L is for Letters To Santa by storyhaus
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Category: General
Genres: Holiday
Rated: All Ages
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Summary: Twelfth in my Alphabet Holiday series

Daniel helps Cassie write to Santa but can her wish be granted?

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L is for Letters To Santa

Daniel/Cassie--Gen fic--Season 2

Twelfth in my Alphabet Holiday series

"Uncle Daniel?"

"Hmm?" Daniel looked up from his work to cassie who he was babysitting for Janet who had to work late.

"Can I write a letter to Santa?" The young 'alien' girl asked.

"Uh...sure." Daniel nodded.

They found some paper and a pen and Cassie sat at the table to write while Daniel resumed his research.

"Uncle Daniel?"


"Did you ever write letters to Santa?"

"Um... a few times."

"What did you ask for?"

"Uh...well...let's see...books,toys,that kind of stuff."

Cassie nodded then put pen to paper.

Daniel became engrossed in his research until Cassie spoke again.

"Uncle Daniel?"

"Yes Cassie?" He asked looking up at her.

"Can I have an envelope?"

"Uh,do you know where Janet keeps them?"


"We'll have to wait til she gets home then okay?"

"Okay. Can we watch a movie?"

"Sure." Daniel smiled,saved his work and they went to pick one out together.

Cassie had snuggled up to Daniel and fell asleep half way through the movie.

Daniel put her to bed and returned to the table to do some more work.

His eyes were drawn to the folded paper,reaching for it he opened it and began to read what Cassie had asked santa for.

Dear Santa,
My name is Cassie and I am from 'Toronto' but live
in Colorado Springs now.
I live with Janet,she adopted me after my parents died.
All my new friends say that if I write to you you'll give
me the presents I ask for.
The only present I want is to see my mom and dad again,
I miss them very much.
Can you give me that Santa?
I promise to be very,very,very good.

Daniel swallowed the lump in his throat and folded the letter back up.

He sat for a long time lost in thought.

"Hey,thanks for staying with Cass." Janet greeted entering from the garage.

"Not a problem." Daniel replied rising and packing his laptop up.

Janet walked him out,thanked him again then watched him go.


"Uh...Cass,you have a letter." Janet frowned seeing the return address.

"I do?" The young girl asked.

Janet handed it to her.

Cassie saw the return address and bit her lip,she hurried to her room and closed the door then sat on her bed and opened it.

Her eyes took in the neat script and she began to read.

Dearest cassie,
The elves brought your letter to my attention as soon
as it arrived.
If I had it in my power I would fulfill your request.
You see Cassie,the one thing I cannot do is bring people back from death,but if you close your eyes and
open your heart you can see your mother and father
whenever you want without asking me or the Tooth Fairy
or the Sandman.
That power is within all humans Cassie.
I know that Janet and your new Aunt Sam and Uncle's Jack,Daniel and Teal'c love you very much.
If you allow them into your heart as well,while they
cannot replace your parents,if allowed by you,will
bring you much joy.
You are a very special girl Cassie,you are loved by
your parents and the new adults in your life.
Be happy Cassie and know you are loved.
Santa Claus

Cassie closed her eyes,opened her heart and saw her parents.

"Thank you Santa." She whispered.

Janet touched the closed door worriedly.

She had read Cassie's letter to Santa,agonizing over it.

Talking to Sam hadn't helped as the other woman hadn't had words of wisdom for her.

"Cass,honey,is everything okay?" She called.

The door opened and Janet expected to see a crying child but was surprised to find Cassie smiling.

"I'm fine...mom."

Janet's breath caught,it was the first time Cassie had called her 'mom' since she took her in.

"Hey,let's get pizza for dinner." Janet hugged her.


On Christmas night,after all the gifts were opened,Cassie sat with 'Uncle'Jack looking at a book her 'Uncle'Daniel had bought her.

'Aunt'Sam and 'Uncle'Teal'c were looking at the gifts she'd made them.

Janet cornered Daniel as he came out of the bathroom.

"Come with me." She requested and led him to Cassie's room.

Opening a drawer she pulled out a red envelope and handed it to him.

"Read." She instructed.

Daniel did so and looked at her.

"I read her letter to Santa and didn't know how to help her. This reply from 'Santa' is amazing. Thank you Daniel." Janet said and squeezed his arm.

Daniel looked away blushing.

Janet put the letter back and headed for the door.

"Someone did that for me. The first Christmas after...
I wrote a letter too and 'Santa' sent me a reply like this one."

Janet returned to his side and hugged him.

"You were a special little boy...who grew into an equally special man."She said softly.

"Merry Christmas Janet." Daniel whispered.

Releasing him she smiled and they returned to the others.

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