Captive by Sistine
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Vignette
Rated: Mature
Warnings: None
Series: Fantasies
Summary: Daniel finally went to the costume shop, and got a couple of extra things on the way.

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Daniel observed his surroundings with some trepidation. He was standing in his captor's dining room, waiting for the man to make his appearance. Through one of the doorways, Daniel could see the bedroom - with a large bed dominating the middle of it - and a sunken bath nearby. He had no doubt that the view was on purpose; a hint of what was to come.

It had started off as such a good day. The sun had been shining, giving no hint of what fate had in store for him, and the village had been preparing for their summer harvest festival.

And then the Romans had come.

Daniel was no soldier but he had put up a good fight. He had wounded several of the Roman soldiers before he was captured, several men overpowering him. His hands had been manacled together, as had his feet, and the two chains were connected with a piece of rope that Daniel couldn't untie. He had seen several of the good-looking women similarly bound and knew that they were being taken as prizes, only he found it hard to believe that about himself. Men didn't get taken as prizes; they were supposed to be killed. However, he had not been, and one of the soldiers had claimed him. Then he had been shoved into the cart with the other captives and driven back to the camp.

He had been surprised by the camp; it was actually a town the soldiers had conquered a few weeks ago, the original inhabitants dead or working as slaves. Daniel's captor was obviously high in rank because he had claimed one of the biggest houses. Daniel had been dragged from the cart and led into the house, specifically this room, and ordered to remain there unless he wanted to end up dead. Deciding to obey for the moment, Daniel had stayed in the one spot for what seemed like hours but was probably less than one. He couldn't run away - the manacles around his ankles meant that he was effectively hobbled. So he would have to wait and see what his captor wanted with him.

A light touch on the back of his head was the first indication that he was not alone. Daniel flinched away from the touch, turning his head at the same time to properly see his captor. The man was old for a soldier, with grey hair, and a few wrinkles starting to line his face. However, there was an attractiveness about him that made Daniel abruptly avert his eyes. There was no way he was going to allow himself to be attracted to this man.

The soldier walked around to face Daniel, his fingers sliding down the young man's nape and across to capture his chin. He held Daniel firmly in place while studying his features, then released the grip and stepped back to appraise his body. Daniel fought down a blush, trying to concentrate on his anger at becoming a slave.

"Very pretty," the soldier said, walking slowly around Daniel, observing the hind-quarters. "What is your name?"

When Daniel didn't answer, he was cuffed across the back of his head. "Name," the soldier insisted.

"Daniel." He focused his eyes on the wall opposite when he felt a finger trace over his thighs just below the hem of his tunic. It was obvious to him now that this soldier was one of 'those', a man who enjoyed men. And it was just Daniel's luck that this man wanted him.

The finger moved a little higher, mere inches away from his buttocks, and Daniel moved away from the touch. He might be a slave now but he wasn't going to just stand there and let the man feel him up. "What's your name?" he demanded.


"That's not very Roman," Daniel commented.

"I'm from Eire," O'Neill explained briefly as he reached out to grab the back of Daniel's head. "And you belong to me now so stand still."

"I belong to no-one," Daniel countered defiantly, trying to move away from the hand but when the grip tightened, he stilled his movement.

O'Neill simply pulled Daniel over to the table. "Kneel."

Daniel debated briefly whether to obey or not but when he saw the expression in O'Neill's eyes, he decided it might be better to obey for the moment. There was just one slight problem. "Uh, I think the rope might get in the way."

The soldier released Daniel and deftly untied the rope from the chain between his ankles, then put a hand on Daniel's shoulder to force him to the floor.

"Okay, okay." The floor was definitely hard, as Daniel's knees discovered when they impacted with it. Daniel glared resentfully up at O'Neill; he could have done that himself with less pain.

O'Neill sat down on the nearest chair, still holding onto the rope with his left hand. With his right, he started to eat the food that was on the table.

Daniel tried not to think about how hungry he was and concentrated on the soldier. O'Neill was wearing the usual Roman soldier's outfit, complete with breastplate and leather skirt. There was a lot of skin showing, and Daniel could see the well-muscled arms and legs up close. O'Neill was definitely stronger than him, and given that he was still a soldier at his age, extremely tough. This did not bode well for Daniel's servitude.


Gazing upward, Daniel saw O'Neill holding out some meat. Daniel involuntarily licked his lips at the sight; he hadn't eaten since early morning. He didn't know whether to reply that he was and be told that he wasn't allowed to eat, or reply that he wasn't and still have no food. Still, at least with the first answer, there could be a chance that he would receive food. "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

The glint in O'Neill's eyes hinted at what he wanted Daniel to say but the young man wasn't sure that he could say it. He had been a free person his entire life; it wasn't easy to accept his new role. He looked again at the meat. Who knew when he would next eat? "Yes please, master."

O'Neill nodded in satisfaction, and held the meat close to Daniel's hand. The young man took it and put it in his mouth, chewing gratefully. After he had finished that piece, he was offered several more pieces of meat, enough to take the edge off his hunger but not nearly enough to satisfy it.

Partway through the meal, O'Neill tugged on the rope. "Straighten up," he commanded.

Shifting his weight, Daniel did so. O'Neill immediately threaded his fingers through the short brown hair, stroking several times before moving his hand downwards to caress Daniel's shoulders, the fingertips brushing under the edge of the tunic. Daniel held himself still, uncertain what to do. His uncertainty increased when the hand started to move, tracing a line down his spine until the hand rested over one buttock. "Don't," he protested, trying to move away. He couldn't be want this man wanted.

O'Neill's hand came back up to rest in Daniel's hair and gripped the short strands tightly, forcing Daniel's head backward. "You don't tell me what to do." He moved the hand back down again, this time dipping it under the tunic to glide over bare skin.

Daniel moved again, dislodging the hand. This earned him another cuff on the back of his head but he didn't care. He wasn't going to let this man touch him like that.

The soldier stood up and tugged at the rope, forcing Daniel to his feet. He then dragged Daniel through the bedroom into the bathroom. "Undress me."

What? Daniel opened his mouth to protest then changed his mind when he saw that O'Neill was just waiting to hit him again for disobeying. Doing the best he could with manacled hands, Daniel managed to get the breastplate undone and removed it, placing it on the floor next to him. Then he undid the leather skirt and put it with the breastplate. Kneeling down, he unlaced the soldier's sandals, being able to feel the leg muscles moving under his fingertips. Then he stood up again and lifted the tunic over O'Neill's head. His gaze was caught by the sight of the naked body before him, well-toned and... and attractive. Daniel turned away but not before he saw how interested the soldier was in him. This time he did blush, having never been in close proximity to another man's erection before.

"Daniel." O'Neill reached out and caught the young man's chin again, and turned the face towards him. The soldier examined Daniel's face and then smiled slightly, apparently realising that his slave was new to this. "Bathe me," he ordered, moving away and getting into the bath. "The soap is on the table."

Daniel retrieved the soap and obediently went over to the edge of the bath. He briefly considered making a run for it but knew he wouldn't get far, and he didn't want to find out what the punishment would be. He knelt down next to the bath, dipped the soap in the water, and then started rubbing it on O'Neill's chest, his bound hands making the task difficult. Going as quickly as he could, Daniel then washed the soldier's back, being careful not to go too low.

After a few minutes, O'Neill tugged on the rope, pulling Daniel forward. "In here."

Well, that was going to be awkward, Daniel mentally observed as he tried to work out the best way to get into the bath. Sitting on the edge of the bath, he swung his feet around so that they were in the water, then he carefully lowered the rest of himself into the water. Following the tug on the rope, he moved forward so that he was kneeling between the soldier's legs.

"Keep washing."

Ignoring the wet tunic now clinging to him, Daniel rubbed the soap over his captor's legs, first the right, then the left. He didn't go too high though, and kept his eyes averted from O'Neill's groin.

When he was finished, he put the soap on the side of the bath, unwilling to do any more. Daniel felt the rope pulling at his bound wrists but he resisted it, trying to remain where he was.

"You haven't finished," O'Neill stated.

"Yes, I have," Daniel replied. A sharp tug on the rope eventually pulled him forward. Putting his hands out to balance himself, they ended up on O'Neill's chest. Two strong arms wrapped themselves around his back, holding him in place. He glared at the soldier and tried to break free.

"No, you haven't," O'Neill contradicted him, holding tight. "But since you're new, I'll be lenient this once." Removing one arm from around Daniel's waist, O'Neill picked up the soap and finished washing himself, all the time holding the young man close.

Daniel stared over O'Neill's head at the wall, not wanting to watch. He hated being so close to the man, being so intimate with someone he had only just met and who viewed him as a slave. He heard the soldier chuckle, presumably at his behaviour, and Daniel raised his chin a little higher in defiance.

"Time for bed, I think," the soldier stated, releasing Daniel and then standing up. Rivulets of water dripped off his body, especially at eye height, and Daniel looked away, embarrassed.

When O'Neill pulled on the rope, Daniel had no choice but to follow, but he kept his eyes on the floor. He didn't watch the soldier drying himself off but did look up, startled, when a knife suddenly appeared in front of him. Surely O'Neill wasn't going to hurt him? He kept his wary gaze on the knife, watching as it cut through the material of his tunic from right sleeve to the collar, and then the other side. O'Neill then pulled away the wet material and Daniel stood there, naked. He dropped his hands as far as he could, trying to conceal his private parts from the soldier's interested eyes, but his hands were tugged upwards so that O'Neill could see.

A towel was thrown at him and Daniel caught it clumsily. He used it to dry himself off, trying to linger over it so that he could postpone whatever O'Neill had planned next.

But the soldier was having none of that, pulling Daniel over to the bed. "Lie down," he ordered, and when Daniel didn't obey quickly enough, pushed him down onto his back.

Daniel tried to roll away but couldn't get far as O'Neill still had hold of the rope. The soldier tied it through a ring above the bed, making sure that the only place Daniel could go was onto his stomach. Daniel looked at his restraints in frustration, unable to do anything to free himself.

"Now, I'm going to unchain your legs. It's your choice whether I chain them to the bedposts or not." O'Neill proceeded to undo the locks on the manacles.

After a brief moment's contemplation on whether he should kick out at O'Neill or not, Daniel decided that he really didn't want to be chained spread-eagled to the bed. So he remained still, waiting to see what the soldier was going to do next.

O'Neill shifted to kneel beside Daniel and leaned over to kiss him. Daniel tried to avoid the mouth but the soldier was persistent, soon capturing the reluctant lips. Daniel found himself yielding to the firm pressure, stunned by how good it felt. O'Neill pulled back and ran his hands over the smooth skin. Against his will, Daniel found himself arching into the touch, gasping when the fingers went over the sensitive parts of his torso. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, trying to fight the pleasure he was receiving but not succeeding. "No," he moaned softly, the protest lacking conviction.

"Yes," O'Neill contradicted him before leaning over to taste Daniel's skin.

The young man jumped in shock when a warm mouth closed over one nipple. Teeth gently nipped at it and Daniel felt a bolt of pleasure go straight to his groin. He arched even further, his eyes closed tightly, not wanting to see that a man was causing him so much pleasure. His breath started to quicken, and he had to hold back another moan when O'Neill switched to the other nipple.

After a few minutes of that, Daniel felt a hand trace over his stomach in circles, gradually going lower until it reached his erection. O'Neill stroked it a few times, then went lower, rubbing his finger along the sensitive crease. It was then that Daniel tried to twist away, realising through the haze of desire just what O'Neill wanted to do to him. "Please, don't," he begged, hating that his body was actually enjoying the attention being bestowed upon it.

In response, O'Neill flipped Daniel over onto his stomach. The young man felt his hips being raised up, a pillow placed underneath them, and he tugged at his bonds, wanting to get free. "Please, don't," he repeated.

Retrieving a jar of something from the table nearby, O'Neill came back and knelt between Daniel's outstretched legs. Daniel buried his face into a pillow as something cold and slippery was stroked between his buttocks. The stroking continued until Daniel started panting, the pleasure shooting through him.

"You want this?" the soldier asked, pressing his finger against the tightly clenched muscle.

"Yes," Daniel admitted, embarrassed that he did want it. He never had before but he wanted the pleasure to continue. He gasped when the finger entered him, the object alien in its presence. But when it started moving back and forward, it felt so good, and Daniel's objections started to melt away...

Feeling thoroughly loved, Daniel looked into the satisfied eyes of his lover. His arms were still stretched out above his head but since he was lying on his side, the position wasn't uncomfortable. Yet. "Hi."

"Hi." Jack leaned back in to kiss Daniel. He lingered until the linguist was completely boneless. "That was fun."

Daniel smirked at him. "I knew you would love bossing me around," he teased. "Now, would you mind untying me?"

Heaving a great sigh, Jack got up, retrieved the keys to the cuffs, and then came back to unlock them. As soon as his hands were free, Daniel rubbed his wrists, the metal having chaffed his skin a little.

"Do you realise," Jack said, lying down beside Daniel again, "that you've had two turns in a row?"

"That's because you couldn't think of another fantasy," Daniel replied, smiling across at his colonel. "Whereas I could." And he had thoroughly enjoyed it. Although he had been a slave, he hadn't been completely submissive in that role. He had obeyed Jack though, which admittedly, he didn't always do on missions.

"Yeah, well..." Jack trailed off, knowing that Daniel was right. "It's definitely my turn next." He reached a hand over Daniel's waist and pulled the young man towards him so that their bodies were pressed together. "I have to have revenge for you making me wear a skirt."

"You have the legs for it." Daniel trailed his fingers down one leg, enjoying the feel of it.

"And that reminds me, you still haven't told me how you ended up friends with a Hell's Angel."

"How do your legs remind you of that?" Daniel avoided the question.

"Daniel," Jack growled, his hand gliding over the linguist's back.

"He lived in the same apartment building as me when I was doing my first degree." The shabby apartment had been all he could afford at that time. "One day he rescued me from a group of thugs who were hanging around the front of the building. I recognised that he wasn't as scary as he looked, and we became friends. Not unlike a certain other friendship I developed later on, actually, but without the sex. Happy now?"

"Not entirely but it'll do for now." Jack kissed the tip of Daniel's nose. "I'm too tired to ask more questions."

"Oh, you poor old thing." Daniel stroked Jack's hair in mock-sympathy.

"'Poor old thing' nothing. Just wait and see what I come up with. You are going to be so worn out, you'll sleep for a week afterwards."

"Promises, promises," Daniel teased, drawing Jack in for another kiss. He couldn't wait to see what Jack would come up with.
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