5 Times Daniel wished Jack was/wasn't there by storyhaus
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Summary: Another five things with Jack this time

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Story Notes:
Again not a holiday fic,have no idea how to remove that now.
5 Times Daniel Wished Jack Had Been With Him

1.When Felger screwed up the gates in the middle of a monsoon on the planet he was on.
Daniel could have used Jack's calm authority to get the natives to higher ground sooner.

2.When he was confronted by the Ori on Celestis. He could have used Jack's humor.
He hadn't been kidding when he admitted to being scared.

3.When SG-1,Landry and Dr. Lam were discussing Khalek's fate.
He knows Jack would have backed him up on saying they need to kill the son of Anubis then and there
and he certainly wouldn't have let the IOA step in with their stupid plan to study Khalek.

Not that Daniel was still bitter about that or anything.

4.When the AU Janet was there. He knows Jack would have liked to have said good-bye.

But then again Jack didn't really care for Alternate Universes, Realities,etc.
so maybe it was good he hadn't been able to come when told.

5.When they had to pretend to be 'bad guys'. He's sure Jack would have reveled in the role.

5 Times Daniel Was Glad Jack Wasn't With Him

1.On their trip to L.A. where he met Anna the Human/Goa'uld hybrid.
He knows Jack would have repeatedly told him no Goa'uld could be trusted
and not to mistake the girl for anything but a Goa'uld.

2.When he and Vala were in the Ori Galaxy in the bodies of Harrid and Salis.
Jack and Vala could both have burned to death,Daniel was sure Jack couldn't have held his tongue
any more than Vala had to the Administrator or his wife.

3.At the Gamma site babysitting the IOA. Jack would have snarked them good but Daniel isn't sure he could have
kept up with all the running they'd been forced to do.

Daniel was glad he'd never had to find out.

4.When he went to Atlantis and met Morgan LeFay. He didn't think he could have taken again
Jack's saying how useless the Ancient's were.

5.Fifty years on the Odyssey. Not that Daniel didn't like and even respect General Landry
but losing Jack would have been far worse for him...them...all.
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