Making Connections by Remma
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Genres: Humor
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Summary: Mass Amnesia strikes the SGC. How will they cope?

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He put down the pie, looking around suspiciously to meet several equally confused glances. Well this was odd. His reason for being here had completely slipped his mind, and more to the point, he was equally clueless about where *here* was. Equally worrying was the fact that, at present, his own name escaped him.

Looking down, he realised that he, like most of the other people sitting at the tables, meals abandoned, was wearing some sort of uniform, most likely military. Which would mean...yes, there they were, although how he knew what to look for was beyond him.

Lifting the two metal tags, he examined them carefully, then reviewed all he now knew about himself: He was O'Neill Jonathan C, his social security number was 824-93-9283, he had O Positive blood, he was catholic, and he liked pie. How was it that he knew about social security numbers, knew about Catholics, knew *all* about pie, but still had no clue who O'Neill Jonathan C was? And from the increasingly frantic behaviour of his companions, he wasn't the only one in this predicament.

Standing up, he banged his plate loudly on the table, instantly putting a halt to the anxious muttering.

"Okay people, we have a bit of a situation here. Does *anybody* know who they are?"

The only reply was a few despondent headshakes and the occasional shrug. "Okay, I want everyone to check their dog tags, then," dropping a hand to the nearest shoulder and tugging the young man to his feet he continued, "then airman Sellers here will take down your details. You will then remain here until instructed otherwise, is that clear?"

A chorus of 'yes Sirs' greeted his query, most of the personnel looking considerably happier now that they had been told how to proceed. Only airman Sellers continued to stare at him in confusion.

"Do you have a problem with that, airman?"

"No, Sir...uh...Sir, do you know me?"

"Possibly, why do you ask?"

"Uhm...Sir, you knew my"

"Sellers, it's on your jacket."

"Oh, right Sir. Sorry Sir. Uhm...Sir?"

"Yes, Sellers?"

"Sorry, Sir, but...uhm, *are* you an officer, Sir?"

"Oh, I'm sure I must be."

"Yes Sir, of course, sorry Sir."



"*Take* *the* *names*."

"Yes Sir, right away, Sir."

"Okay then, I'm going to check out the rest of this facility, see if I can find out what the *hell* is going on. You people stay alert now."

Retrieving the last of the pie, O'Neill Jonathan C left on his quest for enlightenment.

It had been the same story on each floor...and there were a *lot* of floors. All he found were groups of bewildered people, some of them civilians but most military, drifting around aimlessly. He organised them as best he could, assigning duties and minor tasks to keep them occupied until this mess could be sorted out.

He was on his way to the stairs, intending to move on to the next floor when he heard a quiet voice coming from a room on his right. Cautiously, he approached the door, pushing it open far enough to be able to slip through unnoticed.

He was surprised to find only one occupant, the man currently engaged in rooting through mounds of paper all the while keeping up a steady stream of conversation, apparently with himself.

Jack stood watching in amusement until, with a start the fact that he was no longer alone finally registered with the young man. Astonishingly blue eyes stared out from behind the lenses of his round glasses and lusciously full lips parted in adorable bewilderment. O'Neill Jonathan C stared back, a strange feeling rising in him that he was somehow connected this man.

Finally, the young man spoke, his voice soft and strangely appealing.

"Uh...hi...I'm, uh...well, I can't be absolutely sure, but I *think* I'm Daniel Jackson."

"You *think*?"

"I don't really remember, but all available evidence seems to indicate that I am, so yes, I *think* I'm Daniel Jackson."

"Have you checked your dog tags?"

"I don't have any...I uh...don't think I'm military; I think I'm an archaeologist."

"An archaeologist? What would an archaeologist be doing in military facility?"

"How do you know it's a military facility?"

"It's grey, it's drab, it's full of military personnel, I'd say it's reasonable to assume that this is a military facility."

"Good point."

"Thank you, I do my best. So, why would you think you're an archaeologist?"

"Have you *looked* at the stuff in this room, and check out that screensaver."

"Maybe you just like junk."

"This isn't junk, it's the real deal, and the fact that I know that would indicate that I'm archaeologically clued-in. Also, I can read all these different writing styles, like this." He bent down to retrieve an object from under his desk, the khaki fatigues taut across his delectably firm and well-presented ass.

O'Neill Jonathan C began to feel a familiar tightening in the region of his groin, and was even more certain that he and this young man were deeply connected, and if they weren't, they damn well should be. Calling his wandering libido to order, he reached out to take the outstandingly ugly vase he was being handed.

"See, that's cuneiform."

"It is? Are you sure that thing's not just real old and scratched up?"

"Look at these wedge-shaped characters, this is definitely cuneiform; it's an ancient form of writing used in ancient Babylon."

"O-kay, you're an archaeologist. Do you know anything else about yourself?"

"I was doing a name search on the Internet when you arrived and...uhm..."

"You found something?"

"Yeah. I...uh, think I'm kind of...uh...nuts."


"I found all these really weird websites where they kind of...uh...revere me. Apparently I *might* have said that aliens built the pyramids."

"Why would you say a thing like that?"

"I have no idea."

"Maybe it was a different Daniel Jackson."

"There were pictures."

"Oh. There was nothing else?"

"I don't know. had a chatroom, and I got kind of...distracted."

"They were talking about you?"



"Muldersgirl was having a problem with her boyfriend. She suspects he might be having an affair."

"Did she check his pockets and credit card receipts?"

"Not yet, but Hal23 suggested that so I guess she will later. Hathor15 thought she should follow him, bug the phones and bribe his friends to rat him out."

"Nice lady."

"Actually, she sounded like an obsessive psycho stalker, as did quite a few of the...uh...chatters."

"But you stayed anyway."

"Wouldn't you?"

"Absolutely. So, just to clarify, this base has been in crisis for the last hour and all the while you've been discussing infidelity with a bunch of alien conspiracy theorists?"

"That would be about it, yes."

"Sweet. I like your priorities."

"So, I take it I'm not the only one here in search of an identity?"

"You take it right."

"Do you know who you are?"

"O'Neill Jonathan C, at your service."

"Jonathan, you don't really seem like a Jonathan."

"You think maybe you call me something else?"

"How would I know?"

"Well, what about John, or Johnny, or there's Jack..."

"Jack, I like Jack, it suits you."

O'Neill Jonathan C, henceforth to be known as Jack, smiled broadly, inordinately pleased that Daniel liked his name. This was getting ridiculous.

"So Daniel, do you feel that we might know each other?"

"I'm not sure; you do seem...familiar."

"Because I gotta tell 'ya, I'm getting some pretty strong vibes from you. *Really* strong...uh...intimate vibes."


"So what do you think, you want to try a lip-lock, see if anything clicks."

"Tempting as that offer is, I'm going to have to decline."

"Crap. You don't think it might help us remember stuff?"

"I just don't think we should take any irretrievable steps until we know who we are, Jack."

"So you're not saying never, just not yet, right?"


"Works for me, come on, we're not going to find out much standing around here."

Grabbing Daniel's arm he dragged him out the door, determined to find ample evidence to prove to him that he totally belonged with Jack O'Neill.

Two hours later, they were no nearer to discovering the cause of the mass amnesia. All they knew was that it was absolute, yet selective. No one was able to remember a single personal detail of their lives, yet the intricacy of computer operation was a snap for most. Not Jack, but then he had a strong feeling he hadn't understood it before, so he wasn't worried.

The one bright spot was that they had apparently discovered their commanding officer. The rotund, balding man whose name tag and two starred epaulettes proclaimed him as General George Hammond, was at that very moment discussing their unusual situation with the outside world. Regrettably, until a cure was found for this phantom disease strict quarantine procedures were in operation.

Several as yet unidentified civilians, instantly classified by Jack as geeks, fiddled about with various instruments, making copious notes and generally doing geeky stuff. Jack chose to ignore them, his main concern the number of covert glances that had so far been thrown Daniel's way. He bristled, glaring at a large individual with an unusual gold tattoo on his forehead who had been observing Daniel for, in his opinion, far longer than was strictly necessary.

He was not the only one. There was also a tall beautiful blond woman, and a middle aged balding man dressed in what looked like hand-me-downs from Buffalo Bill. Every now and then he would start twitching, as though carrying on an internal conversation. Very strange.

He was startled from his musings by a deep voice just over his left shoulder. Damn, for a big man, he sure was quiet.

"MajorCarter believes that she has accessed the main data banks."



He indicated the beautiful blond who Jack had noticed earlier. He liked the look of her, feeling drawn towards her, similar to the pull he felt for Daniel, but nowhere near as strong. In fact, he might have tried to engage her in conversation if he had not already snagged Daniel. Frankly, after he had met him, no one else was going to get a look-in. So, she was a major, interesting; wonder how she knew that? "How does she know she's a major?"

"I did not enquire."

"Oh. Do you think she knows what rank I am?"

"It is possible."

"Well, I don't have a rank. Hi, I'm Daniel Jackson."

"And I'm O'Neill Jonathan C"

"I am pleased to meet you, DanielJackson, O'Neill. I regret that at this time I am unable to provide my name."

"No problem, we understand." Daniel nodded his head sympathetically.

"Indeed. This situation is most unusual. I feel I should inform you that I am not as the rest of you."

Daniel looked interested, and was about to ask how when the big guy started to pull his shirt from his pants.

"Whoa, getting a little too friendly here, Big Guy."

"I feel it would be more expedient if I were to show you my reasons for believing that I am not of your species."

His shirt was now exposed showing some unusual 'x' shaped incisions. They seemed to be deep, but no blood was evident. Daniel bent down to peer more closely, looking like he wanted to touch the strange scars. "These look really..."

"There is more."

"There is?" Jack was beginning to wonder where this was leading. So the guy had some major scarring; if he thought he could impress Daniel with...oh that sucked, really, that was just not right.

Putting his hand into the abdominal cavity, the man pulled out a squealing, wriggling...something.

"What the *hell* is that?" Man, that was plain nasty, so why was Daniel looking so fascinated, shouldn't he be revolted by this?

"I do not know. It appears to reside within me."

"Well...uhm...thank you for...uh...sharing."

"I wished for you to know the truth, DanielJackson. I feel a deep connection to you and am sure you are to be trusted."

"Hey, wait up. Daniel is connected to *me*; go find your own archaeologist."

"I also feel connected to you, O'Neill."

"Oh okay."

"In a different manner, naturally."


Drawn by the conversation, the guy in the Wild West outfit made his way over to them. "Sorry to interrupt. That thing you have inside you? Well, I think I have one in my head."

"How could you *possibly* have a snake crawling around in your head?" Personally, Jack thought the guy was a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but considering the way the day was going, he wasn't prepared to dismiss his claim out of hand.

"It's not crawling around, we've blended, it's a part of me now."

This nutball *had* to be kidding, right? "You're kidding right? I mean, if this thing is inside you, how would you know it's the same as his...uhm...snake thing."

"It knows what it is, the same way that we do."

"Ya think? You expect me to buy sentient snakes blending with humans? Give it up pal, you're making my head hurt."

"Hey, how do you think *I* feel? I'm two people, one of them is an alien and neither of us knows who the hell we are. You want to talk severe emotional trauma, get in line."

Jack wasn't sure how to respond to that, so turned to Daniel who was smiling happily. "Daniel, how can this not be freaking you out?"

"They're aliens."

"And this is good why, exactly?"

"If they're aliens, then aliens exist, which means they really *might* have built the pyramids, in which case I was right all along and therefore not nuts."

"Interesting perspective."

"I thought so. Maybe there's something in the database to explain what's going on. I'm guessing it has something to do with that big metal ring down there. Think I'll go see if I can help...uh...Major Carter."

He wandered off, pulling up a chair to sit by the blond babe, the two instantly caught up in an intense dialogue with much pointing and gesturing.

"You know, it's funny, but I feel a very strong affinity for that young man. I think it's possible we may be connected in some way."

"Oh for crying out loud. Look, I'll tell you what I told the big guy here; Daniel is connected to *me*, okay?"

"He's not military. He might have come with me."

"He didn't. If Daniel came with anyone it was *me*."

"Since you have no memory of your past you are unable to verify that belief, O'Neill."

"I don't need to verify it; I have very good instincts, and they're telling me that Daniel and I have a...a...special relationship."

"Well, both my instincts and my snake's tell me that he's important to me, so that's two to one."

"Aliens don't count."

"Speaking as an alien, I disagree, O'Neill. I too feel a strong kinship towards DanielJackson, and I do not believe that one such as he would allow racial prejudice to colour his affections."

"What do you mean, 'one such as he'? You met him five minutes ago, you know nothing about him."

"Do you then, believe him to be intolerant of others?"

"I didn't say that."

"Then we are agreed. The decision must be left to DanielJackson."

" to...huh?"

The discussion over, the large alien turned his attention to Daniel, a fond smile lighting his forbidding countenance. A look shared by the *other* alien also with his eyes riveted on Daniel, a sickeningly doting expression on his face, and for all Jack knew, the snake was ogling *his* Daniel too. Jack was not a happy man.

After three hours of urgent phone calls and intensive computer research they had amassed a remarkably varied cache of information. For instance: Jack was a Colonel and second in command of the base. Major Carter was also Doctor Carter with a doctorate in astrophysics; the big guy with the snake in his belly was Teal'c, and the snake was an infant Goa'uld, the adult Goa'uld, by all accounts being their mortal enemies, except for the snake in the head of the *other* alien, who was, apparently, Tok'Ra, which was like a Goa'uld, but not. In addition, the human part of this blended duo was General Jacob Carter, Major Carter's father. How nice for them.

As for Daniel, he most certainly was *not* nuts. He was, seemingly, a genius, with degrees in Archaeology, Anthropology and Linguistics. As he had thought, the big metal ring, the Stargate, was indeed central to the project. It was a gateway through which they regularly travelled to alien worlds via wormholes. It was all very confusing.

None of this however, was currently of concern to Jack O'Neill. His attention was focused on a much more pressing matter. The computer searches had also revealed that one of the faceless major's rattling around the base was, in fact, Major Davis, Pentagon liaison, and he had been instantly tracked down and hauled into the briefing room to assist in the job of communication.

He was clearly good at his job, since he was at that moment happily liasing his heart out with Daniel, much to Jack's frustration. Looking around, Jack saw that his annoyance with the annexing of Daniel was mirrored in the faces of Jacob Carter, Teal'c and surprisingly Major Carter.

Deciding that it was time to unite in the face of a common enemy, he approached the others.

"So, what do you think they're talking about?"

"I am unable to hear since they have chosen to move apart from us."

"Yeah, what's *that* all about?"

"Perhaps they want to talk privately, Sir."

"What for, they can't possibly have anything to discuss because they don't *know* anything...nothing the rest of us don't know, anyway, so why would they want to talk privately?"

"Well, I can certainly see why Major Davis would want a private chat with Daniel...that boy's *hot*"

"Hey, you're my father, you shouldn't be talking like that."

"Why not? I may be your father, but I'm not dead, and don't tell me you haven't been noticing him too, because I've seen you sneaking looks."

"That's...I have *not*. I'm just concerned about him, he looks like he needs looking after."

"Considering what's in his file, I'd say he's more than able to take care of himself, and if he's not, then *I'll* be the one to take care of him."

"Yes, Sir."

"Why you?"


"I am in accord with JacobCarter, O'Neill. I do not see why you should assume responsibility for DanielJackson."

"Because...uh...because I'm his friend."

"As am I."

"Sir, we all care for Daniel."

"Well...I've known him the longest."

"None of which you remember, right, Jack?"

"That's beside the point."

"How can..."

"Dammit, Jacob, I found him first!"

"He's not...hey..."

Noticing that the tête-à-tête in the corner was breaking up, Jack stole a march on his companions, heading straight for the now solitary Daniel, and appropriating him for himself.

"So, Daniel, what was that all about?"

"What was *what* all about?"

"Davis, what did he want?"

"Who, Paul? Oh, nothing much."

"For twenty-three minutes?"

"You were *timing* me?"

"No...okay, yes. You have a problem with that?"

"I'm not sure. Why would you do that?"

"Look, we're in an odd situation here, so you need to be careful who you talk to, and after all, you don't really know that guy."

"I don't know you either, but here I am talking to you...should I stop."

"That's different."


"We were friends...uh...before. Our records say we've been on the same team for years."

"That doesn't mean we were friends; maybe we hated each other."

"I could never hate you. I *know* we were friends...close friends. Special friends. We had to be."

"Yes, I...I think that too."

"You do? Sweet."

"Jack, I *think* that, I don't *know* it."

"Well for now, that's all we have."

"I guess."

"So, you think maybe we could be *more* than friends?"


"I think we are, I really do."

"See, that's the problem. *So* many people have told me today that they think they have a relationship with me, and I can't *possibly* be involved with *all* of them, not unless I'm a total slut. I guess it's the confusion of not knowing anything about ourselves, people are trying to make connections; they're probably saying the same thing to everybody."

"*No one* has said it to me."

"They haven't? Oh, well, that must be because you're a Colonel."

"No-one said it *before* they knew I was a Colonel."

"Oh. Must be because you're intimidating then."

"You think I'm intimidating?"

"I think you could be. You intimidated Paul."

"Good. Hey, he wasn't one of those people thinking he was involved with you, was he?"


"He was? Damn, I knew it. Just wait 'till I..."

What he may or may not have done to the unfortunate Major Davis was put on hold with the return of General Hammond, back from yet another call to the Joint Chiefs.

"Colonel, a moment, please."

Jack reluctantly left Daniel, scowling as Teal'c and both Carters instantly filled his spot. Still, memory or no memory, he knew that Generals were not to be ignored.

"Any progress, Sir?"

"A lot of talk, but essentially, we're on our own. So, how's morale?"

"Pretty good, now that we're doing something. It's the inactivity that kills."

"How is young Daniel coping?"

"Excuse me?"

"Doctor Jackson, how is he dealing with the situation?"

"Uh...fine. Why him in particular, if you don't mind my asking?"

"He's a civilian, not trained for this kind of thing."

"Sir, none of us are trained for this kind of thing."

"I simply thought he seemed like a particularly sensitive young man when I spoke with him earlier. Don't you find him to be extraordinary?"

"Now that you mention it...General, you're not about to tell me that you feel drawn to him, are you?"

"You know, I believe I am. In fact, I feel a very strong connection with him."

"Oh, for crying out loud..."

"Colonel, I believe he may be my son."

"Your son? Sir, I don't think so."

"Not biologically of course, but his personnel file shows him being orphaned at a young age; possibly I adopted him."


"That sounds feasible. I feel certain that he is important to me in some way, and that he is my son seems to be the most viable option, don't you agree?"

"Well, sure, son is good, hell, why not? I guess anything's possible."

With a contented smile, the General took his seat at the head of the table. "Okay people, let's get to it. Major Carter, are the computer records any help in determining an accurate time frame for the progression of this...incident?"

"There doesn't seem to be a progression, Sir. As far as I can tell, it was instantaneous, which would indicate an outside influence."

"Are you saying we're under attack?"

"I'm not sure, Sir, possibly."

"Colonel, what are we doing about this?"

"Other than putting the base on full alert, there isn't a lot we *can* do, not without knowing who's responsible. We've checked the mission logs, and the last ones through the gate, but if anything hinky went on there, then we've forgotten it along with everything else, and whatever happened, happened before we could write our reports, so there's no tangible evidence of anything."

"GeneralHammond, is there any medical reason for the memory loss?"

"Not according to Doctor Fraiser. She has randomly tested a number of personnel, yet none of them exhibit any abnormalities."

"So, after six hours, we still know squat."

"That's not quite true Jack."

"Ya think?"

"I do. We may not know what this *is*, but we do know what it *isn't*."

"And that helps how?"

"Oh, right, I see. Sir, I think I know where Daniel's going with this."

"Well then would one of you *please* explain it to me?"

"I'm sure we'd all like to hear this, Colonel. Son, do you have a theory."

"Okay, uhm...we know it's not a disease brought back through the gate, since it wasn't progressive, ergo, this situation has been intentionally engineered for a specific purpose."

"For an attack?"

"Possibly, Jack, but I don't think so. If this was an attack, then it's logical to assume it would have taken place when we were first...infected. That's when we were at our most vulnerable, so why give us time to re-group, get prepared?"

"What other reason would you suggest, DanielJackson?"

"Observation. I think this is some kind of experiment."

"But why amnesia?"

"I don't know, Sam, maybe they want to know how we react under stress, and there's not much that's more stressful than not knowing who you are. Or it could be that they want to know how we interact when we don't have our accepted routines and protocols to fall back on. Think about what we've done here; six hours ago we were strangers to each other, and yet we were able to put aside our doubts and work together. The point is, if I'm right, then they must be collecting the data somehow, which means one or more of them is here, on the base."

"So it's a foothold situation?"

"I think we need to stop seeing it in military terms, General. This situation has been demanding, but no one has been hurt. I don't think they mean us any harm, so maybe we should simply try to communicate with them."

"How may we do that when they have not revealed themselves to us, DanielJackson?"

"I don't know...I assume they're monitoring us, so...uh..." raising his voice and looking around expectantly, he continued, "hello, I'm Daniel Jackson, could we talk to you please?"

"Great Daniel, do you really think...whoa."

A shimmering light appeared at the far end of the table, gradually coalescing into three distinct forms. Three very tall, very blue, very naked forms. They linked hands and began to hum, a strange resonant harmonic that reverberated through the halls and corridors. And as the song continued, the memories returned.

Jack remembered these beings; remembered their planet, a beautiful golden world full of technological marvels. They had hoped for a treaty with this impressive race, but had once again faced being told that they were *not ready*. Daniel had put forward a passionate appeal, asking them for a chance to prove that they were to be trusted. Apparently, they had been given that chance, but in a way completely unforeseen.

The three remained motionless, silent now and watchful. Daniel rose, moving toward them tentatively, a shy smile curving his lips.

"You're the Kin'Shaa, I remember now. You asked to return with us so that you could determine whether or not you wished to trade with us."

All three nodded, but it was the one in the centre who spoke for them all. "That is so. We are a peaceable race; we thought you too aggressive for negotiations between us to succeed. Your appeal to us to reconsider was most impressive, and so we came."

"Yes, thank-you for allowing us to show you that we are worthy to be your allies."

"So did we make the cut?"


"Well, hell, it's been a rough day, I'd like to know if it was worth it."

"I think I'd like to know that too. Surely there was some other way for you to make your decision?"

"General, I'm sure they only acted as they thought necessary."

"That is so. We wished to determine your true nature. Only by eliminating all outside influences, leaving only what was intrinsic could we do this. We did not intend to cause you harm. We now see that our first assessment was hasty. We believe that your race has promise. We are prepared to negotiate."

"So you'll give us..."

"We will not give you weapons, Colonel O'Neill."

"Now why does that not surprise me?"

"If you're not prepared to trade weapons technology, what *are* you offering?"

"We will gladly offer medical and defensive technology, and will welcome your scientists to our world, where they may study with our greatest minds. Our belief is that hard earned knowledge is of infinitely more value than that which is given."

"I would agree with that; respect comes with understanding. General, I believe that an alliance with the Kin'Shaa would be of benefit to us, and recommend that we pursue a treaty with them."

"Colonel, do you support Doctor Jackson's commendation?"

"I think we could come to a mutually beneficial agreement, yes."

"I agree. I will be forwarding your commendations, along with my own to the President without delay."

"Then we are in accord. That brings us joy. We will return home. You may send your delegation at your convenience."

"Excellent. Then if we're done, Doctor Jackson will assist you until your departure. Thank-you gentlemen, it's been an enlightening experience."

"Actually, they're androgynous, so 'gentleman' probably isn't the best..."


"Sorry. I'll...uhm...I'll just take them down to the gate room now."

Daniel ushered their new allies out the door, keeping up a steady flow of questions as they left. Looking to the General, Jack was surprised to find him watching Daniel's retreating form, a wistful air about him.

"You know General, you don't have to be related to be family."

"No Jack, you don't."

Now, finally, he was free to go. Damage control over, command structure re-established. So, now he had the chance to sort out his personal concerns, which meant he was going to have to talk to Daniel. Things had been said, had been implied, and Jack was unsure on how to proceed.

To his surprise, he had no desire to deny any of his feelings for Daniel, was, in fact, keen to explore the potential for a more intimate relationship with his closest friend. Daniel had indicated that he would be receptive to such a possibility, but that was before he regained his memory. What would he feel now, now that he could remember all the arguments, disagreements and outright fights they had had over the years? Well, only one-way to find out.


"Oh, hey Teal'c. Were you coming from...?"

"I have been with DanielJackson."


"I felt that there were issues which required resolution."

"Know the feeling, Big Guy."

"He is a most considerate individual, you need have no reservations in approaching him."


"While under the influence of the memory loss, I mistook the deep regard I hold toward DanielJackson for a deeper emotion. Possibly I was influenced by his numerous attractive qualities, not least among them his physical perfection."

"His...and you just told him all this?"

"I did. I also apologised if my attentions caused him any distress."

"Oh. So you're saying that you don't feel the same anymore."

"My feelings are irrelevant. DanielJackson views me as a friend only. As I stated, I would never willingly cause him pain."

"No, causing Daniel pain would definitely be a bad thing."

"You would do well to remember that."

"Teal'c, are you asking me if my intentions are honourable?"

"I am."

"Oh. Yes."

"I see."

"Are you okay with this?"

"I desire only DanielJackson's happiness. Should your presence in his life ensure this outcome, then I am content. You are indeed fortunate."

"That kinda depends on whether Daniel agrees to give us a go."

"He will."

"How can you be so sure? Did he say something?"

"He did not."


"Words were unnecessary. O'Neill, delay no longer. One such as he may not always be available."

Teal'c confidences clearly at an end, he continued on is way, leaving Jack bewildered outside Daniel's door.


"Jack. I've been expecting you."

"You have?"

"Uh-huh. Teal'c just left, and before him, Sam and Jacob were here. It was just a matter of time before you showed up too."

"Oh. Have you noticed that Jacob has been practically haunting the place lately? Shouldn't he be off infiltrating something?"

"Come on, Jack. You know he likes to come see Sam whenever he can. It's not his fault he got caught up in all this."

"I guess not. Been quite a day, hasn't it?"

"Hmmn. Definitely one of our more unusual first contact experiences."

"Uhm...look, about...uh..."

"'s fine...forget it."


"Really...I don't... "



"What don't you really?"

"Oh. Nothing. I was just...uh...I wouldn't want you to...uh..."



"You wouldn't want me to?"

"Feel bad. I wouldn't want you to feel bad. I...uh...I understand. You weren't yourself. I won't...uh...I wouldn't hold you"

"What if I want you to?"

"I mean, really, you...what?"

"I said, what if I want you to."


"Look, I know we were...uh...the thing is...then, I just Now I remember, I *know* it's more than just...ah crap. I am *so* bad at this."

"You are. Astonishingly bad."

"Thanks Daniel. Some encouragement would be nice. I mean, do you even...uh..."

"Yes. Yes I do, I would...uhm..."

"Oh. Good, glad to see we're on the same page; I was beginning to wonder if you had even heard of the book."

"You know me and books, Jack."

"Oh yeah, I could get quite jealous. So, you know I...uhm..."

"Yes of course I know."

"You do? How?"

"Jack, the aliens took our memories, not our feelings. And since your first instinct on meeting me was to...uh..."

"Jump your bones."

"Well quite. I mean, if that's what you...uh...then the only reason you haven't...uhm..."

"Jumped your bones."

"Right. As I see it...uh...everything you know about yourself, everything in your past experience would be telling you that you could never be attracted to a man, so you...uh..."

"Never noticed your ass?"

"Sublimated. What?"


"You noticed my...uhm..."

"Oh yeah, first five minutes. You know you have a really amazing...uh..."

"God, this is odd."

"Good odd or bad odd."

"Good. Good but bizarre."

"You think you could get used to it?"

"I think I could, yes."

"You want me to say more nice stuff about you? I could, I have a list."

"I'm not sure I could take it right now, maybe later."

"It is later. Late, in fact. Want to get out of here?"

"Don't we have to...?"

"Nope, all done."





"Oh. Then I guess we could go...uh..."


"Home. You want to go out?"

"Home's good."

"More private. We could get take-out. Chinese."


"Whatever. Jack, is this really a good idea?"

"Are you kidding? This is so far from a good idea that it's not even in the same universe."

"But we're going to do it anyway."

"Hell, yeah. Ready to go?"

"Just one more thing."

All set to open the door, Jack paused and turned back, only to find himself pushed up against the door, Daniel's hands fisted in his shirt, Daniel's mouth pressing hard against his, tongue gently flicking out against his lips.

Jack responded enthusiastically, deepening the kiss and wrapping his arms around Daniel to stroke his back, finally getting his hands on the ass he had been coveting all day.

Daniel's hands had moved up to stroke his face and weave through his hair. How could he not have known that Daniel would be like this? He was a passionate man, never giving less than his whole self, and he was now giving himself to Jack. A gift joyfully received and reciprocated, passion for passion.

Lunging, Jack moved them backwards, lifting Daniel to the table, dropping down on top of him, never once breaking the kiss. Daniel yelped, starting to squirm. Thinking that he had gone too far, Jack started to pull back, but Daniel wouldn't allow it. Keeping one arm locked tight around Jack's neck, Daniel's other hand began to feel around underneath him, finally pulling out a foot high stone statue, bringing it up close for inspection, then tossing it over his shoulder muttering 'Etruscan'.

Promptly returning to the matter in hand, he lay back, dragging Jack with him, but almost immediately pushed him away again.


"Table's better."

"No...door...not locked...Jack, we need to..."

"Lock the door, right. Good thinking."

Giving Daniel another quick kiss, which turned into a rather long kiss, Jack rapidly secured the door, then turned back to Daniel, who was laid out on the table like a sacrificial offering, loose limbed and sleepy eyed, looking utterly desirable. Jack realised with a sickening lurch that they *really* couldn't do this. "Daniel, we can't do this."

Daniel sat up with a jerk, instantly defensive, expression abruptly shuttered.

"Fine. Shame you didn't realise that before we got started, but hey, I can always go see if any of the other offers are still open."

"No, Daniel, god, I didn't mean...ah crap...please don't look at me like that. I didn't mean we shouldn't make love, know...not *here*."

"Oh. So you still..."

"Yes, god yes, you have *no* idea how much. Just..."

"Not here."

"Right. Sorry."

"No, you're right. Damn."

"I know."

"I was really..."

"I know. Me too."

"Damn. Love."


"You said make love."

"Well yeah. So?"

"I thought...I mean...we never..."

"Daniel, this isn't just casual for me. I want us to be together. I thought you got that."

"Yes...uh...well, I thought maybe, but you never said."

"If this isn't what you want..."

"No, it is. If you do."

"I do."

"Then I do too."

"Daniel, did we just get married?"

"Very possibly, in which case I *demand* my conjugal rights."

"Oh don't worry, you're going to get them. My place."

"Why not my place?"

"My place is closer."

"Your place. You coming?"

"I'm hoping we both will."


Grinning evilly, Jack drew Daniel close for one final kiss, then hauled him out the door for a record breaking journey home, all the while thanking god and anyone else who would listen for tall blue naked aliens with an unorthodox line in communications.
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