S is for Silent Night by storyhaus
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Category: General
Genres: Holiday
Rated: All Ages
Warnings: None
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Summary: Nineteenth in my Alphabet Holiday series.

A silent night shared off-world.

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S is for Silent Night

Daniel,Sam--Gen fic--Season 10

This references my fic "Thanks For Giving" found here at Alphagate.

Nineteenth in my Alphabet Holiday series

"Silent night." Daniel said settling by the fire.

"Yeah. Couldn't sleep?" Sam asked.

"Too worried about Christmas."

"You know we'll help."

"You know how much I appreciate that don't you?"

"If you make that spicy eggnog I will."

Daniel chuckled and nodded.

"Go get some sleep,it's almost my watch anyway." He encouraged.

Sam nodded and retired to the tent she shared with Vala.

Daniel walked the perimeter before resettling beside the fire.

His eyes went to the stars and he thought about the last holiday he'd hosted.

Thank God for Thor,he mused.

After the hit of Thanksgiving he somehow found himself agreeing to hold Christmas dinner,though this one would be buffet style in the mess hall.

"Where ever you are Thor,thanks for the Thanksgiving help." He whispered not wanting to intrude on the silent night.

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