Gate to Vannas by Akinasky
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Category: Jack/Daniel, Teal'c/Sam
Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, First Time, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Team
Rated: Adult
Warnings: Adult Themes, Sexual Situations
Series: Gate to Vannas
Summary: What would happen if instead of a note from the future during the episode 2010, SG-1 was thrown through time into a distant future? What if it was a world of magic and the team had to learn how to survive in this new world with new baddies and strange allies as well.

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Chapter Two: Panic Attack

Daniel watched the woman, knowing that he was being rude but it didn’t seem to make a difference in his head at the moment. He’d seen amazing creatures in his time going through the Stargate, beautiful people and disturbing creatures but this woman had something about her, it was hard to put his finger on it and he definitely couldn’t seem to stop looking. She was slender but had plenty of curves in all the right places and he wondered if he hadn’t already been involved in some unrequited love with his male and very straight commanding officer, he figured this was the kind of woman who would attract him, in fact she kind of reminded Daniel of Sha’re.

She had long black hair and there were silver streaks all through out, not prematurely grey but silver. The tresses were braided at the temples but mostly left loose around her shoulders and back. It shone in the shimmer of the candlelight in the tent but also it seemed to shimmer without any help at all like she was lit from within somehow. Her skin was dark; like she was born of Native Americans but her eyes were green. They were a deep green but there was a circle close to the iris of a light lime green. It was an interesting color and Daniel felt pulled into her gaze as she looked at them all.

As usual Jack seemed to clear the fog first, “Why shouldn’t we have gone to the snow globe city? We have been knocked out already by your people as well as held here against our will.”

The woman smiled and Daniel felt safe and calm suddenly without a reason to. He didn’t understand the change and he took in a deep breath to try to maintain some peace in the face of something in his past. He remembered the last time he’d felt so calm without a physical reason to feel such a thing. He remembered the calm acceptance that came before the rape when Hathor attacked the base, it was all confused and foggy but he knew that feeling still even though he had never really talked about it with anyone but Jack. He found himself moving backwards without the knowledge or choice and searched anywhere for an escape from the drugged calm he felt. Daniel could feel Jack’s gaze on him, standing slowly and followed Daniel across the room. The younger man reached out to grab Jack’s arm when the Colonel came close enough. Jack would understand, he needed the words to come out of his mouth but the gasping breaths coming from his lips and nose made it hard but finally they slipped out in a strangled choked exhalation of sound, “Jack… Hathor…”

Daniel noticed the spots at the edge of his vision; he was going to pass out if he didn’t get this under control. He closed his eyes for a second and tried to shake off the dizzy spell then opened his eyes and watched as Jack turned to the woman whose face was pulled into a concerned scowl. “May I help in some way?” she asked gently.

“Are you doing something to us, to keep us calm?” Jack demanded, putting the pieces together from Daniel’s response. Suddenly Damnation was next to the woman’s side as if she needed protecting though Daniel was sure she didn’t. She was holding a hand out to stop her eager protector.

“Please forgive me, it is something I cannot control. I did not know it would cause such a negative response. My Magis Zara likes to keep everyone on an even keel. She does it to keep me safe, who is this Hathor and what did she do to Daniel?”

“Again with the knowing of our names!” Jack snarled in anger. The Colonel hated magic stuff, stuff that Sam couldn’t explain and he was responding badly, Daniel’s current panic wasn’t helping. Daniel knew the Colonel was feeling out of his element and as such, he was striking out before someone could strike at him but Daniel couldn’t help at the moment since his breathing was still erratic and his vision blurring from being unable to get enough oxygen in through the attack. He barely heard when Jack snarled at the woman again, “Its none of your business what she did, you are scaring him and that’s all you need to know.”

Daniel was barely holding it together enough to see what was happening across of the room but he did see as the woman looked at Damnation who was pushing at Zarkina’s arm like he was going to attack Daniel and Jack, “I am fine Vane, they are not hurting me. They are just scared.”

Damnation stepped back, so he wasn’t a menacing presence not that he was bothering Daniel. The calming sensation he’d been getting since Zarkina walked in was dissipating. His breathing started to slow, his heart rate slipped back down to normal range and he found himself holding onto Jack’s arm and reluctant to let go as his vision cleared and the fear slipped back into the past where it belonged.

The Colonel still stood close to Daniel, that comforted him as he stepped up closer to the woman again, “Hathor was a monster that used some mojo on us to keep us complacent and she used it to rape me,” Daniel explained with his matter of fact tone, he was done hiding some of the things from his past because hiding it allowed those secrets to still have power over him. It did not escape his notice when Jack and Sam both flinched at the word. He didn’t normally talk about that particular situation and he’d never said is so bluntly. The only reason he was saying it now was because the woman needed to know because he didn’t know how long the trauma would affect his response.

“I am sorry that you had that experience, I will not use this particular ability unless I feel my life is being threatened. I am Akina Jewel Sky-Merrick, Queen of the Vannas. My position demands that you call me Zarkina though I wish we could be a little more informal. I am hoping to answer some of your questions but I am equally hoping that you will share some information from your time.”

“Let me guess, you know our names already?” Jack asked.

“Yes, Jack I know your names because Vane shared them with me when he contacted me about your arrival.”

“So you have telephones or some method of communication?” Daniel asked, curiosity winning out against the fear he’d been feeling at the prospect of someone controlling his actions.

Zarkina smiled, “He contacted me telepathically.”

Jack threw his hands in the air, as if he was just done with the conversation. “I cannot deal with all this magic crap! We dealt with this with the Nox, I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now.”

Daniel looked to the queen who was grinning, apparently enjoying the show. “You might want to accept the ‘magic thing’ because all my people, the Vannas, are all magical beings.”

Jack grumbled under his breath and crossed his arms over his chest. Daniel grinned; he knew Jack was struggling with the constant shifting of information but he also understood in some secret part of his mind and heart that Jack was over acting the response because it would help Daniel focus which it was helping. It was true, Jack hated magic stuff when it came across their desks, he could handle the high technology because Sam could reverse engineer and explain how it works but magic was a constant that couldn’t truly be explained. So Jack didn’t like it, Sam didn’t either while Daniel and Teal’c seemed to understand that they needed to be more accepting of it, partially because of Daniel’s cultural studies and the importance mythology had in society and that sometimes mythology has a kernel of truth and Teal’c was a Jaffa who knew a great many things in the worlds. Daniel finally spoke, “Let her give us the information she needs to tell us.”

Daniel watched as Jack gave a quick jerking nod and Daniel gripped the Colonel shoulder gently before he refocused on the woman before them. Again, noticing the woman’s beauty and becoming slightly distracted by it until she started speaking again, straight to Sam instinctively knowing she was the one to ask. “What do you need to make this transportation device to work?”

Jack started to zone out Sam’s technological based explanation, and it was semi-dumbed down for someone who wouldn’t understand the words she was using. Zarkina listened intently and stopped Sam every once in a while to receive a clarification on various aspects and Daniel focused on Jack who was swaying side to side. He watched the quiet strength in his friend until Zarkina coughed and he looked at her, seeing the little smile she was shooting at him as if she knew what was going on. And of course she could be capable of such a thing, Damnation had known their names without being told and she could probably read his mind.

Daniel blanked his dirty thoughts about Jack’s body and tried to listen to the tale end of Sam’s explanation. When Sam was done, Zarkina nodded as if she understood everything the scientist had said and with her abilities, its possible that she did. Sam had tried very hard to put the information into simple terms and ideas.

“Well I do not know about the city but there is a few of my people who might be able to boost the Gate’s power source or replicate it but I believe the true problem would be to estimate these solar flares. I do not even know what they are.”

Sam started to launch into an explanation of them but Zarkina just held up her hand to stop the scientist. Sam stopped and waited.

“Zarcorp has the most information on technology and my informants have told me about much of his science projects but he is not interested in the sky and beyond. I do not really know how to get you home. I am very sorry.”

Daniel’s heart seized in his chest and the thought that there was nothing they could do. The last time they were lost in time, they’d had help from the past Hammond and the future Cassie. There was no possibility of that here. They were going to be declared dead and there was no way to determine when solar flare’s usefulness and so here they were with no chance of ever seeing home again, their real home.

Sam had a family back then, her brother and father. Teal’c had family and so did Jack though the Colonel hardly ever spoke about them. Now because of some major glitch in the gate system they were all dead to everyone who may have ever loved them. Suddenly, on the end of his post traumatic response to Zarkina’s power Daniel couldn’t seem to contain the devastating truth in the moment. They could never go home, “Oh God! What are we going to do?” Daniel gasped out.

Jack grabbed his shoulder and suddenly they were all wrapped around each other, offering comfort in a situation that there was no real comfort to be had. Daniel felt the tears rolling down his cheeks while he pressed his forehead into Jack’s shoulder and Sam was pressed against his back with Teal’c pressing a heavy and gentle hand to Daniel’s shoulder where Jack wasn’t pressed, “I am sorry Teal’c, Sam. You had family.”

“At least we’re together. We are family too,” Sam responded with her face tucked into the back of his shoulder but he wasn’t a fool, he could hear the tight grip she had on her emotions at the moment but that wouldn’t last. Never getting the chance to say goodbye was something he’d struggled with since he lost his parents at nine. He didn’t understand the loss then and sometimes it still haunted him, and now it would haunt his friends. For Daniel, this wasn’t the worst thing to happen because his family was SG-1.

Daniel nodded into Jack’s shoulder anyway and tightened his grip on the man’s vest. Zarkina cleared her throat and the team stepped back from each other and looked at her again. Daniel wiped the tears from his face; Sam was doing the same while Jack and Teal’c stayed stoically calm.

Zarkina spoke once more now that she had their attention, “I know you are suffering right now, please know that you are safe and protected here and after you have had the chance to become more familiar with your surroundings and all that it entails as this world will be as alien as anything you ever saw through your Stargate, I hope you will join me on my island. For now, stay with Vane and learn all that you can about this time and this world because there are things that can hurt or kill you. Vane and his people will show you what I am talking about. I will see you very soon.”

Then she was gone, not moving quickly out of the room but popped out of there instantly, clearly using some sort of teleporting ability. Jack took a couple deep breaths to keep from freaking out when Daniel grabbed his wrist and kept the freak out at bay. For a second anyway, “I don’t think I can deal with the magic crap. I don’t trust it!”

Daniel lifted his hand, releasing his wrist to pat his shoulder in comfort. He couldn’t make this better for the Colonel, they couldn’t change the situation they were in and there was apparently no chance of going home now. He didn’t try to think up any empty platitudes, he said nothing in fact. There was nothing to say.

“Hello,” another female voice said as someone walked into the door. They all turned again and Daniel could tell Jack was done for the day when their commanding officer answered.

“What?” he snapped at the three women who were standing with trays of food. They walked in and put the trays down, Daniel got the sense of slim figures and tanned skin. One had blonde hair and the other two had dark hair. That was all Daniel saw as they leaned down and deposited their trays and started walking out. The two dark haired women touched all four of them and the blonde did as well, kissing Jack on the cheek after touching lips to Sam’s cheek as well.

Then they walked out of the tent and Jack spoke, “That was strange but it seems strangeness is suddenly on a sliding scale.”
“I supposed we should eat otherwise we won’t have the energy to deal with the next weird thing that walk through that opening,” Daniel replied and was met with weary nods.

They settled down to some peace and food, the fare turned out to be pretty normal. There was a variety of fruits and vegetables of slightly different colors though the tastes were pretty similar and after all the MRE’s and mess hall food, this was a nice change of pace. Then as the sun was setting they were led to a place to take care of their business before bed. In the small camp that meant some trees and leaves to clean up after, they were used to that kind of thing. There was a small river to clean up, splashing the water on his face before they turned back to the tent they had been in since they woke up. Daniel watched as Jack settled on one of the cots and he couldn’t help but breath in, watching the simple movements of the other man and wanted to reach out and touch him. Daniel fought against the desire that seemed to have risen out of nowhere, he’d been fighting his feelings for a while so he didn’t understand why it was hard to resist all of a sudden.

Daniel forced himself down onto his cot and pressed his hands into his sides and closed his eyes, listening as Sam and Teal’c settled into their cots and everyone fell silent. Daniel stayed focused on the sounds of his teammates as their breathing evened out in sleep and noticed that Jack’s did not but he was not going to open his eyes and search the room for the soldier, not when touching him seemed like the only thing rushing around in his mind at the moment. He tossed and turned, not really knowing why he couldn’t find a way to sleep after a bad day like the one they had. He’d learned from years on digs with his parents and years in foster care then living with an active unit as a part of SG-1, to sleep whenever he could. Now all he could see when he closed his eyes was kissing Jack over and over again. He wanted so badly to reach over the short distance to the other man and touch him again. They had been in constant contact with each all through out the day and it wasn’t enough anymore. He’d been living with these feelings for the better part of three years and today was the day he could no longer deal with the rules and not having him but he just didn’t understand what was different from about two hours ago.

“Danny, sleep.” Jack’s voice whispered across Daniel’s skin and made him squirm a little more, digging his hands into the sides of the cot to keep him from moving. Then he sighed, being in the confined space, it was getting under his skin, Jack was always under his skin truthfully but it seemed even more apparent right now. He needed space.

“I can’t Jack, I think I need to get some air.”

“You are not leaving my sight in a place that we don’t know with a bunch of people I don’t trust. I won’t risk it, I won’t risk you.”

Daniel smiled a little, hearing the words but locked that down and feeling grateful for the cover of darkness in the tent as he spoke before he could stop himself, “Then come with me.”

Jack grumbled but resigned himself to the fact that Daniel needed this so they both put their shoes back on and walked out of the tent. They walked past all the tents and kept walking for a little while finding themselves in a clearing where there was a pool of water. The pool was surprisingly warm for it being the middle of the night and there was a strange light radiating from the deep of the water, Daniel wondered if there was a little hocus pokus going on here. He shrugged, thinking about it wasn’t going to help anything right now and he came out here to try to reign in the pounding in his chest and the rush of blood that was warming him from the inside out and making him want things desperately that he’d always learned to be okay without.

They settled down against a large downed tree trunk and Daniel stared at the water as he breathed in the freedom of being out of the tent. The tight space was part of the problem but it wasn’t all of it obviously. He leaned his head back and stared at the stars in the sky instead. He couldn’t see the constellations that he’d grown up looking at; they were either gone or moved out of their recognizable positioning.

With a heavy sigh Daniel spoke, deciding he would deal with a different subject for the moment, “This isn’t the earth we know. How are we going to survive this place?”

Jack lifted his arm and Daniel immediately burrowed into the Colonel’s shoulder, finding comfort in the man’s touch even as it confused him. The Colonel didn’t get this close to Daniel, ever. This was something new and frightening as well as exciting. Daniel pressed a hand to the Jack’s chest and sighed.

Jack spoke after a moment, “Daniel we have been in crazy places, and dealt with crazy situations and we did all of those things together. I know you are worried, I know you feel all the loss for each of us in your heart and head. I know you can’t breath with the pain you know we will deal with at the loss of the past and our world but you don’t have to feel it all by yourself.”

Daniel nodded, Jack had been telling Daniel to stop feeling everything for everyone else for years. Jack knew how much empathy he carried in his heart and knew the damage it did to Daniel even as the archaeologist hid it to the best of his ability but Jack was different, he always seemed to know when Daniel was hurting, like right now.

Of course right now, pain wasn’t really the primary thing that was happening. Daniel’s skin was flushed and warm, again he was glad for the darkness so Jack couldn’t see his blush. He knew he shouldn’t be sitting so close, he didn’t know how Jack couldn’t feel the lust that seemed to be coming off of Daniel in waves, causing him to harden in desire. Jack just kept rubbing his hand gently over his shoulder and Daniel pulled away to look at the older man though in the dim lighting he couldn’t see more than the vague outline of Jack’s features and suddenly wished the strange light from the lake was enough to allow Daniel to see into Jack’s dark brown eyes, “What’s going on with you Jack?”

Jack looked at him and took a deep breath. Daniel didn’t know what was happening, didn’t think anything was going to happen then Jack leaned forward and touched his lips gently to Daniel’s. The younger man was shocked, sucking in a deep breath at the touch which seemed only to pull Jack in even more. Daniel was flabbergasted; he never imagined it to be possible. There was an instant where he didn’t do anything and then the dam burst and Daniel couldn’t stop himself as he shifted to face Jack then he was pressing across Jack’s chest. He shifted enough to make it easier to slide one of his legs over Jack’s lap then they were pressed as close as humanly possible and Daniel slid his tongue in to rub against Jack’s. He listened to the sounds it caused, the moan deep in the back of Jack’s throat then Daniel was gasping and pulling back for a second before moving in for another.

He couldn’t believe what was happening, he was kissing Jack O’Neill.
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