborted plans.

Those plans consisted of getting and decorating a tree and the house.

Daniel would do no more than supervise from the couch with a tasty mug of hot chocolate.

Jack turned all the lights off and double checked the locks then headed to bed.

You really were lucky buddy,Jack thought as he watched Daniel sleep.

Once he was changed he climbed into bed beside Daniel.


"Go back to sleep."


Jack smiled seeing Daniel hadn't even opened his eyes.

Settling down Jack closed his own eyes and drifted to sleep.
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