Gate to Vannas by Akinasky
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Category: Jack/Daniel, Teal'c/Sam
Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, First Time, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Team
Rated: Adult
Warnings: Adult Themes, Sexual Situations
Series: Gate to Vannas
Summary: What would happen if instead of a note from the future during the episode 2010, SG-1 was thrown through time into a distant future? What if it was a world of magic and the team had to learn how to survive in this new world with new baddies and strange allies as well.

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Story Notes:
Vannasland and people are my creative property, please don't use it or the people. SG-1 and their stories do not belong to me.
Chapter One: Wrong Gate Address

It was just another day, walking up to the Gate in the embarkation room for SG-1. Daniel checked his gun holster and his hat before he looked over to Jack who was checking his gear as well, futzing around with his gun that could be considered playing at some point but then they were waiting on Sam again. Teal’c was gripping his staff weapon and Sam was up in the overlook talking to Harriman.

“Come on Carter, we got some other world to look at and we are already late!” Jack called out and the scientist waved and headed out the door and came downstairs.

Daniel grinned as he looked everywhere but at his commanding officer, just enjoying Jack’s tone of voice. It had started a long time ago in a small closet deep inside the Cheyenne Mountain where Jack held Daniel close when he was coming down off of the sarcophagus withdrawals. The ever deepening friendship had blossomed into something different after that. He’d taken a long time to honor the feelings and accept them for what they were but only moments to understand it would remain an unrequited secret from Jack. He stopped sharing overly long looks with his ‘commanding officer’ and team leader to protect them both from ramifications caused by his feeling because Daniel understood beyond a shadow of doubt that the destruction of Jack’s career would be so much worse than anything they could ever do to Daniel. So he cherished the friendship they shared and attempted to not dwell on his feelings for too long, for his sanity and both of their safety. But he did enjoy being around Jack all the same.

This was going to be a good trip; they had a promising first contact with a new people called the Eshen who were willing to talk about sharing the technology they had. Jack was basically rubbing his hands together in glee over the possibility and he was checking his watch again when Sam rushed through the side door and they all turned towards the ramp as the Gate had been dialed, open and waiting for the last five minutes or so. Daniel slipped his hat on his head and started walking as well, slightly behind Jack so he could watch the other man’s butt move as he walked.

Then they were slipping through the gate and there was nothing for a second as they moved through space, then just as the second passed Daniel felt something change and the acceleration of movement changed drastically and he was thrust through the air on the other side where he got a flash of darkness then he slammed into the ground. Daniel couldn’t be sure of anything for an indeterminate amount of time, but when he woke from the crash he took in a great heaving breath and sucked in some dirt along with it, causing him to cough for a few seconds before he started to feel around in the dark. His glasses were askew but still attached to one of his ears, he straightened them with a quick hand then he tried to straighten out his twisted body and quickly unlatched his pack, letting it slip away as the archaeologist rolled to his knees so he could stand. He kept his hand on his pack, thinking if they were lost on the other side of a decommissioned Gate then what they had in their packs would be essential and Jack’s training had taught him, not to mention foster care and digs out in the middle of nowhere taught him not to let go of his things.

He took another deep breath and spoke into the dim interior of where ever they were at the moment He coughed as more dust found its way into his mouth and called out, “Jack, Sam, Teal’c, is everyone alive?”

Groans erupted in the silent stillness of the dark and Daniel startled when he realized how close they all sounded. He started squinting into the darkness, hoping his eyes would adjust when he groaned and gave himself a metaphorical bop in the head for forgetting that there was a flashlight stuck to his vest. He twisted the light into the on position and sudden light burst across the interior of a cave, if the sloping stone was any indication. He blinked at the pain the sudden light cause and allowed a moment for his eyes to adjust once more and searched the room quickly. His eyes glanced off of Sam and Teal’c, the Jaffa was helping Sam to her feet so Daniel searched for Jack who was still on the ground, his chest moving in labored breaths but he clearly wasn’t conscious yet off to Daniel’s right. He moved quickly to his commanding officer, his dear friend, dragging his bag along behind him.

He pressed a gentle hand to Jack’s chest and the older man’s eyes fluttered at the contact then those dark chocolate brown eyes were focusing on Daniel and he felt the jump in his heart rated and the flush settle in his cheeks at those eyes. He shook off the feelings mentally and started to help Jack sit up with a hand clasping Jack’s palm and the other at the back of the Colonel’s shoulder in a friendly and helpful location, not along the back of his neck like Daniel really wanted. “Are you okay, Jack?”

“Daniel?” the Colonel mumbled, “What happened?”

“We were jettisoned out of the gate which is never a good thing. This also isn’t the location that the MALP sent to us from before we walked through. That never ends in rainbows and puppies.”

“The last time we were in the dark like this was when we were sent to Antarctica,” Sam added into the deafening silence and Daniel pointed his light over towards Sam’s voice where she was fumbling with her pack as she stood up and started looking around.

Jack groaned undoubtedly thinking back to when he and Sam were stuck in the freezing landscape of the arctic, “Thanks for the reminder Major!”
“Sorry sir, of course we wouldn’t end up back there anyway since the second gate isn’t in Antarctica and we would have definitely noticed a freezing temperature by now. Though this is a cave, it doesn’t seem to be a damp smelling as I would have suspected.”

Daniel grinned at Sam’s cattiness though he did find her comment about the dampness was a good point. They’d been in a lot of caves of the last couple years and he’d been in even more when he was on various digs and it was almost temperature controlled in here in Daniel’s semi experienced senses and mind.

Jack motioned suddenly to get Daniel’s attention and the scientist quickly helped Jack to his feet, getting a little thrill from being allowed to touch the Colonel. There was never a good excuse for Daniel to touch Jack, so he enjoyed the momentary contact with a jump in his heart rhythm that Daniel knew wasn’t going to calm again until he stopped touching Jack. Jack on the other hand never seemed to have enough reasons to touch Daniel, sure he also gave Teal’c a nice slap on the shoulder every once in a while but he would constantly place his hand on Daniel’s shoulder when they were in his office and Jack was looking over his shoulder. Other times Jack would sling his arm over Daniel’s shoulder and Daniel would keep reminding himself it was just Jack being friendly.

So he released Jack’s hand quickly, wiped away some imaginary dust so his hand could stay in contact just a little longer then he was taking a step back and started looking around again. Daniel had never been so straight that he didn’t notice that Jack was attractive the first time he saw him, Daniel had done more than a little fooling around with boys as well as girls when he was younger but when he stayed with Sha’re it was because he cared for her and honestly there had been nothing on earth he wanted, not until Colonel Jack O’Neill came waltzing back through the Abydos gate a year later. Daniel had used more time than he should have to learn about the cartouche to hide the tiny kernel of lust for the straight military leader from Sha’re and then his need to show off for Jack led to her being taken because she’d been alone without any real defense against Apophis or his Jaffa. It was a hard lump of guilt for him to swallow even after his dearly departed spouse absolved him of the act. Daniel wondered if she knew more than she let on about what he saw in Jack, she just didn’t know what to think or say or possibly because she’d been given to him, she had no choice but to stay. He didn’t really know, and he couldn’t ask her now so Daniel pulled from the past and looked around the darkened interior of the cave once more.

Jack stepped away from Daniel and also twisted his pack flashlight on and it bounced off of the other two lights and between the three of them, SG-1 was getting a clearer picture of the space they were in. Daniel turned back towards the gate and frowned, tilting his head in confusion when he realized the Gate was just leaned up against the back wall of a cave, “We don’t see that very often huh? Especially since we are clearly not on the planet we’re supposed to be on.” He motioned towards the Gate and the rest of the team looked and Daniel could pretty much hear the wheels turning in Sam’s head and Jack was thinking deeply, clearly trying to worry out their next move.

Sam hummed in confusion, “Decommissioned Gates are a rarity for us, some of the ‘cold call’ Gates sure but not the one we were supposed to be coming out the other side. There was nothing going on back home to even possibly make this happen.”

“We should probably start figuring out if we can find a power source and set up to dial manually.” Sam nodded at Jack’s words, this wasn’t their first rodeo so they knew what steps to take but they needed to know what was available to them and where they were, possibly how they got here as well, the Gate didn’t normally make these kinds of mistakes but when it did it was usually something pretty catastrophic that caused the malfunction.

Daniel continued to look around the large cave and noticed large sleek black boxes leaning against the walls all around the room then looked back at the Gate again and realized the event horizon had actually burn through the side of its own sleek box. Daniel started towards them, wondering what else he might find and realized no one had been here in a while. There was a layer of dust on each of the boxes. As Daniel walked carefully across the space, he reattached his pack back on since it was just in the way and he needed both of his hands to open some of the crates as he had every intention of doing, Jack was probably going to roll his eyes at the scientist need to touch everything they ever came into contact with but he figured it was a chance he would take. He might find the D.H.D. after all.

“Daniel, don’t wander off.” Jack’s words cut through Sam’s theorizing in the background. As much as Sam and Daniel tended to bounce ideas off of each other, when she started talking about all the possible reasons and scientific scenarios as to why they were tossed from the Gate into the wrong place, the like the rest of the team tended to just let her go.

The archaeologist rolled his eyes and shook his head at Jack’s mothering but couldn’t help but smile a little, “I am looking to see if I can find the Dial Home Device in some of these containers. Maybe we’ll get lucky.”

Jack snorted inelegantly, “Doubt it.”

So did Daniel but he was going to look anyway, and so he did. The first was filled to the brim with various vases and other clay objects that would be useful in a world without plastic and glass dishes. He carefully replaced the lid, latching it easily back in place before he moved on to the next, finding some aged paintings, each with a protective frame that was doing the best it could to protect its inhabitant but it didn’t look like the packers were archaeologists, or they didn’t care about the longevity of the history. Daniel hated those kinds of people, didn’t understand how no one understood the importance of maintaining their records and the proof of people and civilizations that came before. He re-closed the container before he got much more steamed about it. Sadly there was nothing he could do to change that mindset or behavior.

It wasn’t until the fourth case, it was pretty large so he was pretty sure there wasn’t a D.H.D. in there because it wasn’t tall, just wide. He lifted the lid and gasped, as he eyes locked on something that as an archaeology student and someone with a doctorate in it, there was no way he could not know what it was but he didn’t understand how it was true except it had happened before. He dropped the lid down, the dull thump bringing the rest of SG-1’s attention to its resident archaeologist just as Daniel looked towards the light in the distance, one that he hadn’t noticed before possibly because it was daybreak here. He took off towards it, dimly recognizing when Jack shouted and cursed before Daniel heard the following of clunking boots behind him. They had even mentioned Antarctica, it was one of the few times they’d ever been in such a different place and they’d still been on Earth. What if it was true again, that damn case more than proved it as a possibility. He just didn’t know what it meant for them.

“Daniel!” Jack yelled again, trying to get the other man to stop running which he did when he stumbled up to the mouth of the cave. He leaned against the side and heaved for a second after the fast pace run and looked around. He saw a lot of woods, which was honestly a constant in the worlds they visited. His assumption turned out to be correct and the sun was just coming above the horizon and Daniel brought his hand up to shade the offending light.

“What happened Daniel?” Sam panted as they stopped behind Daniel and started looking out as well. The loud cocking of a gun and the opening of Teal’c’s staff weapon the only other sound in the area as Daniel looked in the other direction, seeing not only trees but something in the distance.

Daniel took a deep breath to steady himself before he answered, “That box back there held King Tut’s tomb, in all the planets in the entire galaxy I have never seen other worlds with anything like it. I think we are still on earth.”

“What?” Jack snapped. Daniel flinched at the anger and fear in his commander’s voice. He understood the sentiment; he didn’t understand how this could be the logical conclusion but the tomb was one of those items that had been preserved well for a long time, if someone had taken care to continue that process then it could still be around or the more likely scenario is it is a prop of some kind to represent the tomb after it had been so decimated with time, Daniel didn’t know but he was sure that it was King Tut’s final resting place or an incredibly made replica and that is an Earth specific piece of history. This was irrevocable proof that they were on earth but then again that did not jive with what they were seeing now. As Daniel’s eyes adjusted to the light he realized what he was seeing in the distance through the trees.
“I think this might have been time travel,” Daniel stated even as he wracked his brain for any other answer one that would be easier to deal with. The last time SG-1 ended up stuck in time it was only because of Hammond’s help that they returned, only because of future Cassie’s help that they were able to get home to there time and who knows if that was even possible now? “And I don’t think it was to the past.”

Jack and the others looked up and out where Daniel was pointing and all of them gasped in shock. In the distance was a city, it looked like any other city on earth like New York or the like but there was one huge difference. It was surrounded in a bubble which was screwing with Daniel’s perception of the building, maybe it was the purpose of the bubble but he couldn’t know for sure, only that he could make out the landscape of the city skyline now.

Daniel watched the shimmer of the shield, if that’s what it was. It was circular and gave plenty of sky between the buildings and the clear layer of whatever it was. It seemed to be energy but there was a platform for it, made of metal and glass or something solid. It was like a bio dome only it held a city and surprisingly there were no fumes in the city at all which made Daniel think that they had discovered the concept of clean energy of some kind. That was intriguing all by itself, coming from a world of fossil fuels and so on.

“Interesting,” Sam stated in her special scientist way and Daniel chuckled despite the stress, the sound was more hysteria than humor and he cut it off quickly with a cough especially when Jack turned and glared at him a little. Daniel shrugged and returned his attention to the city in the distance.

“We cannot be on earth,” Jack stated mulishly, gripping his gun like it was going to protect him from the truth.

“Its possible Sir, we have time traveled before,” Sam replied.

“But this, this isn’t even close to what’s possible. And we wouldn’t ever decommission the Stargate!” Jack’s breathing was coming in pants and he was starting to flail his arms around. Of course, so was his gun so Daniel walked over and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and Jack immediately took a deep breath and he calmed enough that the gun wasn’t pointing all over the place. The Colonel frowned for a moment and Daniel could see when he was about to shake off Daniel’s hand but Daniel just tightened his grip. Jack nodded and visibly tried to calm himself.

Daniel sighed and turned to stare at the city in the distance even as his hand slid down and off Jack’s shoulder, “Okay, then we need information and that’s possibly where we should get it.”

“Umm no thanks,” Jack said in response to Daniel’s suggestion.

“Sir, that is civilization and that’s where we are going to find answers,” Sam put in her two cents. She was shifting around, looking back behind her like she expected the Gate to turn on at any second to take them home but that wasn’t going to happen without information, a D.H.D. or an alternative power source.

“I do not believe we should go to that place, we would be trapped there if they did not understand where we came from and that we mean them no harm,” Teal’c intoned calmly as usual.

“Guys come on, look at that thing, if we could just find out how it worked!” Sam said excitedly her hands gesturing to the buildings in the distance excitedly. It was a lot like when they met the Nox, seeing the amazing things they were capable of and Sam desperately wanting to bring that information home with them.

“No Carter, I am not getting stuck in a snow globe!” Jack barked and turned to look the other direction, finding a whole lot of forest. “Oh goody, trees.”

Daniel smiled again; Jack’s acerbic humor was always gave a sense of security to the younger man. Not in the beginning but now it made he smile even in the darkest and scariest of moments. The older man had become such a comfort in so many different ways to the archaeologist and he was now because Jack responded to almost every situation in the same way.

With Jack’s decision made, they all turned and started walking along the path that was worn down by others in the past. This must be a thoroughfare for some of the locals. Daniel walked close to Jack’s shoulder and just slightly back so they didn’t bump into each other constantly just every once in a while. It was enough to feed Daniel’s need for some contact in the stressed situation but not bother Jack’s concentration, Teal’c and Sam followed close behind them. After all the years they’d had, hundreds of times through the gate together they were leery of possible attack especially since they didn’t no where they were and it could have come from any direction. Daniel was busy looking at the trees which were so large and dark that they cut out the sun except in various slivers that shot through the branches and leaves above their heads and he was mesmerized by the look of the light.

“Daniel, stop star gazing!” Jack snapped and Daniel refocused his attention on the pathway in front of them as well as his companions. They walked at a slow pace, nothing too strenuous since they had no idea how far they would have to walk to find some sort of civilization that wasn’t in a bubble.

“We should have gone to the bubble city,” Daniel whined, tired even though they’d walked this far before. It was tough to leave behind such a wonderful discovery for Daniel and Sam, who was clearly thinking about the scientific discovery of the shield and what it could mean for them if they could reverse engineer it.

The team had been together for long enough to know what each of them were thinking in many scenarios. Teal’c and Jack were both focused on possible threats and the scientists were thinking about all the things they could learn and see in that new world they were walking away from especially if they were in Earth’s future.

Right up until the moment when Daniel walked into a tree. Jack snorted in laughter before he reached down to help Daniel off the ground, “Daydreaming, Jackson, is just going to get you into trouble.”

Daniel smiled, the second unexpected skin-on-skin brush of contact in the same day and all he had to do was be the clumsy scientist. He nodded and straightened. They kept on moving, not really speaking to each other, which was Jack’s request. They were in a new place, and it wasn’t a place they were planning on learning more about beyond getting back home so they had no idea what they would run in to. There was too much danger inherent in their trek through the woods for small talk.

Just as the sun was started to set, throwing beautiful lines of red and pinks on the horizon that they could see in the distance through the tree coverage which had thinned out a little here and there on the drive, they saw what seemed to be a village in the distance. Daniel pulled binoculars out of his pack as did Jack the same but when they looked through them, nothing seemed clearer. They were still looking at something blurry off in the distance. Daniel put his binoculars away, assuming they were faulty or he wasn’t using them correctly and they kept walking, only to run into something making Daniel falter back a step before he fell and there was nothing but darkness for a while.

~ ~ ~

Jack took a deep and slightly pained breath as he woke some time later and his first thought was of Daniel, not the team or Carter even though those rumors were still flourishing back at SGC but Daniel. He didn’t want to think about when that happened because it had been a while now but it was too much to think about. Not when they were stuck in a weird place and they’d already been knocked unconscious. His secondary thought was that he didn’t feel the weight of the gun across his chest or at his waist and he didn’t have the knives on his person either.
He sat up on a small cot and looked around the tent like structure they were in, Teal’c and Sam were already awake, the Jaffa helping Sam from her own cot. He turned the other direction and found Daniel laying flat and still on another cot. Jack stood up quickly, shaking off the sudden sensation of his stomach dropping to his feet and the nausea rearing in his gut before it settled and he was about to move to the other’s side and settled down next to the young man. Daniel was such a good man and he worried far more than he was supposed to. Daniel always had that effect on the old Colonel, he wanted Daniel with an intensity that he didn’t know how to deal with and there was nothing he could do about it. And when he said wanted, he meant as more than a friend and co-worker. Daniel was married, or had been married and Jack as a Colonel in the Air Force. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell decided the issue long before Jack had ever met the young scientist.

“Danny, you ok?” he whispered gently and touched the man’s smooth cheek. A shiver went through Jack at the emotion that one small contact did to him. Daniel was starting to stir and Jack helped him sit up even as Daniel pressed the heel of his hand to his forehead. Jack took the time to look around and see what they were facing, which were apparently a cheap retreat. The tent had food served for them and clothes to change into. Their packs were even next to each of their cots though their weapons were missing.

“Where are we?” Daniel asked. Jack shrugged and looked back to Teal’c and Carter.

“You guys okay?” he asked them.

They nodded, “Nice little headache but other than that, I’m good,” Carter responded.

“Daniel, how you feeling?” Jack asked the younger man as Daniel took his glasses off to rub his nose. Jack wished he had a good excuse to touch him again; pain alone wasn’t going to let him get away with it, at least not slight headache pain. Maybe he would trip again and Jack could steady him not that Jack was going to do anything to help the younger man’s clumsiness, just use it to his advantage maybe.

“I’m good, Jack. We should see if we can leave this tent,” Daniel requested.

Jack nodded, grabbed his vest and pack and started walking to the flap in the tent just as a young man stepped in and watched them all. Jack spoke quickly and loudly, “Hey, what’s going on? We were just leaving if you don’t mind?”

“I do mind,” he responded. He was lean and about Jack’s height which was easily discerned in his black leather looking pants paired with a close fitted vest with nothing underneath, showing off his arms and bare shoulder as well as he chest and the sharp hipbones at his waist. His dark blonde hair was cut short everywhere but right over his eyes, which was left to fall diagonally across his face. It distracted Jack from the man’s light blue eyes but not enough for him to ignore the coldness in the gaze. This man was not afraid to end a life and he was now in the same space as Jack’s team and especially Daniel.

“So are we prisoners?” Daniel asked. Jack almost swore at Daniel’s need to always be a chatty Cathy. He didn’t like that the man’s eyes ghosted over Jack and focused on the younger man. Jack wanted desperately to step between the man’s view of his archaeologist. Then the man smiled and it got that much scarier.

“No, actually you are not but we do have some questions about the weapons you were carrying. They are nothing that’s available in the Mythos system and not even really like the weapons they carry in the city which have never been projectile weapons as yours are.”

“Can we have them back?” Jack asked in vain hope.

The man looked back to Jack with a straight face, “No you cannot.”

“If we are not prisoners then maybe its time to tell us what’s going on. It would be great to know where we are.” Jack knew it wasn’t the best time to be snappish but this guy was freaking him out and the sooner they left his presence, the happier Jack was going to be.

“Well you are in my Infidel camp right now, you cannot go to the island until Zarkina comes to collect you. She is not slated for a visit for a couple days.”

“Why would we want to go to an island with someone we’ve never heard of?” Jack asked.

“You are not attempting to gain entrance to the Vannas Island?”

Jack looked at Daniel, wondering if they should just agree with the man but he understood the silence for what it was, an admission of confusion and the man clearly knew it so lying would do nothing.

“You do not know what I’m talking about do you?” he asked. Then again without waiting for an answer he surely knew was coming, the man started laughing but took a couple deep breaths and asked with another chuckle. “Who are you and where did you come from?”

Daniel stepped forward and Jack put a hand up so he couldn’t move any closer to the creeper man. “Have you been inside the cave close to that city that’s inside a bubble?”

“Indeed we have, it is a fine vantage point if we feel the need to spy on the outer limits of the city in a bubble as you say. Why?”

“There is a big circle, it’s a transportation device and we weren’t supposed to come here. We need to know what planet this is?”

The man frowned again, “This is the planet that all people from Mythos Star System call home now, and it retained its name.”

“Stop with the teasing?” Jack barked, annoyance making him testy.

“Earth,” the man said.

Jack sat down hard on the cot and Daniel moved to stand next to him, just becoming a comforting presence as he constantly was in their relationship. “I know, Jack I was hoping he wouldn’t say it either. What year is it?” he asked the other man.

“Well again the original inhabitants of this planet have been keeping concise records which we utilize roughly so as far as we understand it is around the year 2440.”

“Holy Hannah!” Carter said from behind Jack and he whole-heartedly agreed. How could they have possibly been pushed over four hundred years into the future? Jack was honestly surprised that the planet was still here. After everything that happened with the Goa’uld and replicators, not to mention all the crap that humans did to each other he figured the planet would have had a much shorter life span.

“So you are from the past on this planet?” the man asked proving himself to be entirely to smart for the good of Jack’s team.

Jack nodded weakly, still looking down at his feet. He didn’t want to look at his team right now, not when he was unsure of his position as what they were supposed to do. This wasn’t like going back in time barely twenty years; this world may have well been an alien world because they would recognize nothing here.

“What time are you from?”

“2001,” Daniel answered.

“Hmm,” the man muttered. Jack looked up at him.

“That’s all you have to say? We have just found out that we are in the very long distant future of our own planet with probably no way home and that’s all you got?”

“You are welcome to stay here as long as you need and I will get Zarkina. She will be able to help you make a life here on this world, somewhere that you will be safe.”

“No, we need to find a power source, get the Gate up and running and go home!” Jack snapped. Daniel squeezed his shoulder gently and somehow Jack couldn’t convince himself not to take the young man’s hand for a short moment of comfort.

The man shrugged and was about to walk out when Daniel spoke, “Can I ask who you are?”

The man laughed, “So very polite you are. I am Damnation the Markis Alecti of the Queen.”

“Your name is Damnation?” Jack asked in confusion.

“Actually my name is Vane Atrogos but no one here calls me that name. Damnation is my title and position.”

“My name is—“

“Daniel Jackson, I know,” Damnation startled them all by saying. “And Colonel Jonathon O’Neill and Samantha Carter and Teal’c. I must ask, what kind of name is Colonel?”

Jack chuckled, “Its not my name, its my rank in the military of our time. My name is Jack. How did you know our names?”

“A little bird told me,” he said with an impertinent wink and left the tent.

“Wow, he’s annoying,” Jack stated. Daniel snorted at Jack’s inappropriate humor then quickly apologized for it. Jack rolled his eyes at the younger man before he turned towards Sam; they all sat down and waited for him to start. “Do you think we can find a power source Carter?” he asked.

“I think we might get more information out of this Zarkina that he keeps mentioning. We should just lay low until we meet her then go with more information. Maybe we would have been better off going to the city.”

Jack snorted, hindsight was always much clearer vision but just as he was going to speak someone else did and her voice was sultry and deep but at the same time there was humor and kindness as well. They turned as a unit to the woman standing just inside the tent.

“They would have put you in jail, believing you were one of my people. The city’s government has no acceptance for new people or different people, you are both.”

And this must be Zarkina.
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