I is for It's A Wonderful Life by storyhaus
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Summary: Ninth in my Alphabet Holiday series

Season 2 Christmas at Jack's

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I is for It's A Wonderful Life

Daniel/team--Gen fic--Season 2

As the movie finished Daniel turned to his team.

"I've heard of it of course but I've never seen it." He admitted.

"Wow! This is a classic Daniel,you've really never seen it?" Sam asked.

Daniel shrugged embarrassed.

"We watched it every year. Always waited for that bell to ring."

"It is tradition O'Neill?"

"Sure is T-man." Jack smiled.

Will this become a tradition for us? Daniel wondered looking at his friends.

There are times in the past I wished for a second chance...

Taking Sha're to the cartouche room.

His eyes fell to his team mates

Giving Charlie back to Jack.

Bringing Sam and her family together.

Finding a safe place for Teal'c's family...

"Time for a game of charades." Jack announced drawing Daniel out of his thoughts.


"Another tradition Carter,Christmas charades. Now,they all have to be Christmas themed so no space stuff or other languages." He added looking at Sam and Daniel.

Sam blushed and Daniel looked down.

"I'll go first." Jack said.

"Um...have you ever played charades Teal'c?" Daniel asked.

"I have not."

"He'll watch us for a few turns." Jack shrugged and held up two fingers.

"Two words." Sam said.

Jack nodded and held up one finger.

"First word..."

Jack placed a finger on his temple and started to turn it.

"Brain!" Sam grinned.

Jack gave her a look then repeated the move.

"Crazy?" Daniel offered.

Jack pointed to him then flip-flopped his hand.

"I'm not sure that's allowed sir."

Jack rolled his eyes then mimicked eating.


Jack pointed to Teal'c and beamed.

Sam and Daniel looked at him dumbfounded.

"How did you know that Tealc'?" Sam asked.

"Sergeant Siler shared such a dessert with me only a week ago. It was delicious."

The three shared a look.

"Your turn Danny." Jack said before anyone commented on what Teal'c had just said.

Daniel thought a moment then stood and began.

After ten minutes Jack called a halt.

"Daniel,is this something we," Jack motioned to the others,"might know?"

"I have no idea." Daniel shrugged.

"Tell us." Jack ground out.

"Christmas At Dingley Dell."

"Daniel." Jack groaned.

"Sorry Daniel,I've never heard of it." Sam apologized.

"If Carter hasn't heard of it how did you expect Teal'c to get it?"Jack eyed him as he slump onto the couch.

"It's Charles Dickens." Daniel muttered.

"You couldn't have used him? Carter,you're up."

Sam rose and pantomimed.

"Gifts of the Magi." Daniel answered.

Jack gave him a dirty look then turned to Teal'c.

"Give it a go T-man?"


Teal'c began and Daniel smirked while Sam got an amazed look on her face.

"There is no way you know that!" Jack gaped and shook his head.

Teal'c arched an eyebrow.

"Where did you come up with 'Rockin'Around the Christmas Tree'?" Jack demanded.

"Dr. Fraiser quiet enjoys that song."

Daniel couldn't help it,he let out a hearty laugh.

Jack and Sam exchanged a smile,Teal'c turned to Daniel with eyebrow still arched.

It took Daniel several minutes to catch his breath.

"I think Teal'c is the winner." Jack grinned.


"Merry Christmas kids." Jack smiled.
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