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Bio: I haven't been posting here for a while but I now am going to update this site.
I'm a 25 year-old who loves reading and finds writing cathartic. I need something to vent my emotions on and this won. I still write a good bit but not always for this series. Check out my LJ for links to my other fics.
I read and watch most things sci-fi and fantasy and like to cross things over so don't be surprised by some of the crossovers I may do.

I know that some of my stuff isn't beta'd but for a long time I couldn't find one and then once I did he/she either ended up not having the time or not liking my stuff...I still not have found one and its been years. It's too much work to have to keep searching for a beta. I would rather spend that time reading others fics and writing my own.
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Summary: A parody of Sid's Striking Image universe (see Area52 and The Cartouche for her stories). Jack and Daniel have an interesting problem.
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