H is for Happy Holidaze by storyhaus
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Genres: Holiday
Rated: All Ages
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Summary: Eighth in my Alphabet Holiday series

Why Daniel turned to Cyber Monday

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H is for Happy Holidaze

Daniel/Sam--Gen fic--Season 2

Daniel trailed Sam,arms loaded.

Nooo. Sam!

He silently bemoaned as she went into yet another store.

Jack is so going to pay for this!

"Hi guys"


"Either of you interested in Christmas shopping Friday?"

"Got plans. Daniel can go with you though." Jack volunteered him.

"Uh...sure." Daniel frowned.

"Great!" Sam grinned and headed for the door,"Pick you up at seven Daniel." She added and left his office.

Jack sauntered to the door and turned with an evil grin.

"Have fun on Black Friday." Jack said and left.

I'll set his vcr to tape Discovery Channel instead of hockey!

"Isn't this fun Daniel?" Sam grinned placing another bag onto his load.

"Oh yes. TONS of fun." Daniel answered sarcastically.

"Oooh! We have to stop in here for Janet."

Daniel looked around and espied a bench where he gratefully sank down.

It took him several minutes to realize the benches were laden with other men who also had shopping bags piled around them.

"Discovery and National Geographic." Daniel muttered darkly.

"There you are! Come on."

Daniel rose with a sigh as Sam placed another gift into one of the bags.

"See ya around buddy."

Daniel looked back at the man who gave him a half wave as Sam drug him off.

That's it! I am never shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving again!

With that vow firmly in place he trailed Sam into the next shop.
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