A Change of Venue by Debi C
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Category: General
Genres: Badfic, Crossover, Friendship, Smarm
Rated: All Ages
Warnings: None
Series: Destiny
Summary: Part of the Destiny series wherein Daniel finds the Hawkman helmet is stalking him. Now, another helmet appears.

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Story Notes:
Future fic where Daniel is asst to some crazy old General in Washington DC.
General Jack O’Neill was sitting in a too neat office at a remarkably clean desk and a surprising quiet phone. As the head of Home World Security, he was more used to red lights flashing, bells ringing and medical gurneys rolling. The quiet was welcome but a little boring.

But since nature abhors a vacuum his phone rang. The black one, not the red one. He picked it up. “Yes, Sybil. What’s up?”

“General O’Neill, Gen Landry is on the line for you.”

“Thanks, patch him through,” he smiled. “Have a coffee on me.”

“I’ll put it on your tab Sir.”

“You have a tab?”

“With Doctor Jackson.” She replied teasingly.

“Oh, that expensive one? Enjoy.” He smiled as he hit the secure line button on his phone. “Hank. What’s going on?”

“Usual things. Aliens, Wormholes, Ori, and Atlantis in San Francisco Harbor.”

“Yeah, we’re planning on moving that to the Hawaiian Island chain next week.”

“Not back to Pegasus?” Landry commented. “Sheppard isn’t going to like that. He’s getting ancy.”

“So is Daniel. But the IOA is trying to keep it here on Earth.”

“Well, it would be nice.”

“Hank, is this about Atlantis…or are you up to something?”

There was a sigh from the other end of the phone. “I need to borrow Doctor Jackson for a little while.”

“Why?’ Jack asked curiously. “Do you need a translation?”

“Yeah, we found an artifact and no one can read it. One of the linguists suggested that he could figure it out.”

“I’ll ask him.”

“You ask him?”

“Telling Daniel has never worked well for me.” Jack admitted. “Not that asking has done much better.”

Hank chuckled. “I wasn’t really successful in that either. So I left it up to SG1.”

“Did that work?”

“No, he ran circles around everyone but Vala and I think the two of them were in cahoots.”

Jack looked up from his desk to the opening door. “Cahoots did you say? Cahoots indeed.” He waved the aforementioned Daniel into the chair across from his desk. “Hank says Hi.”

“I was not in cahoots with anyone, except maybe you. Definitely not Vala.” The subject of the conversation put a fresh cup of coffee on the Jack’s desk then made himself comfortable. “What does General Landry want?”

“A translation job.” He put his attention back to the phone. “Translating what?”

“Mr. Nyan thinks its ancient Egyptian or maybe Abydonian if there’s a difference.”

Jack turned the phone on speaker. Daniel pulled up closer. “There are a few minor differences but they are primarily the same language. What is the inscription on?”

“Well, uh…” there was a definite hesitation in Landry’s voice. “It’s a winged helmet that apparently appeared on someone’s desk here in the mountain.”

“Wait a moment,” Jack interrupted. “A winged helmet? Is it a gold colored, unidentified metal helmet with wings and little eye lid thingies?”

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“Whose desk was it on?” Daniel asked thoughtfully.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, how do you know about the Helmet?” Landry was obviously frustrated with their questions.

“We’ve had our own experiences with it here. It seems to be attracted to Daniel.” Jack answered him thoughtfully.

“Was it on Cam’s desk?” Daniel asked.




“Vala’s?” Jack asked.

“Vala doesn’t have an office, at least she didn’t.” Daniel gave him a look.

“No, no and no.” Landry interrupted. “It was on Carolyn’s. There…are you happy now?”

“No, not possible.” Daniel shook his head. “She’s too small and delicately built. She couldn’t support the helmet or the wings.”

“Wings? What are you talking about?”

“Hank, can you fax me a picture of this thing?” Jack asked.

“Sure, hold on.” The heard the shuffling of papers then the ding of the fax machine in O’Neill’s office went off. A picture came from the machine into the tray.

Daniel picked it up. “Jack, this isn’t the same helmet.” He put down in front of his friend. The picture showed a flatter more feminine looking headgear. “Maybe it’s the female.”

Jack frowned at the photo and grimaced. “Look Hank, I’m bringing Daniel and two guests to Colorado and pick up the artifacts. They don’t belong at the SGC.”

“Where do they belong?”

“I’ll tell you in person. We’ll try to get there this evening.”

“But why would…?” Daniel looked at him.

“I don’t know.” Jack looked at him with a mischievous grin. “Did you and Carolyn ever get together?”

“No.” Daniel looked at him in surprise. “Why would you think that?”

“Well, she has the female Helmet.” He grinned at his friend teasingly.

After hanging up from Landry and sending Daniel off to get packed, Jack shuffled through his desk drawer and located the business card he was seeking. He dialed an outside line and waited for the line to pick up.

“Daily Planet, Clark Kent, may I help you?”

“Mr. Kent, this is General O’Neill.”

“Ah, yes Sir. What can I do for you?”

“Actually, I think I can help you. We’ve located the missing Museum piece you are looking for.”

“You have?” the young man was obviously surprised. “Where is it?”

“Now, it is presently in a secure area on a military installation. If you can meet me at Andrews Air Force Base this afternoon, we can go and retrieve it.”


“How soon can you get there?”

Jack could hear Clark talking to a woman, then turned back to the phone. “An hour?”

“Good, we’ll meet you there.”

One hour later, Daniel who was acting as spotter, waived at the reporter to direct him to the Passenger Terminal. “Good to see you, Doctor Jackson.”

Daniel smiled at the young man. “You’ll have to show me how you get around so quickly.”

“We all have our secrets.”

“That is the truth.” He led Kent into the building to where Jack was using his three stars to get a jet brought out for his use. He saw them and turned to greet their guest.

“Glad you could make it so quickly.” O’Neill shook his hand. “I didn’t think you wanted it experimented on.”

“No, Sir. That certainly wouldn’t be my first choice.” Clark frowned. “Oliver couldn’t make it this quickly.” He said as he noticed Jack looking around as if searching for someone.

“Oh, that’s okay. I’m just looking for our pilot.” Jack realized Kent’s confusion. “It’s probably just as well.” He noticed a young man signaling him. “There he is, let’s go. This has to be quick. I have a meeting tomorrow but I wanted to be sure there are no problems with this hand off.” He looked at Daniel then back at Clark and nodded. They headed out the front doors to a sleek Lear jet. “The object appeared on a woman’s desk. It is not the usual subject, but the other one you mentioned.”

“Yes, I checked. The other one is still secure.” Kent assured him.

“I don’t know why the helmet went to this person.” Daniel commented. “She’s a friend of mine but we’re not involved.”

Clark smiled at his confusion. “From what I understand the two personalities are not always romantically involved in the beginning. It sometimes takes time.”

“Well, this young woman is a physician. I doubt she’ll be interested.” Jack commented drily. “She’s not the hero type.”

“You never know,” Clark commented. “You just never know.”
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