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Bio: Not much to say. I'm a copy-editor in training who loves all the characters and am particularly fond of team and friendship fics.

I'm not opposed to slash, I'm just not all about the porny slash. Or the porny het, for that matter. That said, I also get annoyed with Domestic Bliss Jack and Daniel. I guess I'm a hard girl to please. My slash pairing of choice? Daniel/Kawalsky, baby! I NEVER see it, though.

Hmmm. What else can I say about my stargate fic preferences....well, I guess I could say a little about what I'm working on. We've all read or heard about the multitude of Little Danny series out there; I'm planning a Teen Daniel novel for this year's NaNoWriMo challenge. Last year I began a Star Wars/Stargate crossover that is still incomplete and posted nowhere.

Currently, I'm working on an alternate Point of View fic, creatively titled "An Alternate Point of View," and amusing myself with small ficlets when my muse wants to take a break from it.
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Stories by cyren2132
Summary: Daniel questions the nature of death when it isn't always permanent. Spoilers for the movie and The Nox.
Rated: Pre-Teen Word count: 393
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Published: 14 Jun 2006 Updated: 14 Jun 2006